A/N: Protectors of the Plot Continuum was founded by Jay and Acacia. Excerpts in italics taken from Sheppard's Daughter by TeamDraco.


"Incoming," Allison shouted, trying to drown out the noise the console was making. She only succeeded in giving herself a sore throat.

"What?" Tasmin rushed into the response centre. Her left fist landed on the 'accept' button, while her right hand managed to smack her partner in the back of the head.

"Thanks for that." Allison glared at her partner. "We've got a daughter," she croaked.

Tasmin glared back at her.

"Actually, she's Sheppard's daughter, but through the intricate system of assigning missions, she's now our daughter, too."

Tasmin had half a mind to smack her partner again. In stead, she turned around and started to collect her gear. "Open up a portal," she growled.

Allison set the disguises to generic marines and complied.


The portal took the agents to Sheppard's quarters, where McKay was sitting bent over Sheppard's laptop doing admin.

"Oh, we've just missed the fic's prologue piece," Allison said. "You'd want to read that." She pointed at the Words in the distance.

"And you want to write down that McKay is doing Sheppard's paper work because he has 'nothing better to do'. McKay has always something better to do." Tasmin turned her attention to the Words where the Sue explained that her mother abused her - both physically and mentally - and that at fourteen she held five degrees. "Are we to assume those are bachelor degrees, master degrees, PhDs or did she start her own pop group?"

Allison chuckled. She produced a pen and pad from a pocket and started scribbling her partner's comments down.

The Sue's father, one John Sheppard, had left her mother when she was pregnant.

Tasmin gnashed her teeth.

Now, her mother, Nancy, wanted to throw her out for being too clever.

I was doing some complicated equations that not even a top scientist would understand. The joys of being clever.

"Go in and charge now?" Allison asked. "Or wait and see the character rupture in action?"

"Sheppard left his pregnant wife, yet this Sue has the intention of portraying Sheppard as a good and responsible father? How does the Sue think that adds up?"

"Could be that Nancy never told him she was pregnant."

Tasmin shook her head. "We've only seen this Nancy once in canon, but she didn't strike me as the type not to tell Sheppard if she had a kid. She told him about her new partner. Besides, she'd want him to pay child support."

The Sue decided she was going to try and find her absent dad. Perhaps he would take care of her if her mother wouldn't.

The fic then jumped forward in time a few weeks and switched from first person point of view to third person.

McKay finished up the admin and, like a good secretary, also checked Sheppard's messages. There was one new one, or rather, a three-weeks-old one that just arrived. McKay got up to tell Sheppard. At that moment Sheppard arrived. McKay made room for Sheppard to check his message.

John had an inquisitorial look on his face when he pulled it up.

"Inquisitorial, adjective, meaning: of or like an inquisitor, also, offensively prying," Tasmin recited. "He's reading his own e-mail. That can hardly be considered prying."

"Thesaurus abuse." Allison craned her neck trying to look over Sheppard's shoulder to read the message. Strangely enough she received no competition from McKay for that position, even though it was mentioned he was nosey and impatient.

Weir contacted Sheppard and asked to see him in her office. Sheppard said he would come. He closed his laptop, and without saying what the message was about, took it with him.

Meanwhile in Dr. Weir's office John had just arrived there,

So had the agents. Lack of a scene break combined with a time rift knocked them off their feet and deposited them in a corner.

"Between you and the Sue I am sure to have a concussion by the end of this mission," Allison said. She pushed her partner away and tried to find some footing.

"You may want to sit this one out," Tasmin said as she got to her feet. "And I mean this scene. Not the entire fic."

Sheppard said he had received an e-mail that someone would be arriving from SGC, but the message had not mentioned who. Weir explained.

"It was sent to you because, 3 weeks ago, your ex-wife Nancy was arrested for child abuse." That threw Sheppard off a little. The Nancy he knew would never hurt a fly, and the Nancy he knew didn't have a child. What on earth was going on? Why was he being told this? And he still didn't understand why the hell Caldwell was here. "You're confused John." Elizabeth pointed out. He just nodded "well, John, there is no easy way around this. The child that she was abusing, Susan, well, she's your daughter." At that moment John Sheppard's life caved in around him.

