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Drake's Dates

Chapter 2: Very Manly

It was a normal day. Josh was playing video games on his Game Sphere. "It's Spherical" as Josh calls it. While Drake flirts with girls on an online dating service.

"Hey Josh," Drake said, interrupting his step-brother while he was 'in the zone', "Guess who I just made a date with."

"Some person you were talking to on that dating service for like five minutes. I bet that person's not even a girl," Josh replied, only mad because Drake could get dates and he couldn't. Ever since Mindy broke up with him, the only relationship he's had is with his Game Sphere.

"No way. Her name is Christina. She even sounds hot." Drake said, trying to defend himself. "She will be waiting for me at the movie theatre on Friday, you'll see." With that said, Drake stormed out of the room.


Friday came quickly. As planned, Drake was on his way to the theatre to have his date with the mysterious Christina. When he arrived, Drake saw no girls, only a room full of guys.

"Is there a Christina here?" Drake shouted out.

"You must be looking for me. Hi, my real name is Chris. Are you that charming Drake I chatted with the other day? I have been waiting forever to meet you. It was worth the wait, though, you're drop dead gorgeous," said Christina (actually Chris), who was by far the gayest man Drake had ever met.

"Why did you say your name was Christina, when you're a guy?" asked Drake, getting frightened by the gay man who was hitting on him.

"Who cares about the details," Chris said as he slowly started closing the gap between the two of them.

"Wow!" said Josh as he stepped between the two of them, coming to the rescue of Drake.

"Thanks," said Drake, after they moved away from Chris.

"Sure, it's happened to me before too, I know what its like," Josh said, having a flashback, "Ugh. I don't want to talk about it."

"Let's get home before Chris decides to come back over here," suggested Drake.


A few minutes after they had gotten home, Megan walked in through the front door. She had a grin on her face. This either meant she just did something very evil or she really had to go to the bathroom. Drake and Josh's guess was that she did something evil, to them.

"What did you do to us, and why should we be scared?" asked Drake, frightened by his little sister.

"Both of you shouldn't be scared, just you Drake," replied Megan with that evil tone in her voice, "I have pictures. Of you and another guy on your date together." Megan put air quotes around 'date'.

"Okay, I'll do anything you want, just don't let anyone find out about this," Drake whined desperately.

"All I want is for you to do my chores all month, and your month's allowance." implied Megan.

"Done," Drake answered quickly, he was willing to give up anything to keep this a secret.

That grin was back on Megan's face.

"I have to go to the bathroom," Megan said, already halfway down the hallway.

Drake knew that's why the grin was back. He stood there laughing.

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