Author's note:This is not actually my normal view on SasoDeiā€¦ Actually, it's pretty much betraying what I normally think of it as. But I got inspiration for it one day while watching a video, so I wrote it anyhow. I hope you enjoy it!

They've God

He is god--he is unstoppable and cruel and possessing.

After all, what is there besides humans and god? And Sasori certainly isn't human. He sits in his room playing with his strings manipulating his puppets to do his whim. He can't feel and is nothing but a puppet himself; but, no, he is higher, better, stronger.

He is god.

But his puppets aren't good enough now. He needs humans to play with and laugh at and smite when the felling strikes him.

(Humans are so much more fun to manipulate and break apart)

Sasori is everything I hate; he proclaims the impossible and is arrogant and so fuckingstubborn, and yet I've fallen so freakin' hard for him. How can I love some one who I should hate? And you know; I've finally figured it out--I'm the most fun to screw with.

It's not for him. (Why would god need someone to love?) Heh, it's for me. It's so I can feel pain and loss on his account and break when he's hurt and it's for his amusement.

But it's not for him.

Sasori is the shadow hand on the wall telling me what to do and he is the puppet master manipulating me to his will. He drags me along and I can't even feel like I'm in control anymore. He tells me what to say and where to step and he even has the fuckin' nerve to tell me, me, when I can do my art!

Sasori tells me that I love him more than my art. Sasori says that I love him so much it hurts. Sasori says that he is everlasting and he tells me to believe it subconsciously. Sasori tells me who I am and what I am and what I love just like on of his little puppets, because that's all I am now.

Sasori is god. While in his presence you should address him as nothing else.