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Krad bit his lip as he recalled the devastating memories. She was so young and innocent. She didn't deserve what happened to her. She was just a little girl. Krad breathed and tried to get his mind on something else, such as the upcoming battle with Dark. But she refused to leave him. She was there in his mind, holding up a picture of a house and the sun drawn in crayon.


These thoughts were unbearable, foreign, even. These memories hardly ever came to mind, but the few occasions it did, he never slept. Dark had destroyed everything of hers. All her dresses, all her toys..completely ruined. But why? Why did she die? What had she done wrong?

After he left his home town and ventured into Santa Cruz, he made an attempt to be somewhat human. Or at least do some of the things humans normally did. He bought a house, invited Saehara to live with him, and eventually, had a daughter. Saehara didn't take it too well, seeming as she was a half-breed, who weren't exactly welcomed in the vampire community. He learned to accept her nonetheless. But no matter how many times he asked, Krad would not tell him who the mother was.

During the proceeding years, Krad harvested a fear of his daughter's natural born capacity to take human life. Because of this, all the little girl knew was her home. She was never allowed outside. For this reason, Saehara and Krad argued often. Krad reasoned that if she were let out more, she would start a rampage, and how in the world was he supposed to live with himself after that? Saehara reasoned that if she was not granted more freedom, she would grow to hate him.

"I made this for you daddy." she said happily, presenting the crayon drawing to him. He accepted it with a smile.

"Oh, what a gifted artist you are, Gwen." he said as he placed the picture on the refrigerator and kept it in it's position with his daughter's favorite magnet—the pink flower.

"Uh huh, I love you daddy." she wrapped her arms around his leg, burying her face in his pants. He picked her up and kissed her gently on her forehead.

"I love you too, Gwen."

Gwendolyn. She was a child of four then, having the splendid spiral curls of her mother and the gold hue of her eyes and hair like her father. She was illegitimate. She was born out of wedlock. If that wasn't bad already, she was also a half-breed; half human, half vampire. She was completely oblivious to the fact that she wasn't normal, and it didn't seem to bother her until she expressed her desire to go to school as other children did. But being half-vampire, her extremely sensitive skin intolerant of the sun, she was confined in her home until nightfall. She also couldn't eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or ice cream or drink soda as other children would like to do. No, that wasn't allowed. Daddy said "Food is useless to us."

She also couldn't hang around other children at all. Krad was severely afraid of her accidentally killing another child, so he kept her away from the outside world. To make it worse, there weren't many, if any vampires in Santa Cruz at the time. This increased her loneliness, as did his and Saehara's. Then that was when the real problems began. She grew bitter and angry. Why couldn't she have the experiences of a normal kid? Why couldn't she advance, as humans could? Why were her features unchanging? Why couldn't she eat like other kids did? It was unbearable and ridiculous. She shouldn't have to live this way.

Krad remembered that she had locked herself in her room in an act of defiance. Ironically, that night, Saehara warned him that this would happen, and angrily stomped off into his bedroom. She was only five, but she already tired of living. If she couldn't enjoy, if she couldn't feel happiness, if she couldn't experience, then life in itself was something she simply did not want anymore and couldn't fathom as to why her father brought her into the world in the first place. She was damned. Krad sat by her bedroom door in despair, asking himself why he had wanted a child whom he knew would live a meaningless life of killing, if this reality could even be called life.

That night that woman had granted him the essence of an entirely new being. One that could transform into a bat, fog, and mist. One that could transcend miles within minutes with unworldly speed. A being that could not die of old age as mortals did. A being who had no responsibilities and could live by their own rules, the only obligation was to feed to live. Why had all these blessings come with such a terrible package? He could no longer see the light of day, no longer feel the warmth of the sun on his skin. He was forced to take human life every night of his undead existence, and now the worst part of it all is: he had produced progeny who had to suffer the same fate.

She was unwavering in her decision. She would not come out. Not now, not ever. She wanted to die. Why did Daddy have to tell her that everything was wrong? Why couldn't she just simply do the things she wanted to?

