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The summer nights are blazing hot in the streets of Santa Cruz, California. People in that city usually keep the doors and windows wide open, in the hopes that the cool air could invite itself for a brief visit. Fans turned on to high power, and rising sales in air conditioners are common in this city. No one is immune to the sweat, and immense heat that plagues every home. The little redhead was no exception. His was getting worn out by the constant flick of his wrists. A school folder fanned him some cool air, but not enough to stop him from perspiring. He found himself on the verge of tears. But then he remembered-the carnival got here just a day ago.The boy ran into the kitchen to find his mother, Emiko, with her head in an overflowed sink.
"Huh?" she pulled her head out from the water, spilling the excess all over the floor. "What is it honey?" she still sounded like she was underwater.
"I was wondering if I could go to the carnival."
"No, Daisuke." she glared at her son."I have to watch your grandfather. You know he's sick, and I'll be damned if I'm the only one who's gonna suffer in this baking oven of a house."
"But mooooooooooom," he whined."The carnival's not gonna be here foreveeeeeeeeeeerrrr."
Emiko scoffed and folded her arms,"Young man, I told you, you're not-" Her voice trailed off when she saw the baby face. She had to admit, he was cute, and she was starting to feel sorry for him. Oh come on! Not the baby face! Isn't he a little too old for that??
The redhead sniffed and wiped his eye as a small tear formed. This kid was an exellent actor, he didnt even have to take any classes. Its just what he does. Emiko could feel her self submissing to the irrisistably adorable expression on her son's face. "Ohhhhhhh...alright, alright!"
In a moment his face lit up."Really??"
"Be home by 9:--" before she could finish her sentence, he planted a big smooch on her cheek and ran out the door.

The carnival was roughly two blocks away from his home. He was sure he'd be home by nine whatever! As he triumphantly made his way to through the mass of people there, he spotted Ruko, a little girl who's mother is freinds with Emiko."Hey, Ruko."
She got off a small bumble bee car when she noticed his red hair. "Hi!!"
The little girl ran up to him and gave him a big hug. He was like an older brother to her. The boy blushed. "Oh, happy, arent we?"
"Yes!" she held his hand and jumped up and down. "Will you go on a ride with me?"
"Of course." he smiled. Out of the shadows, he felt an ominous presence. Looking up he saw a tall teenager in a high-collared trenchcoat staring at him. Not anyone else, only him. The teen had lucious golden locks that could have made the sun turn red with envy. His bangs slid gloriously over his face as he peered at the boy across the crowd with striking eyes. The boy's red eyes widened which enhanced the captivating crimson color. Suddenly he feared for his safety. This guy just did not rub him the right way.He turned his attention to Ruko. "Hey, let's go to the boardwalk instead."
Ruko's smile faded."Mommy says I have to stay here."
"How come? She always lets me take you anywhere."
"Mommy says bad people live here. So Ruko has to be careful."
As soon as the words 'bad people' left her lips, an image appeared in his mind of the blond who was staring at him seconds earlier. "Oh, I see. We'll stay here then."
Ruko smiled, but then something else caught her attention. Still holding his hand, she stared straight ahead at nothing.
"Something wrong?"
Her hands slipped from his weak grip as she sped off into the crowd. "Wait! I thought your mother said you have to be careful! Ruko!"
It was hard to dodge person to person, saying the entire place was packed was an understatement. But he caught a glimpse of her black strands dissapearing behind a woman. "Ruko!"
Several minutes of searching passed, and just when he thought of all the trouble he was gonna be in for losing her at the carnival, his heart jumped as he laid his eyes on a frightening sight. The teenager who was just staring at him was beside Ruko and a few other children he recognized from the kindergarden class. They all giggled and comsumed cotton candy with the hooded stranger. They seemed to really like him. The teen opened his mouth and said something to the children he couldnt pick up, and they started to giggle even more. He looked up and saw the redhead staring at him with awe. Didnt Ruko just say that she needed to be careful? She doesnt know him, so why would she be eating cotton candy with someone she doesnt even know? What about the other kids? Where are their moms and dads?
The boy just realized they were staring at eachother. Too scared to approach him, he dissapeared in the crowd and forgot all about Ruko.
I need to get out of here! his mind was in a panic.The nearest santuary was a nearby assembly of bathroom stalls.
Finally, a hiding place!! he cried.
Concealing himself behind the first stall, he made a sigh of relief. He wont be finding me anytime soo-Ruko! he thought. I forgot all about her!
"She's fine." said an unfamiliar voice. He turned his head to see a pair of golden orbs meeting his own. He could do nothing but gasp at his freakish speed. How could he get to point a to point b so quickly? And how in hell did he know he was thinking about Ruko at that precise moment??
His legs prepared the rest of his body to his first instinct : running for the hills. Before he could take flight, the blond teenager grabbed his wrist and pulled him torwards his body.
"AA--" he cupped the boy's mouth with his cold hands. "Sshh...there's nothing to be afraid of." he whispered.
Muffled screams were trapped between his mouth and the blond's closed fingers. He struggled and kicked, but to no avail. The teen whipped him around so that the redhead was facing him. Before he could utter a word, a passionate kiss greeted his unwelcoming lips. His crimson orbs shot open. "Mmm???!!!" he managed to utter. It wasnt long before he realized that it was a full blown make out session. His own body betrayed him and forced a moan from his throat. He couldnt believe he was making out with a total stranger. And not only that, he liked it. He closed his eyes and began to respond. He took his lips off of the redhead's hungry lips and started planting them on the crook of his neck. Pleasure signals were sent through his body like lightening jolts when he reached a sensitive spot. The boy could slowly feel himself moaning in pleasure as an erection became very noticeable through his pants. The blond seemed to like this reaction and pushed the boy's body torward his own groin. In an state similar to intoxication he no longer realized the dangerous concequences of submitting to someone whom he barely knew. Clenching the soft sleeve of the stranger's trenchcoat, he let out another, much louder moan. The blond put a finger to the boy's lips and whispered,"Shhh...people might hear us."

Unbeknowest to his mother Emiko or the stray child Ruko, they were never going to see the young boy again. The stranger's gold strands danced with the wind as he carried the unconcious boy bridal style into the greeting fog.

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