Summary: Two girls are bought together by one man. He is the father to both of their unborn children, he is dating one of them, and cheated on her with the other one. When he doesn't take responsibility for what he's done, a turn of events will open his eyes.

A/N: I had gotten this idea by reading a few stories. I hadn't read anything else like it but when I read these two stories I guess they was my inspiration to start writing this one.

Alex sat there, staring at the floor. How could she go through with this? She thought back to how all of this had started.

- Seven months ago -

"How could you Randy?" Alex screamed, tears pouring down her face. They were outside of an arena. She had just caught her now ex boyfriend kissing some girl. "I thought you loved me. I guess that was just a lie to. Another game for you."

She turned to take a step but something stopped her. She turned to see Randy, standing there, no emotion in his face at all. She turned away, another set of tears falling. Randy hadn't said one word since she had started yelling. The girl had walked about five feet away, staring at them, her cell phone in her hand, trying to get a hold of somebody.

"Alex, please don't leave me." Randy whispered as he slid down onto the ground. She wouldn't care, she didn't. Why would he try? He had fucked up, more than three times. She was done with him.

That was true. Alex hadn't spoken to him since then. She had been living with her parents again. Trying her hardest to get moved out before the end of the fall, when she was due to have her baby.

She had heard from about the bushes that the girl she had caught him kissing seven months ago, Maddie, was also pregnant with his baby.

She stared at the phone number on the piece of paper. It was his new cell phone number. The only person that knew the whole truth, John, had given her his new cell number. He told her she should tell him she was pregnant with his baby.

She had memorized the numbers, for staring at it for the past hour. She chickened out twice. She knew he was doing RAW tonight, She knew his whole schedule. Arrive at the arena, go eat, change, prepare for the match. She knew he would be eating right now, giving him ample time to talk to her.

"Alex, you here?" The voice was to familiar.

"Yeah dad, I'm in here."

"Alright, Well I'm gonna go get some food after I shower, you want anything?"

"Where are you going?"

"KFC. They have that special tonight."

"Get me my usual. Thanks dad, I'll pay you back Thursday."

"Don't worry about it."

Once she heard her father get into the shower, she decided to call. She dialed the number finally, and after what seemed like hours, pressed the green call button.

"Hello?" His voice was quiet, almost sad.

She was tongue tied for a minute. "Randy..."

"Alex? Is it really you?"

"Yeah, it is."

"Uh how'd you get my number? And why are you calling? I'm not complaining, just curious." She could hear the happyness in his voice.

"I got some news, that you probably won't believe. Randy, I'm pregnant."

He was quiet, she knew that he would probably freak out on her.

"How far along are you?" He broke the silence.

"Eight months tomorrow."

"So it's mine?"

"Yes Randy it's yours. Incase you haven't forgotten, I never cheated on you in our relationship."

Ouch! "Well why are you telling me now?"

"I thought you deserved to know."

"You didn't answer my question Alex. How'd you get my number?"


"JOHN!" He raised his voice. "My bestfriend has been talking to you behind my back?"

"It's a free world Randy. He can talk to anybody he wants to. He didn't betray you either. He was going to tell you but I wanted to tell you. Don't get mad at him, please?"

His voice softened as he heard her talk. "Alright."

"I didn't call for money Randy. I just wanted to tell you so you knew you were going to be a father. I also heard from a couple people in town that the other girl, Maddie, is pregnant too."

"That's what I heard too. Look Alex, I gotta go. My match is at the begining of the show. Can we talk about this tonight when I'm on the plane?"

"I suppose. You got my number now, text me when your done with the show or whatever."

She flipped her phone shut. She tossed her phone onto her bedstand and laid down. She had her tv on as she waited for WWE to start. It was 7:45pm and she had been nervous to see Randy tonight. She hadn't seen him on tv since the following week after she found out he had been cheating on her.

She knew after that night she wouldn't watch it again until she told him the truth. He had been out of it that night. She knew from the script she had read, he was suppose to win his match against The Animal. What she didn't know was that Randy had choosen not to win that match because he knew he wouldn't be in the right mind to even wrestle, so they changed the storyline.

Her dad had just gotten back with food when RAW started. She quickly grabbed her food and ran back into her bedroom. Randy, to his word, had came out first. She smiled realizing that maybe it was a dream. She was pregnant with Randy's kid and he hadn't found out till just a few minutes ago.

He had this giant smile on his face as he walked down the ramp and Alex couldn't help but get butterflies in her stomach.

"Look at his fucking smile on his face. He's a fucking dick Maddie, why don't you just forget about him? I mean, he basically used you for sex, and left you."

"Yeah but I'm also carrying his baby. There's a bond there that will never be broken. Your just mad because you haven't got a piece of ass in over a year Sar, Go out, find a cutie, stick him in a closet for a hot make out session, see what happens."

"Jealous? Hunny, have you forgotten that I have Jason. My friend with benefits?"

"Jason? Uhm yeah. Have fun with that."

"What do you mean by 'have fun with that' Your just mad because you can't join us because your pregnant."

"Pfft, why would I want to join you two? Your just a bunch of horny single people who make out. Plus, I'd rather be in a relationship."

"That's not what Mr. Orton was."

"Yeah well, he wasn't exactly single. He was dating a pretty girl. Prettier than me. I can't blame her for leaving him. You know, she never once yelled at me that day that she caught us."

"What? She never yelled at you?"

"No, she just yelled at him. She looked over at me a few times but never said anything. I could see the tears in her eyes."

"That's weird. Usually they forget about the guy and go after the girl. She sounds like an amazing woman."

"Yeah, amazing." Maddie needed to talk to her. Her name was Alex. She didn't know her last name but that didn't matter. Maddie was pregnant too and couldn't afford the baby. She had three full time jobs at the moment and it was barely covering her bills, let alone a baby. She was going to ask the ultimate question to Alex... to take care of her baby for her once he was born.

