Kakashi put down the book Sakura had brought him, deciding that he had practiced his English enough for the time being. Standing up, he regarded himself in the mirror, taking in the too-large pants that were barely resting on his hips and were threatening to fall down at any moment. At least the shirt he had been given fit well enough. After a quick onceover, he let himself slide into that oh-so-careless slouch and left his room, his nonchalant manner never betraying the unease he felt at being in a strange location. As he made his way down the stairs he went over the English he had been studying, trying to piece together conversations with himself in the new language. As he politely asked himself how he was doing, and trying to remember the word for 'fine', he heard a voice emanating from, by the smell of it, the kitchen.

"Start peeling those potatoes," Kakashi peered into the kitchen to see a plump, red-haired woman giving orders to the teenagers around her, among them were Ron, Harry and Hermione. The first one to notice him, however, was another redhead―presumably related to Ron and the older woman. She stopped in her tracks and stared at him with a cool indifference, or it would have been indifference if she had gone on with whatever it was she was doing; instead she stood there, arms crossed over her chest, giving him an icy stare.

"Yo," he said with a slight wave. She raised an eyebrow in response and gave him a stiff, "hello," but it was almost lost in the cries of the older woman who had just noticed him.

"Oh! You must be Mr. Hatake!" she smiled at him, but the warmth didn't reach her eyes. Moving quickly, she made her way to his side and began to steer him away from the kitchen where young, redheaded children could potentially be strangled. She said a few more things as she pushed him away, and he managed to understand that food was forthcoming. Holding back an amused smile, he made his way into the dining room, where he found even more red-haired people; it certainly seemed like there was a large family living in the house. Fortunately, Sakura was also there, sitting between a pair of twins.

"Kakashi –sensei," Sakura greeted him in Japanese, "why don't you sit down," she motioned towards the empty seat across from her, next to a balding, middle-aged man. Once he had seated himself and introductions had been made, Sakura resumed talking to the twins and their father. Kakashi could only catch a few words of their excited chatter, including "shop" and "you have to come," along with "great fun." Finally, one of the boys―Fred, perhaps―turned to him and began speaking excitedly, but he spoke too fast for Kakashi to understand anything he was saying.

As soon as Fred had finished speaking, Sakura began to explain what was going on. "They want us to go see their shop," she began, "it's right in the middle of one of the busiest markets in their community. It could be a good chance to have a look around and gather information. What do you think?"

"I think it's a good idea. We should go," Kakashi said after a moment's thought. Sakura quickly relayed the information back to the twins, and they quickly made plans to leave. It was decided that they would go with the rest of the family and Harry the next day, a plan that sat well with Kakashi who wanted more time to practice his English. After all, it was hard to interrogate someone in a language he barely knew.

A few minutes later, as Mrs. Weasley and the children brought dinner out, Kakashi stared the food, then at the people around him, namely, at Sakura; he was surprised to see that she wasn't watching him, waiting for the moment when he would take his mask off. It was probably because she had seen him without it already, and that was a thought that bothered him. Deciding that he did not need to keep revealing his face to everyone who walked on by―Harry, Hermione, and Ron had already seen it―he ate his food in the same way he ate when he was with Naruto at the ramen stand.

"Whoa!" Ron exclaimed, voicing the thoughts of everyone around him, "how'd you do that?" Kakashi just smiled at him underneath the mask before getting up.

"Thank you for dinner," he nodded towards Mrs. Weasley and turned to leave. As soon as Kakashi had left the room, Ron turned to Sakura.

"How'd he do that?" Sakura waved her hand as though dismissing the subject, "oh, you know, it's not a big deal or anything; he just doesn't want anyone to see his face."

"I don't see why not," Hermione interjected, "it's not like he's ugly or anything," Sakura shrugged; she couldn't figure it out either. They chatted for a few more minutes, discussing possible explanations for why he didn't want people seeing his face.

