Hunt On the High Seas

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Chapter 8

Dean's face registered shock while the voice in his head screamed, 'She's willing to pay me for sex, awesome!' But his voice of its own volition said, "I'm flattered but I could lose my job for that." Inside his head his inner voice exploded, 'are you freakin' nuts! She wants to have sex, she's willing to pay and it's not like you're trying to keep this job.'

"Take me home," the woman said before Dean was slammed against the bulkhead of the ship and slipped into unconsciousness.

"What the hell?!" Dean said as his hands came up to cradle his aching head. Turning quickly he scanned the room, no one was there and the dressing gown that he had watch fall from the woman's body was nowhere to be found.

Stepping across the cabin he jerked the door open to check the passageway, still no sign of the woman.


Now in full hunt mode Dean searched the ship for his brother, checking the passage ways, decks and the cabin they shared with Grainger and Hernandez, Sam was no where to be found.

Dean headed for the wheelhouse to see if Sam was checking the name and date on the silver plaque. Checking to see that they were alone Dean asked, "Joe, have you seen my brother?"

"Your brother, you mean Forester?"

"Yeah, whatever. Have you seen him?"

"He and Carmine were going into the galley as I left. I didn't figure I'd have a problem with your brother chasing women on the ship, I had you pegged for that," Joe chuckled as he clapped Dean on the shoulder. "Any luck finding whatever it is that's causing problems on the Mandalay?"

"Sorry, Joe I gotta go talk to him, now. I'll get back to you later,"

Leaving the wheelhouse he headed straight for the galley and found Sam holding hands across the table with Carmine.

"Hey, Forester, what are you doing holding Carmine's hand?" he asked as he swung a chair around, straddled the seat and rested his arms on the back of the chair.

"I'd think that even for you it would be obvious. We're having breakfast."

Snatching a slice of bacon and piece of toast Teague shoved both into his mouth. "Thanks, I haven't eaten for a couple hours. Are you going to eat that pancake?" he said reaching for the half eaten pancake on the plate.

"Dude," Forester exclaimed as his brows shot up to meet his hair line.

"What?!" as he spoke around the last bits of toast.

"That was rude! You need to apologize to the lady."

In a voice completely lacking sincerity, "I'm sorry."

"Jason, before I can accept your apology I need to know what you're sorry about?" The tone of voice was that of a schoolmarm.

"I'm sorry for taking food off your plate, Carmine," still lacking real sincerity the only thing missing was a toe grind and an 'aw shucks' shoulder shrug.

"The kitchen is still open and I'm sure they'd be more than happy to fix you a plate."

Flashing his trademark mega watt smile Teague said, "Great, you want to take care of that for me sweetheart?" making a shooing action with his hand.

"Teague, that's no way to treat a lady," Forester's voice had a sharp edge as he stood quickly and pulled the other man to his feet, "I know you weren't raised by wolves and that you were taught better manners than that. Carmine, if you'll excuse me for a moment I need to talk to Teague outside."


"I'm telling you, Sam the woman in cabin 27 offered me money to have sex with her."

"Dean, she wanted to pay you for sex? That makes you a prostitute," the smile that started on his face reached all the way to his hazel eyes and sparkled in their luminous depths.

The smirk on his face only added to the humor of the situation, "But I didn't do it and I would prefer the term gigolo."

"So what kept you from doing the deed?"

"There must have been a short circuit in my brain and I was thinking, 'She's willing to pay me for sex, awesome!' But then my mouth said, "I'm flattered but I could lose my job for that." I guess it just freaked me out."

"I'll say, usually you're willing to jump on any girl with a pulse."

"That's my point exactly. I don't think she had a pulse. I think I found the woman in white, she was in cabin 27, she said she didn't have much time, her husband was with the photographer and then she said, 'Take me home.' Next thing I know I've got a knot where I'd been slammed into the bulkhead. I must have been knocked out for a minute, when I came to I was alone, she was gone and I haven't seen her since."

"Maybe now we'll be able to hunt this thing before the end of the cruise and get back to dry land."

"Joe will be happy about that. He wants a report on our progress. I blew him off to find you. By the way, I don't think he's too happy about you chumming around with Carmine."

"Yeah well he's going to have to get over it. Carmine said some of the guests are hitting on her and she's not comfortable going to Joe about it so we're making it appear that she and I have hooked up."

"That's my boy! So, have you," Dean asked, inserting air quotes, "hooked up" with Carmine?"

"Dean, she's a nice girl, just trying to do her job."

"Yeah, she's a nice girl who hasn't looked at anyone but you since she stepped on the ship. Even nice girls get itches that need scratched. You really shouldn't let the opportunity slip through your hands."

"Dean, I'm not going to talk about this with you. Tell me more about the woman in 27."

