Welcome to the world...

where the right of way belongs to those with the biggest guns

where killing is ok, as long as it is not premeditated

where most of the world's food supply is divided into an edible species of algae,

fruits and vegetables grown in hydroponic vats,

and an experimental breed of grain made within a small town in the American Midwest

with the potential to feed the rest of the world,

where chaos is just a step away from your front door and your own survival depends on

your wits and weaponry.

Welcome to Anime Car Wars.

"People aren't either wicked or noble. They're like chef's salads, with good things and bad things chopped and mixed together in a vinaigrette of confusion and conflict" - Lemony Snicket/ A Series of Unfortunate Events

Chapter 1 – A Series of Unfortunate Events

Sunday – August 9, 2037

In an editorial run by today's edition of Latter Day Saint's Church News, the LDS Church had advocated returning some functions of their government to the United States.

"The Federal government in Washington does most things well," the editorial began. "We should each concentrate on those things that we can do efficiently."

Monday – August 10, 2037

Members of the "Deseret First" Committee had expressed their concern over the LDS's stand on the issue.

"Name one thing Washington does well, and I'll tell you why you'd be arrested for it here," a Committee member was quoted as saying.

Tuesday – August 11, 2037

Elder Gennai Whitney, a member of the Council of the Twelve Apostles of the LDS Church, was invited to speak at the Fourteenth Intergovernmental Conference in San Francisco on Monday, August 17. Gennai would act as liaison for Deseret with the U.S. State department.

Members of the "Deseret First" Committee immediately had denounced the action. "Gennai's been good for the Church, but this time he's dead wrong." one Committee member said.

Wednesday – August 12, 2037

In a prerecorded video message, Elder Gennai Whitney had defended his participation in the conference. "I have no intention of giving Washington anything for free," he began with conviction.

"Like all of you, I have worked hard to gain the right to live as we please, to work as we please and to worship as we please." The famed Elder added, his voice rising in volume with every phrase spoken.

"Our standard of living is higher than most states, and our crime rate is much lower. I don't plan on giving that away," Gennai promised as he had ended his speech.

An anonymous caller in a radio talk show had replied, "The citizens of Deseret won't stand for this. We're not going to let Gennai give up one shred of our autonomy- no matter what it takes." Attempts by the police to trace the call were unsuccessful.

Thursday – August 13, 2037

Ryo Akima, Gennai's executive secretary and security chief, was run down by a speeding car. No credible witnesses were found at the scene of the crime.

Only an anonymous caller to Church headquarters had claimed responsibility for the murder; saying that "This is only the beginning…" As before, the call was unsuccessfully traced.

Friday – August 14, 2037, 10:00 PM

Willie's Truck Stop, just west of Salt Lake City, is the standard where other truck stop restaurant's meals are judged. "Their meals can't possibly be as bad as Willie's" is a catchphrase among the Brotherhood of Truckers.

Despite its well-deserved reputation, the said estalishment's nearness to Salt Lake City's Deseret International Airfield has brought it plenty of business.

Inside the infamous truck stop's packed restaurant, Takuya Kanbarra was chomping down with relish – an algae-based cheap imitation of a hamburger.

He had quickly looked to his left to see his chubby best friend, Junpei Shibayama as the latter was finishing his second bowl of chili and had even flagged down a passing waitress for a third.

"How can ya eat that-that stuff?" Takuya asked, cringing at the thought of his red headed business partner eating two bowls of chili, one after the other and emptying a large glass of water in between. The brunet had filled up the said glass in front of his friend just in case.

"It's very simple, 'Taki old bean. I nearly got my taste buds shot off during my brief stay in New Orleans late last year," Junpei replied as he had taken his third order.

"A funny looking guy tried to kill me for spending the night with his knock out of a girlfriend who I did not even do the nasty with, " He added. "He would have almost shot my left leg too if his girlfriend had not whacked him on the head with a beer bottle."