"Sakura, dear," Mrs. Weasley began, "Arthur tells me that you and your friend will be coming with us tomorrow to Diagon Alley," Sakura nodded.

"We think it will be a good time to look around and gather information," she explained after swallowing a mouthful of potato.

"Well, I don't know about that," Mrs. Weasley continued, "there might not be a lot of people there."


"Well, with You-Know-Who back people are disappearing left and right; people are afraid to go out," Mr. Weasley told her. Sakura seemed to deflate slightly; she hoped that their trip the next day would yield at least some results. Hermione, noticing how Sakura was feeling, spoke up, "I'm sure you'll find out something, and it's better than sitting here doing nothing all day."

"Right," Sakura said with a smile. After dinner, as they headed off to sleep, Naruto was just waking up.

"Oi," he mumbled tiredly, "who the hell are you, you greasy old man?" Snape jumped back, slightly surprised that his charge was already awake. No matter, he thought, this will just make things go by faster. After double checking that the wards on the door and room were still in place, he cleared his throat, and began speaking, "hello," he said in Japanese. Naruto winced at his horrendous accent.

"My name is Snape Severus," Snape continued, "I am going to help you get out of here."

"Could you maybe brush your teeth first?" Naruto mumbled as he drifted back into unconsciousness. Snape had the urge to smack him upside the head. Instead, he settled for picking up his English-to-Japanese handbook and began leafing through it.

The next morning, Sakura, Kakashi, Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys headed out to Diagon Alley. They had decided to travel by floo powder, and it took a few minutes to convince the two ninja that it was safe to step into the green flames. When they arrived at the Leaky Cauldron, they met up with Fred.

"George is back at the shop," he explained as he led them into Diagon Alley, "we thought it would be best if one of us came to walk with you," Kakashi recognized what they were doing immediately.

"Sakura," he began in Japanese, "it seems your friends still don't trust us."

"Would you?" she asked. Kakashi shrugged; she made a good point. While they walked down the street, Ron and Harry pointed out where certain shops were.

"And there's Fred and George's shop," Ron pointed to one of the still-open shops.

"Weasley's Wizard Wheezes," Sakura read. Inside, as Sakura looked at all the items for sale, she thought of getting something for Naruto; he was sure to like the twins and their shop. After they had walked around the shop for a little while, Kakashi suggested to Sakura that they look around the other shops and see what they could find out.

"One of us should go with you," Mr. Weasley said when Sakura informed him they were leaving, "it's not safe to be walking around by yourselves."

"Thank you, but I think we're fine," Sakura said politely.

"I'll go with you," He said, ignoring her, "Molly, we're going to go have a look around," he called to his wife, "we'll be back soon."

"Be safe," she told him as they left.

"You really don't have to come," Sakura insisted as they walked down the nearly deserted street.

"Nonsense," he said, "it's safer if we stick together."

"Over here," Kakashi suddenly said, veering off toward a sign marked Knocturn Alley.

"Oh, no," Mr. Weasley said hurriedly, "you don't want to go down there."

"There're more people there," Kakashi said, moving swiftly towards the other street. Mr. Weasley, after seeing that he was not going to stop him, followed along behind Sakura. There was a visible change once they rounded the corner into the other street; for one, there really were more people there.

As they headed down the street, a tall, blond man and woman walked out of an open doorway and straight into Sakura.

"Watch where you're going," he snarled, pushing the surprised teen away from him.

"Well, well, well," he said, instantly regaining his cool when he noticed that Mr. Weasley was with them, "I didn't think this was your sort of place, Arthur."

"Well, I think it suits you perfectly, Lucius" he replied coolly. Before her husband had a chance to respond, Narcissa Malfoy pulled him away.

"Let's go, Lucius," she said, "we have more important things to be doing. Sakura watched her intently as she walked away.

"Kakashi, did you see that?" she asked once the couple was out of sight. Kakashi nodded.