"What's to tell, she came into the cabin, grabbed my tight ass. Those were her words by the way. Then she said she wanted to roll around in the sheets with me before her husband got back and that she was willing to pay for the services. While I was trying to decide she slipped out of a sheer robe thing and stood there waiting for me."

"Okay, I get the point. She was hot for you," exasperation creeping into his voice. "Now what did she look like? Come on Dean you've got to help me here! We've got to check the passenger manifest, look at the passports and see if we can find a match to your description."

"Hell, Sam I'm not sure I can give a description. She had long sexy legs, perky breasts and I think she might have had long dark brown or black hair. She was naked under the robe thing so I'm sure if she was walking around before she grabbed me someone else would have seen her."

"Did you hear anything before she grabbed you?"

"I heard, no it was more like I felt the air in the cabin change before she had her hand on my ass. Then when I tried to reach for her she slammed me into the wall and when I got up she was gone."

"Dean, is there anything else because that's not helping?"

"I tell you that is all I remember."


"Joe, sorry I blew you off earlier. I really needed to find Sam and let him know what happened."

"Not a problem, Dean but when you ran out of here I was tempted to drag your ass back here and charge you with insubordination. Then I figured you're more like Special Ops and not subject to my command."

"I hate to tell you, Joe but you're not military anymore," Dean quipped.

"You are wrong there, once a Marine always a Marine. That's why I hire military men, they understand and live by the code. I'm sure your dad raised you with military standards and chain of command."

"Yeah, all that and more," Sam mumbled with a huff. "Joe, the woman in white approached Dean and now we have to find a way draw her out so we can dispatch her before the end of the cruise. Is there any way that you can move the people from cabin 27 to another one?"

"I suppose I could upgrade them to the Captain's Quarters on the main deck. But I need to have a reason for moving them. They may not want to move with only two more days on board."

"Look, Joe I don't care what you tell them. We need them out of the cabin so we can rid you of the problem," Dean stated tersely.

"We need total access to that room now. If she's fixated on Dean or the cabin we need to make sure no one else gets hurt."

"Alright, what else do you need from me?" Joe asked as he pulled the passenger manifest from the drawer checking for the names registered to cabin 27. "Hey, I've only got one passenger listed for that cabin, there is no wife booked on this trip."

Snatching the manifest from Joe's grasp Dean scanned the list before handing it to Sam. "She said her husband was with the photographer when she contacted me. Do you have a booking list for the dive this morning?" Turning to Sam he asked, "What time did you and Carmine get together for breakfast?"

"We were only together about twenty minutes this morning before you showed up. Carmine said the first dive was at ten o'clock for a group of ten. Then she has another later this afternoon, around two o'clock."

"Here's the sign up list for the dives today. What was the name on the manifest?"

"It says Tod Stiles, from Los Angeles."

"Tod Stiles, that name sounds familiar, where do I know that from?" Dean asked as he searched his memory.

"Isn't that the guys name from Route 66?" Joe supplied.

"Riiiight that was the lame show about two guys on a road trip across the United States." Dean said with an eye roll that wouldn't have been lost on a blind man.

"Dean, how do you remember that crap?" Sam exclaimed with a huff.

"What, it's Nick at Nite - it's pop culture?! How about all the geek fest crap you bombard me with?"

"Dean, I remember facts, granted some of the facts are pretty obscure. But they are facts, and that's why I'm better at research than you are."

"Can you two get back on task? How are you going to get him to move out of his cabin?"

"Joe, do you have a pipe wrench?" At the quizzical look from Joe Dean continued, "I'm going to clog the pipe in the sink and back fill it so the first time Stiles uses the sink it backs up and he calls me to fix it. I'll bring a plunger to force the blockage and won't be able to fix it. I'll stash the pipe wrench in my duffel so if Stiles asks anyone else to help we won't have the right tool for the job. I'll offer to move him in the meantime."

"Sounds like a plan, but what do you know about plumbing?" Joes questioned skeptically.

"I know that if you put a double thickness of saran across a pipe joint and put it back together it will stop the flow and cause a back up. Then you brush your teeth, crush up a cigarette and mix in some beer and the clogged drain starts to stink and looks gross when the sink backs up. "

Poking an accusing finger at his brothers' chest Sam exclaimed, "So you're the one who did that at Pastor Jim's!"


"Caleb, what are you doing under there?" a seven year old Dean asked as he lay down next to the older hunter and peered under the sink at Pastor Jim's house.

"If I tell you can't tell anyone. If you do tell I'll tan your hide and then rat you out to your dad."

"I promise I won't ever tell, I won't even tell Sammy," he earnestly professed. "I won't tell if you show me how to do it."

"You drive a hard bargain Dean Winchester," spitting into his palm Caleb waited until Dean, spit into his own hand and then they sealed the deal with a handshake.