"Are ya sure you didn't touch her or even kiss her on the lips instead?" The brunet was finishing off his burger and now reaching for his cold mug filled with Budweiser.

"Aw come on, Takuya. Of course, I kissed her and we even made out a bit on the couch but we stopped before it had gone too far. Scout's honor," Junpei replied as he had put his right gloved hand over his heart while raising his left, palm open.

The portly duelist's cheeks were tinted red as he had recounted that particular episode of his wild past.

"Yeah, yeah. I believe you."

"So what's buggin' you since this job's a cakewalk jus' like that delivery for Mr. Karakuchi back in Atlanta, three months ago." Junpei had suddenly asked his armored friend.

"That delivery was easy since he had the equipment prepared for pick up, a few days before we even arrived at the music shop. All we had ta do was deliver it to that nightclub - by 3:00 PM, Saturday afternoon," Takuya replied.

"Oh yeah. Now that you mentioned it, they were just sitting there in the delivery entrance when we arrived."

The brunet duelist's palm had made contact with his face before signaling the waiter for the check. He then stood up and headed for the garage to see if their van – the Security Six was fully charged and road ready.

Junpei had simply shrugged his broad shoulders and waited for the waiter with the printed receipt.

As Takuya headed for the doubled-door exit; he could not help but smile on the picture portraits of famous auto duelists like Ikki Tenryou, Ranma Saotome, and Ryoga Hibiki who just had their first (and last) taste of the food served here. Their facial expressions,which had ranged from drooling anticipation to spewing disgust, were certainly priceless.

The portraits were hanged just above the counter for everyone to see and laugh at.

There were also some digimon plush toys on the wooden shelves placed on the walls on either side of the restaurant but the best part of the place has to be the enormous AION window showing the nearby landing field and three airships that were temporarily parked there.


As the brunet arrived at the charging area of the nearby garage, he had given his van a quick once-over. To his relief, the General Motors Company Savanna Passenger Van LS G1500 was still in tip-top shape.

Its turreted auto cannon, rear mine dropper, and front machine guns have all glinted in the glare of the four overhead fluorescent lamps. All four weapons were already fully loaded with ammunition.

The van's fire proof/laser reflective armor with the dark blue paint job was still in good condition, and its fire-proof steel-belted tires were all brand new.

He had arrived to the lobby in the main terminal building just in time to see his best friend listening to all the chatter about the route they will be taking while they were watching the combat football match between bitter rivals Detroit and Chicago.

Junpei was sitting in the two seat couch, listening to the advice of his seat mates while avidly watching the game.

The lobby itself was quite cozy with a three-piece suite placed in front of a 36" high-definition TV. The large room was well lighted by two fluorescent lamps placed nearly side by side in the middle of the white ceiling, about a foot in between them.

Only a single wooden door separated it from the rest of the building. Two AION windows separated it from the outside world. The couch also lay flush on the longest side of the walls (painted light blue) of the said room.

Both men had been warned by their seat mates about the strange happenings near Winnemucca, biker gangs, Vallejo's annual Gang Day and Gennai's sticking his political nose where it does not belong.

They were also told to bring their fishing gear since the fish were biting in Sacramento's clean waterways and that it was better to travel in the daytime for safety reasons.

A loud explosion nearby had stopped the sounds of revelry within the room. Everyone in the lobby simply crouched to the floor and covered their heads with their hands, fearful that the building they were in have been heavily damaged by plastic explosives and may collapse at any second.

A few seconds later, a second explosion (much louder than the first) was heard. The room's occupants had begun to panic and someone had shouted gibberish in fear of being buried alive before someone else had slapped some sense into him.

"An airship has just crashed in the nearby airfield!" someone else had shouted above the din. Almost immediately, both members of the Last Frontier Courier Service had stood up and dusted themselves off.


As they headed for the motel adjacent to the airfield terminal buildings, both young men had seen the brave firefighters of the Salt Lake City fire department fight the blaze in the passenger cabin with their Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) extinguishers.

