Author's Note: Well, here goes my 6th Halo fanfic on this site (my former pen name was Ensign Pettis). As usual, I DO NOT OWN HALO/2/3 OR ANY OF THE BOOKS. I'm just writing a fanfic based off the Halo universe (but my characters are my own, except for Colonel James Ackerson).

Also note that although this is the story of the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, it does not follow the descriptions of the planet or the battle as mentioned in Halo: The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund. So expect it to be different than the book version (my version doesn't even take place in the same month).

Rating is T for language, violence, blood, gore, and some suggestive/sexual content later on (not graphic). The story may go back up to rated M in the future.

Hope you enjoy and please R&R. Peace!

Intro: Just Been Released




//TO: Captain Jeremy Kingston, Commanding Officer Bravo Company, 102nd Force Action Battalion, 603rd Special Infantry Regiment, UNSC Marine Corps

FROM: Lieutenant Colonel Sandra Damion, Commanding Officer/Lead Physician 41st Orbital Field Hospital, UNSC Marine Corps



Captain Kingston,

You have a new kid to integrate into your company, straight from the 41st Orbital Field Hospital stationed in Heath space. Patient's come back from a hefty plasma wound that boiled away the back armor plate and gave the patient 11 percent full thickness burns...regions affected include the lower lumbar to the mid-thoracic...spleen was compromised and had to be removed...minor trauma to the kidneys, etc. You'll see the complete history in the medical file. For a young Marine, it's quite the document. You can also find a brief bio here: Click link for First Lieutenant N. Cooper CSV.

This Marine's a tough fighter, Captain. Former CO says the lieutenant's got a hell of a temper, too. Use it wisely.

Lt. Col. Sandra T. Damion, 41st Orbital Field Hospital