Krad lay in his bed, clutching the cold blankets. The memory of the last time he had even slept in a bed at night was hauntingly vague. How long had he been like this? He couldn't tell. Almost all the memories from his humanhood had withered away and vanished, leaving no trace behind. All he knew was that he was human once. And the memories that notified him of that simple truth was the memory of her. It had happened over night. He heard a muffled scream come from her bedroom. His body shot up and he raced to the door. But when he flung it open, he stepped back and fell against the wall in terror. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Gwendolyn's pale blue, dead eyes were staring at the ceiling. Her throat was slit, staining her pale skin. The smell of blood haunted and immersed the room. The moonlight shone in through the fluttering curtains, blowing Gwendolyn's golden tresses about. Her small hands, pale and still, dotted with drops of her own blood. She had been murdered. He struggled to his feet and dragged himself into the room, trailing his wide eyes up at the wall were she had been staring. The words "half breed" were sloppily written in blood, dripping down on her white nightgown.

Krad shivered involuntarily as his mind focused on walking the streets of Los Angeles with Satoshi and Saehara. He wouldn't be thinking of such blackness if it wasn't for where he was at. This city brought about so many memories. Memories he could not bear. Memories he didn't want. Why was it so hard to forget? To cast away these burdensome human emotions and go about his cursed existence in peace?

But no. Never. Gwendolyn's blood-drenched corpse would never allow it. Though she had been rigid in her bed, covered in her own blood, she was crying out for vengeance. Oh, yes he would. He would annihilate the very person who took his beloved daughter away from him. If only, if only...he knew who had committed the vile act. But he didn't have a clue. No one envied him, no one despised him, no one bore a grudge against him, so why?

No one knew he even had a daughter, very much less the fact that he was a vampire and killed innocent people. He was sure no one had saw him. But that didn't kick the possibility entirely out of the ball park. Someone might've known. There could've been another vampire who lived in Santa Cruz at the time. But he couldn't recall anyone but Saehara, who would never in a million years, do such a thing.

But then again, he could've killed his daughter because of what happened to his father. No, no! Nonsense! Saehara has known him since he became a vampire. They were always on good terms with each other. And if they ever fought, they did so in the manner siblings would. Saehara would never do something so horrible. If anything, he was Krad's partner in crime before they met Satoshi, quivering and weeping in the fog, headed to their desolate cave uphill. In fact, the only reason why Satoshi and Krad were able to get along at all was because they believed their family members were murdered by the same vampire. They desperately desired to find out who killed their loved ones and bring the murderer to justice. But alas, after years of recurring dreams, despair, and internal emptiness, they both had come to the realization that they would never find out. Krad told Satoshi that he had never seen his daughter's murderer, and Satoshi and him had that in common. To Satoshi, the culprit was just a black, faceless figure with pointed teeth.

Satoshi finally reached the front of the church, stopping to sigh in relief. Though they could travel large distances in a matter of hours, they were still worn out from all the movement. Satoshi walked up the steps and stopped at the double doors. He turned around and said, "Hurry. We don't have much time to do this."

Dark sensed something was amiss. Nothing made sense. How in the world did that little girl know who he was? And how had she come up with such an elaborate plan to kill him? It's a good thing he survived, but barely.

He was laying in the grass, covered in his own blood, and panting. Damn that girl was smart. But that voice...that damn wouldn't leave him alone! And as soon as he found out where it was coming from, he had to go to the asylum and murder those insolent weaklings! But unfortunate for him, they had this pre-conceived from the very beginning. He didn't know why, but they hated him for some reason. He didn't seem to remember any of their faces, so it was inconceivable as to why they would bear a grudge against him.

He now understood why they call it an asylum. Those children were utterly insane. It kind of reminded him of himself, seeming as he's done very outlandish things in his lifetime. He recalled to mind Risa's beautiful screams as he squeezed her breasts so hard he bruised them. He ruthlessly invaded her, savoring her blood-curdling cries. He chuckled and struggled to stand. How he wished he could do it once more. Daisuke, the boy Satoshi seemed to be infatuated with, seemed to be enjoying it. It would be nice to somehow find him again and seize him just as he had the night Satoshi rudely ended their friendship. If only he knew where they ran off to after he left. He regretted not staying a little longer until they left their cave.