The local police officers had helped out by dispersing the gathering crowd who were gawking at the burning airship, thus keeping the latter out of harm's way. Ambulances were also present to ferry the injured few to the nearest hospital.

"It is a good thing that airships today use helium instead of hydrogen. If they did use hydrogen as their lifting gas, it would really burn me up. Get it? Burn…fire," Junpei commented from his and Takuya's vantage point at the building's doorway.

"Very funny, ha ha. Let's just get out of here, JP." Takuya replied as he had pulled the bigger man by the armored arm towards their destination.

"Jeez, lighten up 'Taki. I was just making the situation a little more bearable." Junpei replied as he had tugged his arm from Takuya's grasp and almost pulled the smaller man with it.

"Sorry man, it's just that who ever did this isn't playing around. Deseret First sure can pick its hit men well," Takuya said as he had looked at the soft ground beneath him.

Junpei sighed and patted his friend's back. "I hear ya, Takuya. But we nev'r backed out of a job before and there's no way in hell we are going to start now."

"You're right. Thanks, Junpei."


Soon the duo had reached the motel,which was a short distance from the terminal building they had just came from. At the leftmost door, Junpei had knocked on the door twice then once more for good measure.

The door had slowly opened to reveal a nearly balding elderly man, around five feet two inches in height. His full name is Elder Gennai Whitney, one of the current Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

"Ah, it is nice to see you again, Junpei and Takuya. A little voice told me that something bad would happen once I take that flight." Gennai said as he had closed and locked the door to the room. "Good thing for us, I followed it. It would seem that our decoy had worked better than we expected. Don't you think so?"

"Yes, Elder Gennai." answered Takuya simply. "May I ask a question?"

"Yes, yes. Now what is it?" Gennai replied as he was picking up all of his travel gear, which was kept in two worn but still usable suitcases. The apostle had already worn his light blue improved body armor, complete with helmet.

"Can we go through our agreement again?"

The exasperated LDS apostle sighed as he had gently laid down his suitcases and went to sit in one of the couch chairs. Takuya and Junpei had sat at the double bed.

"Our agreement is that I will pay you 500, 000 dollars to take me to this address (gives the brunet a rumpled faxed piece of paper) before midnight on Sunday. I will also pay for all our meals, medical expenses, ammunition, replacement weapons, and repairs along the way. I hope that this explanation is satisfactory enough for you gentlemen."

The two duelists had memorized the name of the hotel and the address given (New Market St Hotel -180 Market St., San Francisco, California). Neither Junpei nor Takuya had asked why Gennai was in such a hurry since professional etiquette demands that such questions need not be asked.

"Yes, it's enough. Thank you, Elder." said Takuya with a nod.

The three had stealthily headed back to the van, using the large crowd standing behind the yellow do not cross police tape as a screen from curious eyes. Gennai had followed the two younger men through the parking lot into the charging area with his head bowed.

Takuya had thought he was either praying or hiding his face from curious onlookers or both. Junpei had the first driving shift as he waddled to the driver side door and went inside.

Takuya had opened the sliding door in the right side of the van to let the elder in before closing it and climbing into the gunner seat beside Junpei. The Security Six had pulled up to the side of the highway before joining the light traffic going westward on the Interstate 80.


Interstate 80, Utah - 12:15 PM

About one hundred miles away from Salt Lake City, both driver and gunner had finally let down their guard for a while since it would seem that they have escaped the clutches of Deseret First.

In their glee, both men had sung Butterfly made famous by the J-pop singer Kouji Wada.

Gennai was sure that he had heard that song from somewhere before but could not remember exactly where and when did he hear it. He decided to forget about it as he let himself drift into a fitful sleep.

The two couriers were still trading jokes and stories (in a quieter tone so as not to disturb the sleeping apostle) when suddenly Junpei suddenly fell forward.

