Hermione walked into Snape's office and sat down in the chair infront of his desk and waited for her Potions Professor to stop ignoring her like every other time she came to ask him a question.

After a few moments Snape looked up from grading the Potions tests and said "I don't remember asking a little know it all sixth year to come to my office."

Hermione turned bright red and said in a rush "Please stop being cruel to Harry and mark his potions work correctally."

"Why the hell should I do that? Just give me one good reason." Snape sneered.

Hermione hadn't thought of that for some reason and she was supposed to be very smart "Well I don't know I'll do anything you want..." She trailed off

Snape considered the 17 year old girl sitting in front of him. She was quite..ah desicioush looking for a sixth year and Snape smiled evilly and said "Only if you make an Unbreakable Vow."

"What's and Unbreakable Vow?" Hermione asked never having heard of such a thing.

"It is just a spell that makes sure that the people have to keep their word." Snape said conveniently leaving out the fact that it was dark magic.

"Er ok then I'll make the vow." Hermione said.

Snape smiled and said "Good then get on your knees, Miss Granger."

Hermione knelt and Snape knelt down opposite of her. Hermione was feeling a little nervous but she swallowed her feelings and looked at Snape.

"Now grasp my hand." Snap said holding out his hand. Hermione held out hers and Snape grasped her little hand firmly then Snape said "You will do anything I tell you to do."

Hermione thought for a moment, knowing Snape "anything" could be many horrible things but she wanted to help Harry. "Yes." Hermione said and Snape tapped their hands with his wand and a brilliant tongue of flashing flames connected them at the hands.

Now it was Hermione's turn and she said "You will be fair to Harry from now on."

"Yes." Snape said and Hermione tapped their hands and the room flashed red again and the Vow was complete.

Snape stood up and walked behind his desk and sat down and said "Lay across my legs, now."

Hermione hesitated and she started to feel weak all of a sudden. She looked at Snape and saw that he was smiling evilly at her.

"Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that If you don't do as I say you will die. That what happens if you break the Vow." Snape sneered.

Hermione gasped and started to cry silently. She walked over to her Professor and lay across his legs. Snape pushed her across him more so her butt was jutting up as much as possible and he laid his hand on her ass.

Hermione gasped and said "What are you going to do to me?"

"I'm doing to spank you to make your cute little butt firmer." Snape said and raised his hand and spanked her butt. Hermione whimpered and cried harder. Snape started to spank her a little harder and then after about the fifteenth spank he slipped his fingers under her pants and pulled them down revealing white cotton panties with red buttocks. Hermione gasped and cried louder. Snape squeezed her ass and the resumed spanking her butt. He stopped when he smelled the sweet scent of a girl's vagina. He spread Hermione's legs and saw that she was wet. Hermione cried harder. She felt so humiliated. She couldn't believe that she was wet from being spanked.

"Well the It's only fair that we satisfy the feeling between your legs." Snape said and pulled down Hermione's panties and threw them aside revealing Hermione's wet pink pussy. Hermione gasped but was curious about the feeling in her vagina. Snape slid his fingers between the her legs and started to rub her clit. Hermione moaned in pleasure in spite of herself and couldn't wait for more. Snape slid his finger slowly into her vagina, careful not to break her hymen and move it in and out and rubbed her clit. Hermione moaned louder and louder as Snape fingered and rubbed her small delicate pussy. Hermione then shook and cried out in ecstasy as her first orgasm exploded through her body. Hermione slowly stopped shaking and was breathing heavily and felt Snape fondling her breasts but didn't care.

"Get up and get dressed." Snape said.

Hermione nodded and got up on shaking legs and looked around for her panties. She found them and gingerly pulled them up over her soaked pussy and red ass. Then she picked up her pants and pulled them on. Then she stood there soaked in sweat and her smell of her vagina in the air around her and looking at her feet feeling humiliated. Snape got out from behind his desk and pointed his wand at her and she was completely dried. Snape then went behind her and pulled down her pants about an inch so about an inch of her panties were showing. Then he said "You are to show an inch of your panties at all times when you are wearing pants and if your pants accidently come down then you can't fix them until you got to bed at night. Also you are to sleep nude from now on. Now go."

Hermione nodded and left Snape's office. She walked through the castle as fast as she could and went to her dormitory. All the other girls were already sleeping. She stripped off naked and got under the covers of her four poster bed. She thought of what she just went through and decided that there was no use in complaining and she was just going to have to get what she can out of being Snape's slave. She just wasn't going to feel miserable all the time. She just had to focus on the bright side. And the bright side was the feeling that she experienced tonight between her legs...