"Who was that woman?" Kakashi asked Mr. Weasley.

"Oh, that was Narcissa Malfoy and her husband, Lucius," he explained.

"He's a Death Eater," Sakura stated, remembering what Harry had told her. Mr. Weasley looked startled, "yes, did Harry tell you that? No matter, it's not as if we can do anything about it now," he said, "why, is there something you want to know about them?"

"Yes," Sakura began, "I want to know why she was wearing Naruto's necklace."

"Who?" Mr. Weasley asked.

"Our other teammate, the one we came here to find," she explained, "you know what this means, don't you?" she asked Kakashi.

"Well, I guess now we know where your friend is," Mr. Weasley said.

"With Voldemort," Sakura said softly. Sakura, Kakashi, and Mr. Weasley quickly headed back to Fred and George's shop, with Sakura and Kakashi speaking as they went.

"Do you think they're keeping him at this Malfoy's house?" Sakura asked in Japanese.

"Most likely, how else would he have gotten the necklace?" Kakashi answered in like.

"Mr. Weasley," Sakura asked quietly, "do you know where the Malfoys' live?"

"Yes," he answered, "I can give you a map when we get back to the house, but whatever you're planning, be careful. These are very dangerous people," Sakura nodded. When they arrived back at the joke shop, Mr. Weasley announced that they had to leave right away.

"Why, what's happened?" Fred asked.

"We think we found our third teammate," Sakura explained tersely. She quickly thanked them for inviting her to their shop before she and the rest of their group left.

"So where is he?" Harry asked curiously as they headed back towards the Leaky Cauldron.

"Let's talk back at the house," Sakura answered, "we don't know who might be listening here," once they had arrived safely back at number 12 Grimmauld place, Sakura began explaining what had happened.

"So you think Malfoy has him?" Ron asked, "wouldn't put it past him."

"It's not just that," Sakura said, "Voldemort probably wants to stay close to him to make sure he doesn't escape, so if Naruto's there…"

"Then Voldemort's probably there too," Harry finished, "If that's the case we can't let you go alone."

"Harry's right," Hermione said, "it's too dangerous."

"Would that stop you if it was Harry being kept captive?" Sakura asked. Hermione looked surprised for a moment before answering, "no, it wouldn't."

"We've faced far more dangerous things," Kakashi broke in.

"If that's true then how did they manage to capture your friend?" Harry asked.

"They probably had help from someone that knew more about how we fight," Sakura said; she had long thought that they were receiving help from a ninja, most likely the one that had acted as their guide.

"Besides," Harry continued, "you can't storm in there without a plan."

"What makes you think we don't have a plan?" Kakashi countered. At this Sakura was slightly taken aback; had he already come up with a plan?

"What is it then?" Harry asked angrily. It was then that Mr. Weasley decided to intervene.

"Why don't we all calm down," he suggested, stepping forward, "arguing isn't going to get us anywhere."

"You're right," Sakura said, "Kakashi-sensei, why don't we go upstairs and talk about how we're going to rescue Naruto," she finished in Japanese. He nodded and they excused themselves from the room.

"So what's the plan?" Sakura asked once they were in Kakashi's room.

"Right now," he started, "there is no plan," he finished in an indifferent voice.

"What!" Sakura exclaimed angrily, "then why did you say that to Harry?"

"Well, he was being rather annoying," Kakashi answered simply, "I thought he would leave us alone if he thought we had a plan," Sakura, feeling exasperated, sat on the bed when he was done speaking. They stayed there like that in silence for a few moments, with Sakura on the bed and Kakashi standing near her. Suddenly, Sakura got an idea.

"Something tells me that Voldemort would be willing to make a trade with us," she started, "what's the one thing that Voldemort wants most in this world, besides immortality," she asked. Kakashi thought for a moment, remembering what he had been told of the man.

"Harry Potter?" he answered.

"Right," she said with a smile.

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