"I can understand that," Allison said. "And he doesn't even know she's a Sue."

Weir gave him a picture so he would know what she looked like. Then Sheppard realised that this was the person coming to Atlantis.

"[...] Atlantis is no place for a child!" He didn't know it, but he was going into over protective father mode already, and he hadn't even met her yet.

"I won't call that overprotective father mode," Tasmin said. "Plain old common sense would do."

"Those Athosian children were here for a while."

"They were refugees. They had no place else to go on the short term. They left when their community found a new place to settle. For this kid there are tuns of options for care on Earth. No need to bring her here."

Weir agreed, but added that it was the decision of the SGC. There was one caveat: the Sue could never return to Earth.

"Shouldn't you be sitting down too?" Allison asked. "Considering Weir doesn't seem to object to the SGC banishing a teenager to Atlantis. She would think that was all kinds of wrong. And if she didn't think it wrong she would want to know the why exactly."

"This fic pretty much started with McKay doing Sheppard a favour without complaining. I don't have high hopes for anyone else being any better in character."

Sheppard asked if he could meet the girl on his own. Weir said that was okay and she and Caldwell left.

"We should go too." Tasmin pulled her partner up by one arm.

"I thought you said I could sit this one out."

"This one scene. Scene's over and the Sue is about to arrive."

Allison scrambled up and hurried after Tasmin. From the hall way the agents watched as the Sue and her luggage arrived in Weir's office.

Sheppard and the Sue shared some awkward moments of introductions and silence. Then Sheppard offered to show her around. He picked up her suitcase and a box she had brought. The Sue took her backpack.

Sheppard gave the Sue the grand tour, passing all places of interest to show the Sue. He introduced her to everyone they met along the way. Most of them just stared blankly at the Sue.

The agents followed at a safe distance.

"And a charge for not even giving the extras the most basic of social skills: to smile when you meet a new person," Tasmin said.

"I'm just wondering how light that Sue packed that neither of them is bothered that they are lugging around luggage. A tour would be so much nicer without the extra weight."

The tour stopped at Sheppard's room.

"This is my room." John said waving his hand over the control panel. "This is also where you will be staying until we find you a suitable room."

Allison nearly broke her pen clutching it so tightly. "He barely even knows this girl. All he knows are her name and that she suffered child abuse. His first stop should not be his room. His first stop should be a psychologist's office."

"His first stop should be Stargate Command at Cheyenne Mountain," Tasmin said, "to sort out all this nonsense. If the Sue's mother was arrested for child abuse, the Sue would be taken into care. Child protective services might put in some effort to find her missing dad, but they would not just send the child to him without first checking whether he was a suitable parent. The idea would be for the abuse to stop, not to continue on a different location.

"Plus," Tasmin added, "the SGC would never catapult these kinds of family issues into another galaxy. They'd inform Sheppard about the situation - got a child, CPS looking for you - and perhaps of the next possibility for him to return to Earth. And that would be it. Sheppard would go home and the Sue would not come here. End of story."

"Or begining of story that takes place entirely on Earth."

"Either way, as long as it doesn't contain a Sue, I'm happy."

Before the Sue could settle in McKay called. He needed Sheppard's help.

[W]e need you to use the gene for some weird techno thingy that needs a stronger gene to operate it.

"You told me McKay had the gene too," Allison said.

"He does. But it isn't expressed as strongly in him as it is in Sheppard. What's really wrong in that statement is that McKay used the term 'weird techno thingy'. If he was ready to lab test it, he would already have some ideas about what the thing could do, and hence, have a good name for it. They like naming things around here. Makes it easy to distinguish one weird techno thingy from all the other weird techno thingies."

Sheppard gave the Sue a walkie-talkie, some rough directions to the mess hall and left her alone.

The Sue wandered the halls for a while - followed at a distance by the PPC agents, who made ample use of several of the hidden alcoves - until she finally admitted to herself that she was lost. She debated whether to contact Sheppard, but didn't want to because she was afraid he might be busy. Then she remembered that she had met Lorne on the Daedalus and that he said she could radio him if she needed anything.

Do you recognise anything? Like a stairway, or a corridor?