Unexpectedly, after he pillaged their home, he came back to the cave only to find that it had been completely abandoned. He sulked in disappointment as he searched the cave for any sign of life. There was none. Blood all over the bed, but no corpse. He checked outside for disturbed soil, but it seemed that Daisuke and the girl survived. It was predictable that Saehara would survive, after all, he is a vampire, and vampires don't die so easily. He was originally thinking to pour holy water down his throat, but him laying in the bed, a blood-drenched mess with swords protruding from his abdomen seemed so appropriate at the time. Dark sighed and stretched, shaking the blood off of his fingers. Those kids got him good. Though he wanted to attack them again, their mind games were so close to killing him the first time around, he changed his mind. It wasn't worth risking his life just to get revenge on a pack of children. Right now he needed to go home and summon the rest of his clan. He'd rather work alone on exacting vengeance on them, but he had to admit sometime that there is power in numbers.

Dark sprinted home, trying to ignore the pain. Apparently the children knew a vampire's weaknesses well. As soon as he entered through the window and into some random cell, the children threw off his conscious thought and disorganized his thinking with their angry voices. If that wasn't enough, they somehow got a hold of holy water. Children sprang from their beds and threw buckets of the horrible acid on him. While screaming in pain, the children ambushed him and started stabbing him repeatedly with a wide array of sharp objects, from things to bobby pins to the sharpened edge of a hand held mirror. He managed to throw them off and injure a few of them, and left in haste, angry with himself because he didn't have time to kill any of them. The children were pulling out their dresser drawers and taking out crucifixes and bowls of crushed garlic, just to name a few. As much as he would like to forget, to go back in time and stop himself from entering the asylum, he had done it. And he was almost murdered by a bunch of lunatic children! The very thought disgusted and angered him to no end.

That's when it came to him. It had to be a set up. It just had to be. There's no way in hell those kids could get a hold of all those things, especially in a mental hospital. Someone, or a group of individuals, had to have given those things to them. But who...?

No. Dammit! How could he be so stupid? Of course! Why didn't he think of it before? The Black Tribe! They're responsible for the whole thing! They knew those children had abnormal abilities, oh they knew! And they used it against him! He was almost killed! But oh well...

He can play this game too.

Dark sighed as he reached Los Angeles. Even with his extraordinary abilities, it didn't hamper the fact that Santa Cruz was an extremely long way from L.A. Would he even be in the mood to kill those children by the time he got back to the church? He didn't think so. Whatever plan the Black Tribe conjured up, he had to painfully admit it was a damn good one. But he shivered as he thought of what was yet to come. Were they to attack again? Or were they just toying with him? Oh, how he couldn't wait to tell his clan members. This time, he didn't care how many humans were around. He was going to have the time of his life killing each and every member of the Black Tribe. Goldie locks and Saehara would go swiftly, but oh...he was going to take his sweet time watching Satoshi die..

It was going on 2 in the morning by the time he reached the church doors. Weary from anger and agonizing pain, all he wanted to do was lay in his coffin and go to sleep. Pretty unusual for a vampire to sleep at night, but he didn't really need to feed. He could just drink a bottle of blood and that would be his dinner. Then he could take a nice nap until tomorrow night.

Unfortunately, his plans for the night were thwarted.

The chapel was, immersed in blood. The whores were stripped naked and hanged from the chapel ceiling. He couldn't believe his eyes. Every single one of them: dead. He ran into the church, immediately feeling an intensifying stinging sensation in his feet. He looked down, and the isle was covered in holy water all the way up to the podium. Dark jumped up onto one of the pews and hissed. So they were behind this after all.

Terror settled in him as he noticed that the church was silent. What had happened to his clan members? He jumped from pew to pew, dodging the naked corpses of the prostitutes until he reached the altar. A row of coffins were aligned behind it, where an old and dusty tapestry was hanging behind them. The floor wasn't wet, so he decided it was safe. He jumped off the last pew and walked up to the first coffin. He sat on it and tried to organize his frantic thoughts. Okay, so they killed the whores. But they couldn't have gotten to his clan members. That's impossible. They usually go out to feed at this time. Soon enough his group will come waltzing into the place and notice all their women are dead. But as much as he hated to admit it, that didn't reassure him. Simply out of curiosity, he stood up from the coffin he was sitting at and took a little peek inside.

