Stupid. Stupid. STUPID COMPUTER!! *growls in frustration* Delete all my files, why doncha…!! DAMN THOSE STUPID VIRUSES! DAMN THEM I SAY!!! *slams fist on computer desk*

Depthmon: *cocks eyebrow* What's got your panties in a bunch, then?

BG: *glares* Shut up… Stupid computer goes and deletes my files… takes me forever to get them up again…

The Deimon Commander From Hell: …You could have just gone online and copy and pasted the whole thing in, aru.

BG: THAT'S WHAT I DID! *fumes*

TDCFH: Then it shouldn't have taken this long for a simple fix, aruyo.

BG: *eye twitches* I'd shut up right now if I were you.

TDCFH: What if I don't feel like it, aru?

BG: I'll make you rue the day you were born!

Depthmon: *thinking fast* Hey, look, Vic Mignogna and Aaron Dismuke!

BG: VIC AND AARON?! *spins around* WHERE?!

Kenny: We don't own, so you don't sue!



I'm really sorry this took so long. My focus has been on Fullmetal Alchemist lately (and I'm not gonna lie… it is the ultimate anime series, as well as manga series). My FMA stuff is taking over my life (because I have many friends who share the same passion for it, which is something I don't have for the Digimon fandom).

I still love Digimon, but I don't have that same passion anymore. Writing for it has been hard lately, but I'm pretty sure I'll bounce back at some point. Until then, though, I promise to try to update as much as I can :D So don't worry.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! And now… On with the show!!

And to whomever tried to guess what camp this was based off and reviewed anonymously... Yes. I've been there before and I loved it, so I based this place off of it. Kinda.


Taichi stretched out on his mattress, deep in thought. There were another three days left until Saturday and he'd be assigned to another site, probably with another staff member or a volunteer and not with Sora. Damn… this was my chance to clear up the awkwardness…I'd better get that over with sometime before Friday night. He rolled over and shoved his arms under his pillow. So tired… Maybe a nap would make him feel better about all of this.

The brunette shut his eyes and was soon fast asleep, quiet snores emitting from his slightly open mouth, totally forgetting that he was on break and had to be back down the hill in forty minutes.


Meanwhile, Sora sat on the waterfront, her toes in the water as she rested on the boat dock. Mimi sat next to her and they talked quietly in fast Japanese as the campers swam to their hearts desire. Matt sat in the lifeguard's chair on the swim dock and watched the group, his stereo blaring some pop crap that Lara had insisted on putting on.

"So, guess what!" Mimi giggled, slashing her friend's legs with her foot. Her brown eyes glittered with excitement and anticipation and Sora could practically see the beams of happiness radiating off of her.

"What?" Sora asked automatically, dipping her fingertip into the water and then pulling it back out. She absently drew a fire transmutation circle on the wood of the dock, a result of one too many episodes of "Fullmetal Alchemist".

"We're getting a new programming directoooor!" she sang with a laugh, kicking her feet in the water excitedly.

Small droplets of the lake splashed up and hit Sora in the face, causing her to yelp. "Mimi!"

"Oops!" she giggled. "Sorry!"

"No, you're not," Sora hissed, channeling her energy into the circle as she pressed down with her fingertips.

"That won't work, you know," Mimi chirped happily.

The redhead shrugged mutely and continued running her finger along the wood distractedly.

"Anyway… His name is David, he's from California. I bet he's gorgeous and tan and knows how to surf!"

Her companion sighed and rolled her eyes. Leave it to Mimi…

"Hey, Sora?" a timid voice called hesitantly from the end of the dock.

She looked up to see Ginny there with a towel wrapped around her shoulders and sopping wet hair, shifting from one foot to the other nervously. "Erm, where's Tai?" she asked quietly.

"Tai?" Sora stared at her for a second, temporarily puzzled. She switched back to English. "He isn't back from his break yet?"

"I don't think so. And we kinda have to get back up to the shower house to change soon, cuz it's almost dinner time and we have grace and dishes and stuff."

Sora looked around and realized, in horror, that her co-counselor was nowhere to be found. "Oh, no," she muttered.


David stretched his arms as he climbed out of the cab that took him to the small, out-of-the-way camp. It was a six and a half hour flight from the airport near his hometown in California to the tiny airport in the center of New Hampshire, and from there, it was a two hour airport shuttle ride to the tiny camp on the border of Lake Winnipesauke. He was stiff and sore from a full day of travel.

"Thanks," he told the shuttle driver and handed over due payment. "Thanks for taking me so far."