"Seriously, Lorne." Allison rolled her eyes. "Is this your first day at Atlantis? Otherwise, you should know that lots of stairways and corridors look exactly like other stairways and corridors."

"There are maps all over the place in Atlantis. All she needs to do is find one."

"Do those maps come with big 'you are here now' arrows?"

"There are maps in transporters. Lorne could tell her to go to a specific location and he could pick her up there."

The Sue saw a sign, in Ancient, on one of the walls. She learned some Ancient during her brief stay at SGC, taught to her by Daniel Jackson in person. She said she was at lab 34.

That's in an unexplored part of the city. Didn't the Colonel tell you not to go there? Ah man! I'm in so much trouble.

"One," Allison held up a finger, "how would he know what there is in an unexplored part of the city? Doesn't knowledge of what is where come with exploring stuff? Two, why would he be in trouble? The Sue's in a forbidden zone. No one told him to keep her out of there."

"A Sue can do no wrong. She can't get into trouble. Therefore, someone else must be. Lorne understands this."

Allison gave her partner a weary look. "When you put it like that... I'm thinking charge."

Lorne told her he would get Sheppard and they would come and get her. The Sue made a last comment to Lorne, but when there came no reply from his end, she decided to retrace her steps and find her own way back.

"Supposedly clever bar none, yet, hasn't got enough sense to wait in one location when others are coming to find her." Allison made another note.

"Lorne should have told her to stay put," Tasmin said. "He probably is never going to hear the end of that." Tasmin waved her hand before a panel in the wall. The panel slid up, revealing a display that showed the Words to the fic.


The agents read the Words to find out what was happening to Lorne.

Lorne was very worried he had lost radio contact with the Sue. He immediately contacted Sheppard to inform him his daughter was lost.

But I can't say that I'm too happy with you Major. Heck, I'm beyond pissed that you didn't tell me sooner.

"How much sooner than immediately does he want to be told?"

Tasmin shrugged. She closed the display. "Let's catch up with that Sue."

The agents found the Sue not much later. She was still walking. She was also still wondering why no one had come for her.

"We could come for her. Put an end to this fic right now," Allison said. "I'm sure Sues have been charged for less grave offences."

Tasmin considered it. "Overaccomplished Sue, at least three cases of out of character canons. The charge list would be short, but I think it's good enough."

"That works for me."

Allison picked up pace and was about to tap the Sue on the shoulder when Sheppard's voice came crackling through the radio. The agent stopped and slumped her shoulders.

Sheppard informed the Sue that he and Lorne were only a few corridors away and told her to stay put.

"Does he mean a few corridors away from where she is now, or from where she was when Lorne talked to her?" Allison asked her partner when both were hiding in an alcove, again.

"We shall soon find out. Charge if it is the former. There is no way he could know that."

A charge it was. The Sue sank against a wall due to exhaustion - what with the grand tour, her own excursion and not having had lunch - only to instantly be found by Sheppard and Lorne.

Sheppard flew into a panic about her well-being, but Lorne saw she was only very tired.

"Susan, if you don't wake up, I will tell the colonel what happened on the Daedalus that involved mashed potatoes and mushy peas and Colonel Caldwell's head."

This, and the hands of Lorne and Sheppard, got the Sue back to her feet.

"I wonder if that food incident is the reason she can never return to Earth." Allison smiled. Her smiled dropped when the Sue wobbled on her legs and Sheppard decided he would carry her in his arms. "The least he could do is put her in a fireman's carry," she growled. "He would make better time that way. Get her to the infirmary or the mess hall much quicker."

"Not jealous are we?"

"Jealous? Of a Sue that doesn't seem to understand that father's aren't supposed to treat their daughters like their lovers?"

The agents were swept off their feet by a flashback that came unannounced.

"Or grasp the concept of a scene break," she added. "Did you ever get the FLF fixed after it was drowned in that other mission?"

"I thought I told you to have it fixed."

"No, you didn't. You don't trust me with equipment. If it is still broken, it is your fault. You can't off-load this one on me."

"The missions have been kinda piling up lately. It must have slipped my mind. I'll make it a priority after we get back."

Their own argument caused the agents to miss Nancy physically abusing the Sue, and they were deposited back at Atlantis without having learned anything new.

