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It been 3 years sine the Great Race of oban ended and a whole lot has changed sine. Fist of all there are a lot more alien on earth and some are even going to school there. Eva had made friends with 6 of them 1 one is Prince Aikka's twin sister Aya (Eva dint know that their bother and sister) they first met at her new high school where some guys were making fun of Aya for being different this made Eva so pissed off that she went up to the boys and beat them up even though after that she had to leaning the lunch room for a week. Aya and her become close friends ever sine since their 2nd year of high school they both meet king who was a leader of a illegal reaching gang.

Eva and him are like brother and sister as for him and Aya will their a little more then friends.(if you know what i mean). on their 3rd years Aya had to go back but not before Eva ,Aya and 4 other friends make a band name RBD.(its a real band by the way)Even though their both far apart away form each other they found a way to talk to each other. In 3 years time Eva had changed a lot as will. First of all she now have long black hair with blue on top. she was taller now and She looks so much like her mother that its was scary.
Eva was turning 18 in 4 weeks time and your father along with Anai's mother are making a birthday party for both of them.

Anai is a preppy and thinks that she is the queen of the world. but after Eva and Miguel(he and Anai are are a coupler and they are both in the band) knocked her down a niche or two they find out that the both of you have a lot in common.