The resulting fall had made the van swerve to the left and the machine guns to fire a short burst of high density rounds. The two tiny dolls of Agunimon and Bettlemon had thrashed wildly from their hung positions under the rear-view mirror.

Takuya had tried to move his unconscious friend from the steering wheel after he unbuckled the large man's seat belts. The sudden swerving and gunfire had also woken up Gennai who was confused at the strange movements of the van and the ongoing drama going on at the front seats.

"What's going on, Takuya?" The apostle had asked the panicking gunner in the front seat of the van. But Takuya had ignored him since he had dived to the driver seat both to move the unconscious Junpei and gain control of the now swerving van.

Drivers of duel cars passing by from the other side of the highway had yelled curses at the drunken nut in the blue van. A few had even flipped them the bird.

After a nearly monumental effort, Takuya was able to move his large friend to the gunner seat and grab the steering wheel. He had stepped hard on the brakes and turned the wheel sharply to the right so that the van had gone off-road into the dusty salt flats.

Afterward, the brunet duelist had turned off the power plant to save whatever electrical charge the van has left. The Apostle had already exited the van and was now waiting at the driver side door, his wrinkled face showing his concern at the now-delirious Junpei.

"Sorry, Elder. Somethin' is wrong with Junpei. He seems t' be suffering a bad case of heartburn," Takuya said as they had moved the fat duelist to the middle seat. Junpei had groaned a bit and clutched his stomach.

"It must be from something he ate before we left Salt Lake. Anyway, just call me Gennai. Elder is too conspicuous for this journey especially since no one is supposed to know that I'm here traveling with you," Gennai replied as he had looked at Junpei from his position outside the van's gunner side door.

"Yes, El-Gennai. Although, I may need a gunner for the rest of this journey. Can ya shoot?"

"I was in the US Marines when they had deployed in Argentina around forty years ago. I don't know much about autodueling and I can barely drive. But I'll do what I can."

"Thank you, Gennai." Takuya replied gratefully. Still, he wished that he had a more experienced gunner by his side in this trip. After all, danger still lurked in every corner, rock face or canyon they would be passing through on their way to Reno and eventually San Francisco.

Takuya had glanced back at his best friend still clutching his sore stomach and groaning as he said. "Don't you dare die on me, JP or I'll kill you fer sure."

Both Takuya and Gennai then buckled up their seat belts. The brunet had also re-started the van's power plant. The eight miles to Wendover seemed to stretch on forever as the duelist had kept the Security Six at a minimum cruising speed of fifty miles per hour to keep JP from moving around too much.

Sweat had flowed in rivulets around the driver's cheeks before ending at his chin and falling to the floorboards in the form of droplets. The elder, on the other hand, was clasping his hands and his wrinkled head was down. He seemed to be praying for a miracle to occur then and there.


After what seemed to be years (but actually only fifteen minutes has passed), the blue van had arrived at the little town of Wendover. The town used to straddle the Utah-Nevada border with the Utah side making its living from the truck stop, restaurant, garage, and other small businesses.

On the other hand, the Nevada side (West Wendover) was built around five full service casino hotels namely – the Red Garter, Wendover Nugget, Rainbow, Peppermill, and Montego Bay. Liquor stores had lined up in some of the streets to cater to tourists who came there to gamble their life savings away.

Things had changed (for the better or for the worst, it depends on who you ask) when the Deseret border has shifted to include West Wendover in its territory. The liquor stores and other casinos were simply legislated out of existence.

As for the hotels, most have already closed down their casinos and now just cater to tourists on their way to California and Las Vegas. The ones that did not comply with the law were themselves closed down and later demolished to make way for more suitable buildings.

Now the united Wendover is an interesting combination of thriving small business, semi-vacant hotels, and vacant/demolished buildings. It is easy to tell where the state line used to be.


After asking for directions from the toll booth attendant, Takuya had guided the Security Six through the deserted streets of Wendover until they reached the town's only hospital.