Allison glared at her partner. "What was the point of that?"

"So we'd know about the terrible childhood the Sue has had, and that she is now much better off in the safe and strong arms of Sheppard."

Allison intensified her glare.

Sheppard noticed the Sue was crying when he put her down by the door to his quarters. The Sue said it was nothing. She said she didn't want to talk about it, and wobbled in, towards the bed. Sheppard realised it would take some time to gain his daughter's trust. He suggested going for lunch.

Sheppard took the Sue to the mess hall - she walked on her own this time - where he introduced her to his team: Teyla, Ronon and McKay. They were surprised to learn he had a daughter, despite the fact that he never talked about his personal life.

"You've got a daughter John?" Rodney had a knack at pointing out the obvious.

"So has whoever wrote that statement," Tasmin said. Surprised she didn't hear her partner chuckle, she turned around and found that Allison was filling a paper bag she had brought with sandwiches and other food. "Typical."

The Sue learned that Sheppard had never known about her. Crying she left the table and ran all the way to the South pier.

"C'mon." Tasmin grabbed Allison by her arm and started running after the Sue.

"Why is she crying?" Allison asked after she had managed to dislodge a piece of bread that got stuck in her throat when Tasmin had interrupted her meal. "Wouldn't it be better that her father never knew about her, rather than that he had knowingly left her with a woman that abused her and had never taken her away from there?"

"Applying logic again."

"I'm incorrigible that way."

The Sue sat sobbing at the pier and didn't do much of anything any more, other than sniff and occasionally dab her eyes with a sleeve.

"Perhaps we should have stayed with Sheppard," Allison opted after watching the Sue for a while. "The Words say he wanted to punch McKay for asking a stupid question."

"Rodney never asks stupid questions."

"And he didn't this time; he just asked for confirmation whether he had heard right."

"I know, I was paying attention in the mess hall."

"So was I, but my attention was directed at the food counter." Allison smirked, but quickly dropped her smile when her partner subtly raised her hand. "Anyway, Sheppard blames him for the Sue finding out he never knew about her. That's the second time in this story that someone gets or takes blame for something they are not at fault for."

"It's the theme of this story. The Sue was also always blamed for things she was not at fault for."

"It is said that abused children often become abusers themselves."

"Being a victim is not an excuse for becoming a perpetrator. Besides, the only reason the Sue was suffering abuse was to have a reason why she would be better off here than on Earth."


It was hours before Sheppard finally arrived at the South pier. The Sue was still sitting in the same position as when she had first arrived.

Allison ate the lunch she had packed. Tasmin declined her offer of sharing. To shorten the wait, Tasmin had pulled a novel from her duffel bag; Allison tried to make sea monsters come to the surface.

Sheppard wanted to apologise to the Sue for everything that had happened at lunch. Ever since he found out he was a father he had wanted to be the best dad he could be.

"And not for a moment he showed any doubt," Allison said. "No question of, is she really mine? Let's do a paternity test. I mean, how could he not know his wife was pregnant. Never mind she did not tell him. Did they never meet to negotiate the terms of their divorce? Did he not notice she was pregnant, or even that she was getting kind of fat?"

"Depending on the state, divorce proceedings take more or less time. In Wyoming, for instance, a marriage is dissolved approximately 20 days after filing. Theoretically, Nancy and Sheppard could have mutually decided to divorce, have sex on last time to celebrate their decision, file for divorce and divorce, before Nancy herself even realised she was pregnant. On the other hand, there are states such as Arkansas that require a couple to have separated for 18 months before they can file for divorce. If they didn't see each other during that time, Nancy could have had a child and kept it a secret from Sheppard."

"You're not actually giving grounds to charge the Sue with this never knew malarkey."

"Then how about this: when Nancy and Sheppard met at his father's funeral, she had not seen him in four years, meaning that she had last seen him a few months before he went to Atlantis. Sheppard's father liked Nancy, and it seems that despite the divorce, she stayed in touch with her ex-father-in-law. We don't know for how long Sheppard had not talked to his father, but he seemed like the kind of person that would remind Sheppard of his responsibilities, such as the child he had fathered. There is plenty of ground to charge the Sue with this never knew malarkey."