He gasped.

"NOO!" he cried, flipping the lid right off of the coffin. Inside layed one of his men, gutted from the neck to his groin. His internal organs were splattered all over the interior, and his dead eyes were staring directly into Dark's horrified violet ones. No, this can't be. But if he's dead...then...

Dark started to pry off the lids of other coffins one by one. The end result was same every time. Inside he found another of his men, gutted and splattered with holy water. So much of it had been poured on them that their skulls were visible and their eye sockets exposed. It was the most grotesque sight he had ever seen. Holding the urge to break into bloody tears, he screamed as loud as he could, his cry echoing off the walls. Every one was dead. Evey single one of them.

"Satoshi!! You bastard!! I know you did this!! I swear when I find you I'll rip your fucking throat out just like I did to your whore of a mother!!"

Satoshi went rigid and gasped. He just got a hard slap across his face. Just when he was the one in control, and nothing could possibly go wrong...Dark takes credit for his mother's murder! No! It's a lie! Dark couldn't have been the one! Yet again...

"A few years ago, I used to live in Santa Cruz before I moved to Los Angeles. This one night I was walking around, just enjoying myself, when all of sudden I smelled smoke. I followed the scent and it brought me to the charred ruins of some house. I was searching in the dust for something valuable and I came upon that."

Fury Satoshi never felt before boiled inside him, threatening to explode. It all adds up. Dark was the culprit the entire time!! And to think! He befriended him! He even...augh! So disgusting! Had he lost all his sanity?! He actually allowed Dark to take advantage of him when he was vulnerable! He willfully submitted to his mother's killer!

Satoshi cried out and tore out a hole in the tapestry, and hurled himself at Dark, instantly possessed with the urgent need to kill him. Dark's lips twisted in a cruel smile as Satoshi tackled him to the ground. He had him right where he wanted him. Just before Satoshi could strike the final blow, he grunted and gaped at Dark's satisfied expression. He felt something lunge into his stomach. Satoshi, in utter disbelief, looked down and much to his horror, he had fell on Dark's blade. The only part left visible was the arched hilt. Dark chuckled evilly and knocked Satoshi to the ground. Satoshi stumbled away and fell against the bottom of a coffin.

Dark triumphantly walked over to him and bent down to Satoshi's level. That horrible, horrible smile! Now it was Satoshi who jumped right into Dark's trap. The treacherous fiend!

He grasped the hilt and swiftly pulled out the blade, resulting in a howl of pain from Satoshi. Dark chuckled and licked the blood off. "My, look so pretty as you bleed to death, Commander."

"Y-you...bastard...I-I'll kill you..." he started, grasping his spewing stomach in a pathetic attempt to stop the blood flow.

"Wait a minute," Dark said, casually leaning against a pew and fiddling with the knife. "Before you die, I want to have a word with you."

Satoshi looks up wearily, still trying to cover his gaping wound.

"First things first. May I say that this was an excellent plan you came up with. I'm really serious when I say that I truly believe you are a great leader. I would compare you to Napoleon, in fact. Very organized, very...edgy. If it wasn't for you suddenly going lucid like that and attacking me, I'm a hundred percent sure your plan would've worked out."

"But..." Dark grinned, "Lucky for me, eh?"

"Ngh.." Satoshi squinted, trying to will his body to stand up. He was losing blood at a fast rate, and here was the murdering bastard Dark, smiling at him, gleefully watching him die. He wouldn't last long and Dark was well aware of this.

"Secondly, let me say that I loved your mother, I truly did," he said as he put a hand to his chest, as if pledging his love, "But..." he sighed, "If there's one thing women are good at, it's a special talent of theirs to drive men up the wall."

Dark stood up from his seat and feathered Satoshi's chin with the tip of the blade. "Let me tell you what your mother did to me. I loved her since she was 15 years old."

Satoshi managed to gasp.

"Yes, yes...I knew her before you were even born. She saved me from dying when I was first bitten. I was human then, just like her."

"W-w...what? My mother" he spluttered blood from his mouth and struggled to keep his hand at his wound.

"That she did," Dark said as he pricked his thumb with the knife. "She had a gift for that."