Stopping at the hospital's emergency entrance, he had honked his horn twice to get the paramedics' (who were taking a break at the time) attention.

The two paramedics had rushed out with a stretcher. The paramedics had loaded Junpei on it before wheeling him deeper into the building. Both Takuya and Gennai had followed him in. The van itself was led to the parking spot closest to the said entrance.

As they headed down the brightly-lit hall, Junpei had called his friend over.

"Get him through, man. Finish this badlands run if not for Gennai or Deseret, than at least for me. Ya got that, partner?" the stricken duelist had told his younger friend as his large hand met Takuya's smaller one in a shaky clasp.

"Of course I do, Junpei. I swear that I'll take this run to the very end, whatever the cost may be." Takuya replied as he had squeezed his best friend's hand in return.

"Thanks, man. " Junpei said gratefully as he had let go. "I'm glad that you still 'ave that fiery spirit within you. I still wish we could see that hot Japanese-Italian chick again. What was her name again, 'Taki?"

"I think it was Izumi Ori-something. I forgot," replied Takuya as he had scratched his head.

"Oh yeah, now that's one firecracker that I wouldn't mind playing with." Junpei said laughing before coughing loudly.

By the time the two members of the Last Frontier Courier Service had finished talking, they were now just outside the operating room's double doors.

The LDS apostle was talking to the young nurse, who had met them in the hallway earlier, about the payment of the hospital bills.

"Real funny, pal. I pray that you will come of this alive and well." Takuya replied after a moment but his facial expression showed relief instead of the usual irritation about the the fat duelist's jokes on his crush.

"Dude, they will probably just use a stomach pump on me. You worry too much."

"Yeah well, it'll be a bit lonely on the highways without ya there man." Takuya said sadly as he had leaned on the now panicking Junpei with his arms outstretched.

"Takuya, don't ya even dare hug me especially in a public place like this. Otherwise, I'll maul you when I get out this hospital. I'm not kiddin', man." Junpei said as he had raised his gloved hands weakly in a futile gesture to stop the nearing brunet.

"Oh come on, JP. It was just a joke. Of course, I never swing that way. You of all people should know that." Takuya replied as he had stood straight.

"Alright, alright. That was real hilarious, Takuya." the fat duelist said, his tone halfway between sarcastic and relieved. "Seriously though, you really need a girlfriend. It'll be worth it, trust me on this." the portly duelist continued before he was pushed to the opened wooden double door leading to the operating room.

Takuya had tried to follow but the nurse, who was talking to Gennai earlier, had grabbed his arm and stopped him in his tracks.

"Excuse me but visitors are not allowed in the operating room. Hospital rules, sir." said a pretty nurse as she was gently pulling Takuya away from the door. She then asked the brunet about their insurance, what had happened and so forth before leaving for the nurses' station.

Takuya had spent twenty minutes pacing the hallway, not even taking his seat in the plastic bench beside Gennai. The LDS apostle was reading a paperback spy novel that he had taken from his luggage.

Finally the doors opened and a blue haired lanky surgeon wearing dark green scrubs had emerged from the operating room, his lips curved in a small smile. His surgical mask was pulled free and was now hanging below his angular chin.

"So what's JP's status, Doc? Will he be alright?" Takuya said in a rush as he had placed his gloved hands on the taller surgeon's shoulders.

"He'll be fine, Mr. Kanbarra. We're now pumping the rouge food out his stomach. Why don't you head out to town and come on by in about an hour?" The bespectacled doctor had assured the worried Takuya.

"Thanks, Doc."

"My name is Dr. Jyou Kido, Mr. Kanbarra. Not Doc." Jyou had corrected him with an amused smile.

"Sorry, Dr. Kido. Thanks for takin' care of my best bud." Takuya had blushed a bit as he had realized his earlier mistake. "Oh yeah, and you can call me Takuya."