"Yeah, no problem, thanks for the tip," the driver said, nodding and waving in a gesture of goodbye before he took off down the quiet road.

David looked up at the farmhouse, suddenly slightly intimidated. It was a big house. Big houses meant lots of people. Lots of people scared him just a bit.

David wasn't particularly imposing in appearance. He was average height, if just below that, and wore a pair of rectangular glasses. He had tan skin and dark hair, the Hispanic roots in his family somewhat obvious. David was good with computers, but that was pretty much it. He liked reading, anime, and rock music, as did most other guys his age, but beyond that, he was a very normal person.

"David! Hey, David!"

The young man turned to look down the path that ran to the camp beside the farmhouse. He smiled and waved as a young girl, maybe his age, jogged towards him wearing a heavy sweatshirt and a pair of shorts. Her curly brown ponytail bounced over one shoulder as she waved to him.

"Hi, Kat! Good to finally see you in person!" he said with a laugh, raising a hand in greeting.

"And you! Jeez, it took forever, but you finally made it here, eh?"

"Yeah, I guess I did," David replied, grinning widely. "But at least my flight wasn't late leaving. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten here till, like, midnight."

She halted, panting slightly. "Eh… True."

"So where do I put my crap?"

"Rec hall," she said, jutting a thumb towards a brown building beside field beyond the farmhouse. "Second floor, there's a door with your name on it written in crayon."

He cocked an eyebrow. "Crayon?"

She pouted. "It was the best I could find! Cut me some slack, would you?"

David just laughed.

Dinner was to be served in a half an hour and Taichi was still nowhere to be found.

Sora hugged her towel around her shoulders, suddenly cold. What was going on with him? Had he been drugged and hidden in some freak's shadowy basement? Slaughtered by some crazed butcher with a meat cleaver? Had his head blown open from the inside by some sort of revenged-crazed Ishballan? Sora shook her head. That last option was stupid and impossible. But still, her sentiment of worry was genuine as Tai's love for pizza and popcorn.

"Sor, maybe we should have Matt and Mimi radio the other staff to go find him. Then we can go," Kari urged quietly, shivering sporadically.

The redhead glanced at her friend and camper sympathetically. "We just did, but nobody's answering."

"Terrific," Jack muttered, plopping onto the picnic table's bench with a groan. "Fan-freaking-tastic."

"Shut up," Lara hissed and rubbed the arm of Ginny, who was curled up next to her as the two sat at the base of a large tree.

The campers were growing antsy and cold as the wind picked up, a sure sign that there was a thunderstorm coming off the lake in a matter of hours. Maybe sooner, if the weather conditions were just right.

And dinner was in ten minutes.

And no one was picking up their radios.

And Taichi wasn't there.

I'm going to wring his neck, Sora thought to herself.


"YAGAMI TAICHI!!!" a loud voice shrieked, startling the college student from his slumber.

Mimi Tachikawa stood in the doorway of the cabin in which her friend slept, glaring at him with eyes that made him think that, if looks could kill, there was no doubt he'd be dead.

"Eh… Hey, Meems. How's it going?" he said nervously.

"You're twenty minutes late for dinner! Bastard! Get your ass down there, PRONTO, or else I will skin you alive! And I will spare you no mercy!" she screamed, storming over to the bunk, yanking Taichi out of the sleeping bag by his ear, and shoving him out the door.

Tai yelped loudly and stumbled down the steps of the cabin, glad he'd fallen asleep wearing shoes. "Why didn't anyone wake me?!"

"Because, stupid, you're supposed to be responsible for your actions!" she cried, slapping him upside the head and storming towards the road. "Now get moving!"

Tai groaned.

"So who ended up meeting up with Sora and the others?" Mimi asked Matt after dinner that night as they hiked to the farmhouse.

"Oh, David did," she replied cheerily. "He's so nice; I wish more guys were like him…"

Matt scoffed quietly, shoving his hands in his pockets and taking on his typical "brooding hottie" pose as he glared in disdain at the parking lot across the street.

"What's got your panties in a bunch, sunshine?" Mimi asked with an eye roll, poking her fellow lifeguard in the gut.

"Nothing," Matt muttered in reply, covering up the fact that, in actuality, he wasn't quite sure himself. Maybe it was the fact that this new guy had been alone with Sora. Or maybe it was the fact that Mimi seemed to like the new guy more than she liked him, Matt.

Damn it all.

End of chapter. Yeah, it's short (like Edo xD) but it gets the point across that there's a new guy, Tai's an idiot, Sora's a nerd, and Matt is jealous.

Sorry it took so long, again, but like I said, writers block is a killer.