Chapitre Three: A fork?! I'll pass...

Kurogane flung himself out of the way of an oncoming flying object. "What the hell?!" he hollered. "What was that?!!"

"It's called a bullet!" Fai shouted, his face ever so slightly amused even though they were in a very disagreeable situation.

It'd begun that afternoon when the whole group set out for town once more to search for Sakura's feather. The first couple of days had been fun for Kurogane and Fai, seeing as they had discovered an interesting and very satisfying sex life, but it was time to get cracking.

They couldn't stay in one country for overly long; Syaoran got anxious, wanting to find feathers in record speed, and Fai always seemed uncomfortable staying in one place for more than they absolutely had to, even though he didn't say so.

So they'd all decided to go out looking together; there didn't seem to be anything particularily dangerous in this world so far as they could tell, but as Fai liked to think, there were always surprises. Kurogane had learned this lesson all too well.

They strolled the streets, Sakura looking at everything with wide and innocent eyes, clearly excited. "It's so pretty Syaoran-kun!" she exclaimed with a large, sweet smile. Mokona hopped around with a big smile too, spouting off random words that didn't have much relevance to what was going on anyways.

Fai had been looking around curiously when he heard Kurogane exclaim, and heard the bullet whiz through the air to hit a shop window, causing it to shatter.

After he'd shouted what it was, Fai made it quickly to Sakura.

"I'll look after her," he told the shocked yet determined Syaoran. He hurriedly shoved Sakura into the nearest shop with no large windows. "And don't let those bullets hit you!!"

He'd heard about bullets on the news the previous night, and knew how dangerous they were. He also knew, however, that big and little puppy weren't stupid enough to let those little metal pellets kill them; they'd survived a lot worse.

The bullet had appeared to come from a passing black SUV with tinted windows. A man hung out the window with a pistol, but he reached back quickly and pulled out a larger gun, one that looked a lot more dangerous in Fai's eyes.

And it was; unbeknownst to Fai, it was a machine gun, although Fai didn't know its potential until the unidentified man began to fire it. Bullets rained everywhere with a rat-tat-tat-tat-tat!

He could hear Kurogane cursing wildly, and could see Syaoran launching himself above the ground so the bullets couldn't reach him. He came crashing down on the vehicle, leaving an enormous dent in the roof of the car.

That didn't stop it however, and it kept on driving until Kurogane threw himself in front of it and quite literally stopped it with one hand, using the other one to smash the windshield in.

Shrieks from the men inside could be heard loud and clear, and people that had been on the streets cowered where they hid, having no idea what was happening, not even knowing if these two new people were good or bad.

Kurogane soon had the men all out of the vehicle, either begging for mercy while they laid on the ground, or out cold and pouring blood.

Fai, seeing that everything was alright, told a scared Sakura to stay where she was, and approached the man hiding behind the shop counter.

"Excuse me, could you tell me what that was all about?" he asked curiously, but as politely as he could.

The shop keeper knew Fai was with the two who'd just won the fight, and he threw himself onto the ground at Fai's feet. "Please don't hurt me! I'll tell you anything!!" he cried with a face contorted into what could only have been fear.

Fai blinked; he hadn't expected this reaction...

"It's alright, we're not here to do any harm...please, what just happened here?"

The man still looked very uncertain of whether or not his life was safe, but he replied, "It was a drive by shooting. Local gangs y'know."

Fai frowned. "I see." So it'd just been coincidence that they'd been in the same place at that exact time.

By that time Kurogane walked into the store, and the storekeeper cowered again, hands over his head and almost crying. Fai had to admit, Kurogane looked a lot more fearsome than the men with the guns had.

"What was that all about huh?" he grunted. Syaoran found Sakura and spoke with her in a reassuring manner while Fai filled Kurogane in quickly on what the man had told him.

They were, however, interrupted after that, by loud sirens, and the arrival of four police cars with their lights flashing harshly. Uniformed men and women hopped out of them, guns drawn just in case. They quickly broke into teams, one to go check on the severely wounded men, and one to surround the shop the foursome was in.

Fai felt something quiver inside his pocket and realized it was Mokona. He patted Mokona as reassuringly as he could while keeping an eye on these new people.

"Come out with your hands up," came a tinny voice.

Despite their insistences that this was a mix up, and that they weren't part of any gang, everybody was arrested, even Sakura. They'd caused a lot of damage, apparently, and this "jail" thing was their punishment.

They really had no idea what was going on; the only thing they knew for sure was that they had to wait here in the dark and rather bad smelling room with iron bars near the front; Fai and Kurogane had gotten a cell together, and Sakura and Syaoran were in another one.

They'd barely been in for two minutes when another uniformed man came in and handed them what Fai guessed was supposed to resemble food, and told them, "You're going to have to go to a hearing tomorrow. I suggest you use the phone call you'll get later to ring up your lawyer."

He left without waiting to see if they had any questions, and Fai blinked again. This really was too much.

Kurogane didn't seem particularily bothered though, and he poked at the colourless mush with a look of utter distaste. "Well, that's nasty," he commented.

They both looked down at the "food", and then Fai began to laugh. "Well, this sucks," he said in a perfectly cheery voice.

"Well," Kurogane said, leaning in, "It doesn't have to..." he suggestively ran a finger down Fai's arm, causing him to shiver.

"You can't honestly tell me you're horny here of all places," Fai said in disbelief.

"You want the truth? Damn wizard, you make me horny everywhere." Kurogane's eyes flashed.

"But, there are see through bars, if they come by..."

"Relax," Kurogane replied, shoving Fai down on the cold, and not to mention, dirty floor and straddling his chest.

"The kids really will here this time-!" Fai warned desperately.

Kurogane leaned down and unbuttoned Fai's shirt. "Then you'll have to be extra quiet," he hissed in his ear before nipping along his collar bone.

"You're going without anything??" Fai asked, probably referring to a condom or something, which they'd be introduced to just recently by the couple the group was staying with.

"Mhmm...and there are no straws around, so unless you want me to smear you with glop or shove this fork," he said, showing Fai a crusty and bent fork that had come with the meal, "into you, I suggest you stay quiet and enjoy this."

Fai eyed the fork. "I'll pass," he replied.


"Before the guard comes back though," he murmured before a small gasp as Kurogane twisted one of his nipples.

"Yes yes," Kurogane said, quieting him with a kiss.

Fai couldn't believe they'd gotten themselves in this position, couldn't believe Kurogane wanted sex so bad he was willing to do it in this place...