"Don't mention it, Takuya. Just come back in about an hour, o.k?"

"Yes, I will and thank you." The duelist said before heading for the hospital's exit with Gennai.

"You look worried, Takuya." Gennai said as they were nearing the exit.

"I am. " Takuya replied sadly. "Junpei and I 'ave been business partners for nearly five years now and friends for even longer."

"Don't worry, Takuya. In my line of work, I have seen a lot of miracles happen. I have faith Junpei will pull through somehow," said Gennai as he had patted the younger man's back.

The brunet's reply was drowned out by the newly activated hospital's public address system.

"Attention: Dr. Jyou Kido. Your wife's on the phone."

Both Takuya and Gennai had laughed at the now panicking Jyou running to the nurse's station as if his life had depended on it.

As they had exited the hospital, both men sighed as they had looked at the twinkling stars above. The journey ahead would never be easy since Deseret First would eventually figure out that Gennai was missing and is sure to put a price on his head.

Secondly, the local gangs were no pushovers either. Then again, it is always darkest before the dawn so there may be some hope for them yet.


About fifty meters away from the hospital, Takuya had spied a small restaurant across the street from them. As with all restaurants of this type, it is never empty even at this ungodly hour.

As they entered, Takuya had quickly scanned the surroundings in case something happens. What they had seen was about half a dozen people of various ages hanging around the restaurant.

Most were sitting in the various tables placed in rows from the door. Two people were talking in the counter, and one guy in a table near the window was trying to befriend the waitress.

The smell of algae and French fries had drifted through the air, helped in part by the restaurant's ceiling fans. Both Gennai and Takuya had sat beside the middle aged man wearing a Hercules Motors cap, a plaid shirt, and a green vest.

The brunet duelist had ordered two French fries and two iced teas for him and the elder.

The brunet was very excited since the French fries here are made from real potatoes, a rarity in this day and age. Gennai was talking to the courier sitting next to Takuya (the one with a plaid shirt).

"Rough road tonight, friends." The man said quietly. "I drove in straight from Reno. Between here and there, I saw three gangs of ghouls and a Saguaro party. I aim ta head on into Salt Lake City – a day or so of boredom will do me some good."

"Ghouls? Saguaro party?" Gennai repeated as he was confused by the strange terms. A rather large drop of sweat had appeared on Takuya's head as he heard the elder's question.

"You guys aren't from around 'ere, aren't you?" the man asked in disbelief. Both duelist and apostle had nodded slightly.

"Ghouls are gangs, usually bikers, who shoot up cars and sell the salvage." The man had paused for a bit to take a swig of Colt 45 beer. "The Saguaros are a cycle gang out of the hills up north of Battle Mountain. They're rude, obnoxious, lecherous, mean sons of bitches – and they give unbelievable parties, if ya like that sort of thing."

"What a waste of youthful energy," said Gennai sadly.

"You got a point, ol' timer. Anyway, I made a mistake of stopping at one of their parties once. I woke up two days later, face down on the pavement." The man said as he had picked up his check, left a dollar tip and starts for the cash register. "I suspect I must 'ave had a real fun time, but I sure don't remember anything. Still, it's been nice talking to you."

After he paid his meal, the man had left the restaurant and headed straight for his green van.

As Takuya was finishing off his French fries, he had caught a bit of the conversation from the two men in the window booth. They were talking about something called the "Desert Ghost." For some unknown reason, cars were running off the road near Reno.

The only survivor said that he had seen something but died before he could tell what that something was.

By then the brunet had finished his meal and motioned to Gennai that they had to leave. The elder had paid for the meal while Takuya left a five dollar tip. They had left the restaurant quickly to look for an American Automotive Dueling Association (AADA) office to check the latest road bulletins.

From there, they headed to Sam's – a combination service station and grocery store. Even if Sam's itself was closed for the night, a terminal screen in the window was scrolling news from the North American News Service (NANS) line – including AADA bulletins.