He placed the blade against Satoshi's neck, looking as if he was about to slit it. Secretly, Satoshi wanted nothing more than to die. The pain was so insufferable. At least when he's dead he wouldn't have to deal with the guilt, degradation and shame.

"Which brings me to my next point. About 3 years ago, around the time I was planning to kill your mother, she happened to be having an affair with another vampire. That was originally what made me go off the deep end."

Satoshi gasped. "N-no...that can't be. My m-mom...she was married!!" he choked.

"Well, that sure didn't stop her from having an illegitimate child. A half breed at that."

"No! No! You liar!!" Satoshi couldn't believe his ears.

"Trust me, Commander, I wish I was lying too. Who was the little half-breed's father? I believe he is a member of your tribe. Krad, is it?"

Satoshi was finding it harder and harder to breathe. He was dying by the minute, and he desperately needed someone to help him. He was beginning to believe the lucid. He could never have guessed in a million years that Krad was involved with his mother. The traitor! Why hadn't he told him this before?! They probably could've tracked Dark down ages ago! But Krad had to be sworn to secrecy and keep his love for her a secret. And to make things worse, if what Dark is saying is true, they had a child! And not only that, but Dark had been in love with his mother also! Was his Eternal Angel worth nothing more than the whores who hang dead above the chapel?


"Monster? Me? Well, I guess you could say that. But I think you're a monster too, you know...killing innocent humans to sustain yourself and your tribe and all. But hey, it's life. In reality, you and I are in the same business."

"R-Ruko..." Satoshi painfully whispered, before he stopped moving altogether.

Dark stood up and allowed a blood red tear to slide down his cheek. So Satoshi was finally dead. But it was fun while it lasted. After his mother dared to crush his hopes by marrying and having a child with some human, he just wanted to forget about her completely. But when she went off and had another child with Krad, of all vampires, then that's when he was interested in taking her life. Now, even in death, Rio would be turning in her grave if she saw this. Not only had he killed her illegitimate child and her husband, he also killed her only son. How delightful. Hell, he would've killed Krad too if the brat hadn't screamed and caught his attention. But he planned to do just that once he regained his strength and returned to Santa Cruz.

Just when he was about to decide what to do with the dead bodies, a deafening voice ringed in his ears. No! The same voice as before! No! Those groaning, moaning voices! Dark was getting delirious, and he tumbled back and fell against a pew. Everything was a dizzy mix of red and black. Where was he? What was happening? And why wouldn't these voices leave him be?

Krad emerged with Saehara close behind, and the blond jumped from pew to pew, sneaking up on the delirious Dark. Saehara smiled and chuckled. Now this was the end. Krad lifted the axe in his hand, and with one swift blow, decapitated Dark.

His detached head bounced into the pool of holy water, and the flesh quickly dissolved in a puff of red smoke. Minutes later, only a clean skull with sharp fangs remained. Krad sighed and dropped the axe, almost bursting into tears at the sight of his dead Commander. Saehara put a hand to his shoulder and frowned, "I'm sorry..."

Krad averted his eyes to the floor. He instantly remembered when Saehara ran into the cave with Satoshi on his back, who was critically injured. He was sure Satoshi could hear his thoughts. He was thinking that his impending death was a blessing in disguise, and that they would be better off without him. Satoshi was burdensome sometimes, and Krad had wished death upon him more than once, but all those times he had never been serious. Now that Satoshi finally kicked the bucket, he felt...terrible. Even more so, because he had never had the chance to tell him he had an intimate history with his mother. Rio was his angel as well.

Suddenly Saehara's head perked up. "Hey, Goldie Locks, I don't think Satoshi's pushin' daisies."

Krad looked up, and much to his surprise, Satoshi twitched. Saehara burst with happiness and ran up to him. "Satoshi! You alive there, my undead friend?"

Satoshi coughed and after a few tries, managed to lift his weak head to stare into Saehara's eyes. He made no coherent reply, but that was enough for him. Saehara chuckled, "I take that as a yes."

Krad sighed in relief and jumped in front of him, shaking the coffins. Satoshi groaned, "D-do..n'"

"Oh, sorry." Krad scooped up Satoshi in his arms and they left the cave in a rush. They were so caught up in the situation at hand they had completely forgotten about their slaves.