Alex had fell asleep during RAW. She jumped up when her cell phone rang, waking her up. She almost threw her phone on the floor but then she remembered it was Randy. "Hello?"

"Hey.. Did I wake you up?"

"I guess I fell asleep during RAW."

"I'll let you go -"

"No it's fine."

"If your sure."

"I'm sure." There was silence for an eternity before Randy finally said something.

"So do you know what your having?"

"I'm having a girl."

Randy caught his breathe. He was going to be a father to a little girl. He always hoped he'd have a little girl, to protect.

They talked for another five minutes before suddenly Randy had to go out with the guys. Alex didn't believe it but she didnt say anything.

Alex woke up the next morning and decided to go to the mall to get a new outfit because she had to go to her bestfriend's birthday party at the club. She wasn't drinking but she'd go along.

She got dressed in a pair of jean capris and her John Cena tshirt. She slipped on her flip flops since she couldn't see over her stomach anymore.

"Sar, that's her." Maddie had went to the mall because Sarah dragged her there to go see Jason who worked at one of the sporting stores.

"Go talk to her and meet up with me later."

"I'm so nervous Sarah."

"Don't be. She's probably an amazing person if she didn't yell at you for being the girl that messed up their relationship." Sarah gave Maddie a hug and walked off.

Alex looked up from putting her cell phone in her purse to see that Maddie girl walking over to her. She could swear her heart skipped a beat seeing that the rumor was true, Maddie was pregnant.

"Alex, is it right?" Maddie was so nervous. She was fiddling with her cell phone, tugging at her hair, her shirt, everything she get ahold of so she didn't have to look Alex in the eyes.

"Yeah." Alex was nervous to. She wondered why she was talking to her.

"Can we talk?"

Alex nodded. "About what?"

"Everything. The situation I guess."

"Oh. Yeah. Do you want to wait for me to finish paying for this or can I give you my cell phone number and you call me so we can meet up?"

"I can just wait outside of the store."

"No you can stay right here with me." Alex smiled.

"You know, I don't even know you and you amaze me."


"That day, when you saw us kissing, you never once yelled at me. Now, your telling me to wait with you."

"Yeah well I'm not your normal person." Alex hurried up and paid and grabbed her bag before they walked out of the store.

"So why didn't you yell at me that day? All you did was yell at Randy."

"I didn't even know you. It wasn't your fault Randy had cheated again."

"Again? He told me that it was his first time."

"No you weren't. The other times I guess it was just to make me mad. We were all at a club or something, I'd get hit on by one of the guys and he would get jealous. His pay back was to go kiss a girl. He cheated on me once, but everybody deserves second chances right?"

"Yeah. I can't believe him though. I guess I'm at fault here to. He just said you would probably forgive him for it though."

"I knew it was going on, I just couldn't accuse him without facts. What hurt me the most was the next day after I caught you guys, I found out I was pregnant. I broke down so many times, thinking maybe it would make this little girl go away."

Maddie sat there silent. "When are you due?"

"August 17." She paused for a minute before asking the question that was on her mind. "What about you?"

"September 4."

"What are you having?"


"Awh. Any names?"

"Not really. I can't pick out any."

"You can take this if you want but I like Aaden Jonathan."

"That is cute. Do you have any girl names picked out?"

"Leah Hope."

"You are great with cute names." Maddie sat there for a minute before her cell phone rang.


"Mad, where are you?"

"I'm with her right now, eating lunch and talking."

"Have you asked her yet?"

"No. I'm nervous."

"Don't be alright. See you later."

Maddie hung up her cell phone and Alex played with her food. They sat there for five minutes in complete silence before Maddie finally asked the question that would change the friendship and life of Alex for the rest of her life.

"Alex, I came to talk to you today because I wanted to you know after he was born, if you would take care of him?"

Randy looked over at the clock. It read 1:30. He knew it wasn't the morning. He had gotten so wasted with the guys. They were celebrating Shawn's birthday early. He had sorta lied to Alex last night. He did go to the party with the guys, but he also had a date with one of the diva's.

He grabbed his cell phone and tried calling Alex three times but her phone was shut off. He left her three voicemails that again, would change the next couple of months for her.

"Alex, answer your phone please? I just woke up and your not answering. You told me to call you when I got up and im calling you. Call me back please?"

His second voicemail got worse. "Alex, I knew it. You just called me to tell me and try to see if I'd buy all the stuff for the baby. Fuck you."

Randy's third voicemail was completely uncalled for. "Look Alex, you can just fuck off okay? How am I suppose to even know if this girl is even mine. Hell how am I suppose to know if Maddie's baby is even mine? Don't bother contacting me again, lose my number and I'll lose yours."

"Alex, I came to talk to you today because I wanted to you know after he was born, if you would take care of him?" The words played in Alex's head like a radio repeating the song twenty times in an hour.

Maddie moved over to sit in the chair next to her and grabbed her hand. "I'm not going to hate you if you say no Alex. I still want to get to know you and be friends with you. If its the whole issue that it's Randy's baby, I'm so sorry for that -"

"Maddie, shut up. Yes, I'll take care of him after he's born. On one condition."

"Oh my gosh!" Maddie started crying. "What's the condition?"

"You live with me until he's born. So I get to know you more. I can get help for you to move it. And once you have him, you can move back into your place you got now or wherever your staying at."

Alex had pulled Maddie into a hug. When Maddie went to go back to Sarah, Alex turned her phone on and listened to her voicemail. She caught her breathe when she listened to the last two. She had tears in her eyes and she shoved her phone in her purse.

Randy had went to the lowest point ever. Cheating wasn't as bad as he had made her feel at that very moment.