Sheppard stumbled through his apology and the Sue rewarded him with a hug.

John rubbed soothing circles on her back, and rocked her back and forth. He had no idea what he was doing, but he did it. This dad thing was new to him, but he acted like a natural.

"Acted like a natural," Allison pointed out. "Not wàs a natural."

A scene break allowed the agents to stay in their position. Tasmin opened another panel for them to read the Words.

In the next few days, the Sue easily settled into Atlantis life. She took on the moniker of mini Shep, a nickname Lorne and Cadman had made up for her aboard the Daedalus because she resembled Sheppard so much both in looks and character.

"Charges, charges, charges," Allison growled and scribbled them down.

Several people insisted she could call them by their first name.

But she had been raised to respect her elders, or be punished for it, so it was proving hard.

"She, however, has no problem calling Sheppard by his first name," Tasmin noted. "Does she not respect him?"

"Probably doesn't fear punishment from him," Allison said. "What about that thing with the mash potatoes and Caldwell's face. I'm not sure that story can be given a spin to make it come out respectful."

"Charge. Showing one thing, telling the opposite."

"Unreliable narrator?" Allison suggested.

"Only first person narrators can be unreliable. Third person narrators just forgot who they deal with from one chapter to the next."

she meet David Parrish a botanist, Sergeant Bates, Lt Aiden Ford, Dr Kate Heightmeyer and Chuck the technician.

"Both Bates and Ford were injured during the siege of Atlantis," Tasmin said. "Neither of them worked at Atlantis after that. Ford even left Atlantis before Ronon arrived. Even if the Sue arrived on the Daedalus during the siege, she is unlikely to meet Ford after she met Ronon."

"At the very least she should have mentioned that Sheppard was taking time off from the war effort to play hide and seek with a fourteen-year-old." Allison took down the charge of messing with the canon time line.

"But she can't have come during the siege, because Sheppard was a major at that time and didn't become a lieutenant-colonel until he returned to Earth after the siege. He returned on the Daedalus, but the Sue wasn't present on that trip or she would have already met Sheppard on board. I doubt she would have hid in her quarters for three weeks, just so she could spring this big surprise on him on Atlantis."

"I think you have made your point that the Sue never met Ford and is just name dropping."

The only thing the Sue was dreading was going to the infirmary for a medical check-up, because that would surely mean people would see her scars. Sheppard coaxed her into going.

"And we're off to the infirmary." Tasmin closed the panel, threw her novel in her bag, pulled the remote activator from it and opened a portal.


The agents just settled themselves in as two medics when Sheppard and the Sue walked in.

The Sue was immediately taken in by Beckett's broad accent and his kind eyes.

"She needn't have transcribed the accent," Tasmin said softly. "We all know what he sounds like."

Beckett asked the Sue to hop on a bed and started his examination.

He shone a light into Suzie's eyes, while she looked at his finger. "Good good, normal brain function there lass."

Allison fell into a fit of hysterical laughter. Tasmin grabbed a pillow from the nearest bed and tried to smother her partner. Allison struggled to get free, slipped to the ground and managed to get herself safe by diving underneath the bed to the other side of it.

"All right." She held up her hands in a placating manner. "If you give me my pen and pad, I will write her up for bad medicine."

Tasmin threw her the requested stationery.

Allison tried to shrug off the glare she also received. "Really, no need to get violent. It was the tension. I was just letting off steam."

Tasmin humphed. She turned her attention to the Sue and Sheppard, who seemed not to have noticed any of the commotion that took place only a few beds away.

The Sue had rolled up her sleeve and revealed the scars on her arm. Sheppard and Beckett were both shocked. Sheppard fumed with anger of how Nancy had treated his daughter. He pulled the girl into a hug to comfort her.

John pulled back, and put his hand on Suzie's cheek and rubbed a circle on it.

'He's doing great at the father thing' the doctor thought whilst smiling to himself.

"What's with all this rubbing circles?" Allison asked.

"What?" Tasmin's stare still threw daggers.

"He rubbed circles on her back when he hugged her, rubbed circles on her hand when he held that for a moment, and now he's making circles on her face. What is with this man's thumb? Is it always this fidgety?"

