This story is based off an idea me and one of my friends had: starting a blog for the Harry Potter characters. It'll follow the books pretty closely, plot-wise. With the details, however, it'll get pretty AU. And if you happen to be writing a blog story, I'll try not to steal any of your ideas.

Subject: Welcome

Honestly, I'm not sure why I started this blog. Boredom, perhaps. I know I had a reason, but I can't seem to remember…

Oh, that's right. To create a place where all the wizards of Britain could come together and speak their minds without fear of retribution. (I've placed anti-tracing spells around the URL, you see, so all bloggers are safe no matter what.)

So, whether you're from Hogwarts or not, feel free to post whatever you please! I'll begin:

Yesterday was the first day of a new term. A beautiful day it was, too, with the trees arrayed in red and gold...a perfect fall day.

It seemed perfectly normal, and in many ways it was. Everything went just as it has for centuries: The first years filed into the Great Hall, scared out of their wits as always. Seeing ghosts tends to do that to you, not to mention those pureblood children with older siblings who find it amusing to lie about the House test. (Yes, Fred and George Weasley, I know you lie to younger students about that. A troll...not a bad trick, though a bit mean.)

But this was no ordinary group of first years: Harry Potter was among them. Ah, how well I remember the day we brought him to his relatives' house...He caused quite a stir, entering the Hall. Somehow his scar was quite prominent, even under his hair. But even though he is famous, he looked just as terrified as the other first years.

He was Sorted into Gryffindor, as I thought he might be. Any wizard who can live with such proud Muggles as the Dursleys and can come through unscathed has either remarkable stregnth or remarkable stupidity.

He is not an ordinary child, obviously. I hope this year will be unremarkable for him; goodness knows he needs a year of fun and relaxation.

Posted by: Albus Dumbledore

Subject: YEAH!!!!!!!

WE GOT POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Dumbledore, tell the Hat thanks! It gave us Potter! In your FACE, Slytherin!

Oh, by the way, don't use the boys' bathroom on the third floor. Just trust us on this one.

Posted by: Fred and George Weasley

Subject: Boys...

Fred. George.

This is your mother. Why shouldn't people go into the boys' bathroom on the third floor? You didn't blow up a toilet, did you? If you did, don't be surprised if you recieve a nice Howler from me soon...

By the way, how is Ron? Be sure you look out for him! Such a good boy, I wouldn't want anything to happen to him.

Make sure you mind Percy, and don't you dare forget what I said about that toilet!

Many happy returns,

Your loving mother

Posted by: Molly Weasley

Subject: Mom?

Mom? How'd you get onto this site? More importantly, how did you find out about it? Did Dumbledore tell you or something?

Oh wait...Fred's saying he probably did...Dumbledore said something about telling the parents when he announced the blog yesterday...

Anyway, we didn't blow up a toilet. Promise. It was just a little prank we pulled that got a bit out of hand, but no harm done. The only person who didn't pay attention was Percy, and he's fine. A little shaken, but not a scratch on him.

Which brings us to our next point: If he doesn't pay attention when we warn him about the bathrooms, why should we pay attention to him?

Oh...right...he's a prefect. Almost forgot, since he only mentioned it EVERY DAY THIS SUMMER!!!!

Ron is fine. He, at least, took our advice about the boys' bathroom.

Don't worry about us,

Fred and George

Posted by: Fred and George Weasley

Subject: Explain Yourselves!

What does "a little shaken" mean? What was in that bathroom? WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!

If this gets you expelled, you'll wish you were dead!

Mark my words,


Posted by: Molly Weasley

Subject: Sorry!

Ow! No need to send that Howler, Mom! Didn't we say Percy is fine? He IS! All we did was redecorate one of the bathrooms a little and one of the decorations looked a little too lifelike. Percy got scared 'cuz he's chicken!

Please don't kill us,

Fred and George

Posted by: Fred and George Weasley


A LITTLE TOO LIFELIKE?! That giant spider was REAL!!!!

I hope Mom kills you,


Posted by: Percival Weasley

Subject: Sorry Again!

But everything else was fake! And how were we to know that tarantula was hungry?

If it makes you feel better, Mom, we got detention for the next two weeks with Filch. Happy?

Posted by: Fred and George Weasley

Subject: Well!

Not even a week into the term and you're already playing dangerous pranks! Honestly! My own students! You deserve everything Filch has in store for you!

Professor McGonagall

Posted by: Minerva McGonagall

Subject: Hmph.

Two weeks' worth? You deserve more.

Posted by: Percival Weasley

Subject: Come ON!

You didn't get hurt! And come ON! You're our BROTHER! Do you think we'd intentionally try to get you killed?

Posted by: Fred and George Weasley

Subject: In my opinion...

Ah, the blood traitor filth, Weasleys.

I have to say I'm not at all shocked you have already got yourselves into trouble so early in the year. You complain about two weeks with Filch. If you were in my House, I can assure you your punishment would be much, much worse.

I may not be your Head of House, but be warned. I will be watching you. Everything you do, rest assured, I will know.

I will keep you in line.

Posted by: Severus Snape

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