After five minutes, they had seen the information that Takuya was looking for:

AADA Road Report 0100 MST 081537 SLC Reno

AADA Advisory for Interstate 80, Salt Lake City to

Reno issued 8/15/37 at 0100 Mountain Standard Time

Both lanes of I-80 are clear from Salt Lake City to

Wendover. West of Wendover cycle gangs and

scavengers have been sighted throughout Nevada

and far western Deseret. Caution is advised.

Drivers also report a gang-related disturbance on both sided of I-80

just east of Battle Mountain. AADA advices drivers on limited

time schedules to avoid this disturbance if at all possible.

Road conditions poor-to-fair across Nevada, except near Wadsworth

where cycle gangs have been busily renewing potholes repaired by

road crews during the day.

Weather forecast courtesy NANS: Clear and cool tonight with lows

in the mid-60s. Highs tomorrow expected to be in the low 80s.

Next scheduled update 0400 Mountain Standard Time

AADA SLC 081537 0100 TVE35241 AR953X 05-45-45 G

Both men had returned to the hospital where they learned from Jyou that there were traces of poison mixed in with the chili Junpei ate back at Willie's.

Thankfully, the said traces were also pumped out and Junpei is now fully detoxified and out of would still have to rest in the hospital for two days to fully recover. Both Takuya and Gennai headed for the room where Junpei is currently staying and said their goodbyes at the sleeping man.

Afterward, Takuya had escorted Gennai back to the van and left the hospital parking lot. Fifteen minutes later, the Security Six had entered the ramp back to the I-80 leaving Wendover entirely.

With that, we end the first chapter of Badlands Run. For those who are wondering who did Jyou marry, her name is Jun Kido nee Motomiya and she is the town's local pediatrician. Just a little bit of trivia, everyone.

Also I would like to apologize for the death of Ryo Akiyama in this chapter. It is not that I had him killed because I dislike him but rather his death is needed to highlight the lengths the bad guys will take to achieve their goals.

Also Deseret is the name of the autonomous region created by the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or Mormons. Its territory is mainly in the state of Utah and bit of north-east Nevada.

It would be possible for them to make such a separate nation since the number of Mormons today is about a million or so according to Wikipedia.

The Quorum of the Apostles, where Gennai is a member of, claims a leadership role second only to the First Presidency. The First President is then composed of the President of the Church and his counselors.

This is similar in structure to the Executive Branch of the Government. The Quorum of the Apostles would then be similar to the Senate or Upper House of the Legislative Branch. In short, Gennai is akin to a Senator in the Deseret government. This is also according to Wikipedia.

Lastly, I do not own: Digimon (its characters and its opening theme), Car Wars and its respective copyrighted places and terms, the cities mentioned here, General Motors Company, and the equipment/weapons used in this chapter, and the succeeding chapters. I only borrowed them for the purpose of this fan fiction.

Legend: " " - talking, ' ' - thinking, ( ) - mini Author's Notes, Italics - for road reports (either flashing or printed) and news in hard copies (paper). x - dividers for road signs, bold italic - needed for the lettering on the police line used to screen a crime scene from curious onlookers, and bold - for quotes, song titles/ artists performing them, and words that are emphasized.

On our next chapter, our heroes meet some people down the road who are in need of a little helping hand. To illustrate, here is a little preview:

As they came over a crest of a hill, a disabled station wagon ( fourth generation Dodge Magnum) was seen at the right side of the road. It looked like a fresh kill, a gang of scavengers were dismantling it for salvage.

Takuya shook his head as he had seen scenes like this before but still didn't get used to it. Gennai had cringed at the sight and shook his head in dismay that people resort to such shenanigans like this just to survive. He had also looked if there were any survivors that hid in the nearby bushes.

Well, that's it for now. I will be seeing you in the next chapter. So in the meantime, read this and enjoy. Thank you for giving this story even just a moment of your time.