Tasmin was stumped. "I don't know. I don't recall."

Allison was too surprised to mock her. "There is a gap in your knowledge," came out as a neutral statement of fact.

"Well," Tasmin said. "I don't really pay attention to his hands when he is hugging people."

Days passed into weeks and the Sue was given her own room, but nothing to occupy her time with.

"Why don't they just put her to work as a scientist?" Tasmin said. The agents stayed behind in the infirmary and followed the Sue's continued adventures and angst through the Words. "She's supposed to be superclever. And it would actually make sense, on some remote level, that SGC sent her to Atlantis because she is the smartest in her field. Even Weir might agree to her staying here on those grounds."

Getting a job had not yet occurred to the Sue. Though when she saw Zelenka struggle with some boxes, she rushed to help him with his job of repairing a few puddle jumpers. Zelenka let slip that he heard rumours that Sheppard was going to teach her to fly a jumper.

"Oh, no," Allison groaned. "She had to have the gene too, didn't she?"

"If she has, that's even more reason to put her to work. Anyway, charge if she has the gene because her dad has it; charge, if she flies a puddle jumper without it."

Flashbacks to her childhood were plaguing the Sue more and more. She decided it would be a good idea to see Kate Heightmeyer about this. She talked with Heightmeyer for an hour and the psychologist decided to prescribe her some sleep medication.

"Psychologists don't prescribe medication," Tasmin said. "Psychiatrists prescribe."

"She thinks Heightmeyer is a psychiatrist."

"She thinks wrong."

Heightmeyer urged the Sue to talk to Sheppard about her abuse as a child. The Sue was reluctant, but agreed she would. She told Sheppard she had flashbacks and Sheppard suggested to take time off so she could tell him what was on her mind.

Together they walked to the pier in a comfortable silence, just holding hands like any normal father and daughter.

"No, no." Allison felt ill. "It is not normal for a father and his fourteen-year-old daughter to walk hand in hand. Fathers stop holding their daughters' hands once they know how to safely cross the street on their own. I hate this Sue for making Sheppard into a pervert."

"In response to Freud's concept of the Oedipus complex, Jung formulated the Electra complex. He proposed that girls experience desire for their father and aggression towards their mother. I guess that's what we're seeing here: the Sue's desiring her father. And she's showing aggression towards her mother by making her into an evil person."

The next day, Sheppard had to go off world on a mission, so he asked McKay to take the Sue jumper flying.

"What?" Allison turned to Tasmin. "Aren't Sheppard and McKay part of the same team? If Sheppard goes off world McKay goes too?"

"Well, not always. Both of them have been off world without the other there. Stranger, though, is that Sheppard passes up the opportunity of bonding over flying with his daughter. And perhaps the strangest thing is that he ask McKay to take her. Going out with McKay is like being a redshirt on Star Trek: they die before the problem of the week is resolved."

"Sheppard wants his daughter dead? This could be an interesting development." Allison leaned an elbow on the medical bed and her chin on her hand. She chuckled as she moved closer to the panel that displayed the Words.

"Hmm. That probably sounds better than it's actually going to be. That Griffin who's flying the jumper is already the redshirt. At least, he was in the episode Grace Under Pressure."

"I hate episode stealing. Sue's always forget that a new person in the room changes the dialogue."

"It seems this one remembered. Griffin is not yanking McKay's chain like he was in the episode. And now the jumper crew doesn't wake up to Zelenka calling out to them."

The Sue did not notice McKay's shock at Griffin's sacrifice. She was upset about it though, and McKay was said to take time away from his datapad to put an comforting arm around her shoulder.

One of Tasmin's eyes narrowed. "Depicting Rodney as cold-hearted."

"I'll add it to the charge list."

Rather than help McKay with his plans to get them rescued, the Sue sat in a corner and sobbed.

"I'm not sure whether I should be glad the Sue is doing nothing, or make it another charge," Tasmin said.

"What is making you hesitant to make a call?"

"If the Sue is as clever as she says she is, she ought to be helping Rodney. On the other hand, I don't want her to ruin the Rodney-Sam moment."

The Sue noticed McKay was hallucinating. She herself started seeing Daniel Jackson, her mentor from her brief time at SGC.