Lost in the moment of remembrance Dean snapped back to explain, "No, that's where I learned how to do it. I caught Caleb under the sink and got him to show me. The trick is to build a cup in the saran so when you use a plunger the saran flexes with the plunger action and won't break the seal."

"I guess you guys will have your work cut out for you."

"It'll get Stiles out of the room and I'll move in so we can wrap this up."

"Joe, can you get Grainger and Hernandez above deck and away from the passage ways while we move our supplies closer to number 27?"

"How long do you need?"

"Give us twenty minutes to gather supplies and get them moved," Dean said as he turned and left the wheelhouse.


Walking into the cabin Stiles stripped to wash the saltwater from his body. Drying off he wrapped the towel around his waist, running water to rinse the razor he noticed the sink backing up, pushing the stopper lever didn't seem to help. He'd have to find the cabin steward to take care of the drain.

Spotting Teague as he made his way to the galley Stiles signaled to the younger man. "The sink in my cabin isn't draining right. Could you please see that it gets fixed?"

"I'll get right on that Mr. Stiles."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. Are you headed for the galley now?"

"Yeah, diving takes a lot more out of me than it used to and I'm starving."

"I'll let you know when I've got that drain fixed," turning from Stiles Teague mouthed, 'Yeah, right.'

Armed with the plunger Dean made his way to cabin 27 – greeting guests along the way, he wanted as many people as possible to see him as he diligently went to work on the problematic drain.

Dean gently plunged the sink, really stirring the mixture of toothpaste, cigarette tobacco and beer to Stiles added ingredient of shaving cream and whisker stubble. It was a gross mess but still the drain remained clogged. The plan still in place it was time to inform Mr. Stiles of the need to move to another cabin.


"Well, Stiles took it better than I expected. When he got a look at the captains' quarters he was almost giddy with his new digs."

"So how long till you have him moved?" Sam asked as he rechecked the supplies they had stashed in his duffel.

"He's already moved. He hadn't unpacked his bags he was just living out of his suitcases."

"Great, so let's get you moved in and take care of Lucinda."

"Whose Lucinda?" Dean asked with a raised eyebrow. "Sam, you dog it's not enough for you to be monopolizing Carmine but now you've found a Lucinda. Didn't I tell you how good it is to be Dean?"

"Dude, Lucinda was the woman E.F. Hutton dallied with in the '30's. Lucinda is our woman in white."

"Dallied with? I'm guessing that's one way to say he played her, made her crazy enough to gank her own kids to make her more attractive to the tycoon."

"It was a kinder, gentler time. Let's get you in the room and see if she comes after you again."


Entering cabin 27 with his duffel bag and weapons Dean set about stashing weapons for easy access.

Pulling the pipe wrench from the duffel Dean crawled under the sink, laying on his back he loosened the pipe releasing the water from the trap. As quick as he was, he wasn't quite quick enough to dodge the mess released from the pipe, banging his forehead into the basin stand in the same spot he'd hit just hours before.

"Son of a bitch," sputtering his indignation he wiped the remains of the cigarette, toothpaste, shaving cream and beer from his face. "Caleb, you old son of a bitch, teach me how to set the trap but not how to disarm it."

A quick trip to the shower removed the sludge from the sink and refreshed Dean's cabin steward persona.

Checking in with Sam was next on Dean's to do list. But that didn't happen right away, emerging on the deck "Teague" was first asked to replenish the towels on the deck. The first group of divers had come aboard and left the area near the swimming platform littered with used towels.

"Teague, could you help me for a moment?" the scantily clad Jessica asked as she moved the chaise lounge for more direct sun coverage.

Teague grabbed the lounge chair as Jessica laid a towel and then herself facedown on the repositioned lounge.

"Now, could you rub some lotion on my back, I'd hate to get a sunburn," glancing over her shoulder as she untied the knot holding the bikini top in place.

Teague applied the coconut smelling lotion to Jessica's back quickly and none too gently. 'Just try to get the lotion on the woman before…nope too late.'

"Teague could you slow down a little bit," Jessica purred at the slightly rough handling, "It's not a race."

"Oh, sorry I've got a bunch of stuff to do today. I don't want Joe to think I'm ducking out on my responsibilities," his big hands gentling as he smoothed the lotion on her lower back.

"Isn't one of your responsibilities the assist the guests in any manner of things?"

"Well, yeah, I guess," Teague stammered.

"So, you're just doing your job and I have to say you're doing a fine job," looking over her shoulder she winked seductively. "How about doing the backs of my legs?"

"Yeah, okay then I have to go," rubbing the lotion on the backs of Jessica's thighs was a very stimulating though far from satisfying activity.

The nearly naked woman purred as Teague's hands traveled over her thighs. Making a slight adjustment allowed easier access to her inner thighs. The movement did not go unnoticed by the sexual animal named Dean Winchester.

"I've got to go now, Jessica," standing on legs weak with desire Teague walked towards the wheel house to continue his search for Sam.