"Charge it is," Tasmin decided.

Allison happily wrote it down.

"And there's another one." Tasmin pointed at the screen. "While the Sue and Rodney are trapped in the jumper, Sheppard is being completely useless. He's supposed to be the one that came up with the rescue method."

McKay and the Sue were rescued and during a scene break they were brought to the infirmary. For a moment the infirmary was put in darkness. When the light returned, the Sue was in one of the beds and Sheppard was at her side.

"I think we should charge now," Tasmin said.

"I think we should wait until Sheppard takes a toilet break. He's watching her like a hawk."

"I have a better idea." Tasmin stepped up to Sheppard and asked him if he could give them a little privacy. "We are going to undress her and check for other injuries. I'm sure no fourteen-year-old girl wants to share that experience with her father."

Sheppard understood and stepped away.

The agents closed the curtains around the bed the Sue was in. Tasmin donned a pair of sunglasses and stuck her head around the curtains.

"Oh, and Sheppard...?" When he looked her way Tasmin pressed the button on the neuralyzer. "You don't have a fourteen-year-old daughter; your ex, Nancy, is not a child abuser; you are intelligent and practical, not overprotective and emotional."

Sheppard shook his head and blinked his eyes. "What am I doing at the infirmary?"

Tasmin took off her sunglasses. "Rodney's injured."

Sheppard screwed up his nose. "He's a hypochondriac. He's always got something."

"He almost died today."

"That sounds serious. I think I should go see how he's doing."

Tasmin pulled her head inside the curtains. "That takes care of him. Now to take care of you."

The Sue looked up groggily at the two agents. "Who are you? Am I hallucinating again?"

"No, we're very much real." Allison put on a solemn look. "Susan Sheppard, also known as mini Shep, little Sheppard, Suzie and Su." She smiled. "And Sue. We are Protectors of the Plot Continuum and we are here to charge you with crimes against fanfiction in general and Stargate Atlantis fandom in particular."

"What? No, no, you've got the wrong person."

"You answer to all these names listed above?"


"Then we've got the right person. Now, shut up and I will explain. We charge you with bad spelling, bad grammar and bad punctuation. We also charge you with thesaurus abuse. Sheppard doesn't get an inquisitorial look when he checks his own e-mails. A curious look perhaps. Since you managed to spell inquisitorial correctly, we guess you've looked it up, and we think she should have looked up a few other words as well. For instance, when you had nothing to do, you should have been bored, not board. But thanks for the giggles."

Tasmin rolled her eyes and sighed loudly.

"We charge you with being sent to Atlantis by the SGC for no particular reason, other than that no one on Earth wanted to have you. Which is a rather odd assumption; there are always people looking for new drug mules, or girls they can force into prostitution."


"The point is, the SGC as an institution, would not care whether you were abused in your home and had a parent living on Atlantis. There are other institutions to take care of abused children and if the parent on Atlantis wanted to take care of their child they should come back to Earth."

"But John can't leave Atlantis."

"Sure he can. He's not tied to the place. He went back to Earth on several occasions. So if he had wanted to take care of you, he could have come back and got himself a position on an Air Force base that is more compatible with home life. No one on Atlantis is indispensable. Others are capable of being the military leader of the Atlantis expedition. As a matter of fact, the effect you had on Sheppard made me wonder whether he was capable of being the military leader."

"We might have been able to believe that the SGC sent you to Atlantis because of your superior intellect," Tasmin put in. "But other than mentioning you were oh so clever, you never used your brains. You weren't assigned a science position, and you made no effort what so ever to help Rodney out when the two of you were trapped under two thousand feet of water and sinking."

"Though we are glad you didn't steal McKay's moment. We charge you with turning Sheppard into a useless idiot, incapable of thinking on his feet due to worry about your well-being. We charge you with Sheppard not questioning the veracity of Weir's claim that he has a daughter. We charge you with him immediately being okay with being a father and acting like a father, and not for a moment doubting he should take this role or having any difficulties with it.

"We charge you with Weir seemingly accepting a fourteen-year-old is banished to Atlantis by the SGC. We charge you with making McKay do Sheppard's paper work because he has nothing better to do. McKay is, by his own admission, one of the greatest minds in two galaxies, he always has something better to do than paper work. Making up a name for a new weird techno thingy they discovered, for instance.

"We charge you with the defamation of the character of Nancy. We know very little of her from canon, but that doesn't mean you can turn her into a token evil mother to deal with your Electra complex."

"We know she didn't like Sheppard doing a lot of stuff he kept secret from her," Tasmin added. "We doubt she would retaliate by not telling him he had a daughter. We sooner think she would use the daughter to force him to be less secretive."

"Speaking of Electra complex," Allison took over charging, again, "we doubt Sheppard would offer you could stay in his room till you had a room assigned to you. That would probably be one of the first things he would do, get you assigned a room. He is rather practical. You insist on describing him as some kind of pervert: sharing a room, holding hands while walking. On the other hand, when there is the possibility of the two of you bonding while flying a jumper, he backs out at the last moment and sends McKay to take his place. That is a charge for inconsistency of character."

"Actually, we found all the bonding you did do with Sheppard - like talking about your youth - rather unbelievable. Sheppard's not someone to bond over words and feelings and memories. And the one thing you didn't do with him, flying in a jumper, is the one thing we could imagine him doing."

Allison glared at her partner. She didn't like being interrupted while charging by her partner any better than being interrupted by a Sue. "We charge you with being Daniel Jackson's protégée and learning Ancient from him. We also charge you with hallucinating Jackson while McKay is hallucinating Sam Carter. Wasn't that awfully convenient? We charge you with bad medicine. You had Beckett diagnose your brain function by giving you an eye exam. We charge you with changing Heightmeyer's profession from psychologist to psychiatrist. We also charge you with showing no ill effects from the abuse you suffered as a child, other than the scars and memories. You're not particularly cautious or pleasing in the relationships you form."

"Not all people are affected by child abuse in the same way," the Sue said.

"True, but if you are going to use child abuse as a theme, you might as well use it as an issue," Tasmin said. "Child abuse was not an issue here because it did not affect the way you approached other people. You formed the same relationships with people around Atlantis we've seen other people, that didn't claim they were abused, formed. You didn't even give us the impression that you worked hard on studies to get away from abuse. You told use you were abused, but you didn't show us."

"I did. I did show. Weren't you looking when I had the flashbacks?"

"We saw you getting hit, yes," Tasmin said. "But the effect that had, what you showed us was a victim of abuse that only had memories. Those memories were not used as a reference point to deal with new situations. From the frequency with which you had your memories, we would think your day to day interactions would be affected by them. At the very least, if one of my mum's boyfriends had raped me, I would not at all be comfortable if a man I knew little more of than his name and that he was supposed to be my dad, suggested that I would sleep in his room. You, however, do nothing more than slump your shoulders. No worries that he might try to rape you, too. After all, he was once your mother's husband, and she has shown, to you, to have rather poor taste in men. If you want us to believe the abuse was bad, than show us the character is suffering from the abuse. And just having memories doesn't count," Tasmin quickly added when the Sue opened her mouth. "Allison?"

"You're a Mary Sue. I'm done charging." Allison stuffed the notepad in her pocket and crossed her arms.

"Okay, Suzie Sheppard, you have been charged. Your punishment for these crimes is death."

"What? No! You can't kill me. John! John!"

Tasmin grabbed the pillow from behind the Sue's head and smothered her with it. When the Sue stopped struggling Tasmin held the pillow down for just a little bit longer to be sure she was dead. Then she threw the pillow aside and checked for a pulse. "What's with you?" she asked her partner after opening a portal and starting to pull the Sue from the bed.

"Oh, nothing. Just that, I charge, and you don't butt in until the actual killing."



"Grow up."


A/N: Abuse suffered as a child crops up as a theme rather often in badfic. Usually it is only there to make characters and readers feel sympathy for the abused character. It rarely seems to affect the character in any way other than memories or possibly scars. Don't use child abuse just to get sympathy. If the abuse is a big deal to the character, for instance because they often are reminded of the abuse they suffered, it should have an effect on how they deal with other situations. Readers don't care for characters because they were abused; they care for characters that try to deal with their issues.