"Satoshi, I despise you." Krad grumbled as they ran into the woods to escape the eyes of the humans, "You almost made me cry! I would've looked so pathetic! If you die on me before we get to Luna's place I'll piss on your grave!"

Satoshi wanted to laugh, but just like after the asylum incident, he couldn't. He feared it would take the last remaining bit of life he had in him yet.

Daisuke and Risa were laying in the bed they shared, trying to breathe, but finding they could not. They were officially undead now, and the thought made Risa's insides churn. Now she was a bloodsucking witch just like that stupid Luna girl and that five-year-old. And she was so weak she couldn't move. How could this possibly get any worse? She was never going to escape this coven of monsters, and that merciless blond would keep her as his sex slave forever! This was horrible!

Minutes turned into hours. Risa and Daisuke were still confined to their bed, pondering if they were even real anymore. Daisuke could now remember everything. Satoshi was the leader of the group of his captors. Krad was second-in-command. Saehara was the informer, the vampire who declared war on other tribes and notified Satoshi of upcoming threats. And he...what was he and Risa used for? Just to stand there and look pretty? He grew angry. There was no real reason he was even in this situation. He should be at home, warm in his bed, with his mother and grandfather. But instead, in the unbearable heat of a summer night 2 years ago, he had stupidly gone to the carnival by himself and was abducted by a smooth-talking blond and taken to a cave to slave to the blood sucking Brady bunch. Ridiculous! He wished he was dead! Well, that's kinda weird, seeming as he is dead...

Daisuke's discursive thoughts were interrupted by loud footsteps coming from the stairs. They're home! Now he can ask what the hell is going on and finally things will start to make sense. He couldn't make out the commotion in the other room, but it seemed Luna needed to be present. She pulled back the curtain and walked into the next room. A scream made Risa and Daisuke jump simultaneously.

"What in bloody hell happened to Satoshi?!" Luna cried. "He's covered in blood!"

"Is this ask obvious questions time?" Krad growled.

"He got hurt, stupid." Saehara snapped. "What do you expect? We just came back from a fight with the Angel Wing Tribe. If you thought we were all going to come back intact, you need to rethink your logic."

"Shut up!" Luna yelled.

"Be quiet, both of you! Satoshi doesn't appreciate all this yelling." said Krad.

Silence. Saehara scoffed. "She's still stupid..." he muttered.

A slapping sound. A cry of pain. "Dammit! Stop acting like five-year olds! No offense, Lusha."

The little girl giggled, "It's okay." she squeaked.

"Sae, get off your ass and help Satoshi! Luna, stop crying! Lusha, go into the next room. This isn't suitable for young eyes." he ordered.

Yes. Daisuke knew Krad was definitely second-in-command. He certainly took his duty seriously when Satoshi was too weak to order them around. The curtains rustled. Daisuke and Risa looked up. Krad was staring down at them with the piercing gold mirrors that were his eyes. "Ah...vampires already, eh?"

Risa shivered. This elicited a memory. A very vivid memory of the night she was kidnapped. She remembered him looking down on her with those same fearsome eyes. His angel-wing earrings clicked against his cheeks as Krad moved about. He sat on the edge of the bedside and slid his fingers through Daisuke's soft, spikey mane. "Good news, little one. You're both going home."

Risa gasped. "What?? You better not be--" she coughed, "--Pulling my leg!"

"I'm am not deceiving you, girl. I may be a cold-hearted vampire, but I am not a liar."

She remained silent.

"Alright, listen well, children. Satoshi is too injured to speak as of now, so I will speak in his absence. Ruko has deemed that, in exchange for information about Dark, Satoshi and I would agree to free you both. Well, we are men of our word."

Daisuke shivered. What Krad was saying was too good to be true. Were they really going home?

"When you regain your strength, you will be escorted to your homes. Satoshi has deemed that in exchange for your freedom, neither her, you or Risa is to tell authorities where we are."

"Never...?" Daisuke asked.

"It is an oath," said Krad, "And if you break it, I have been granted permission by Satoshi himself to seize you both again. And this time, you will stay with us in captivity for the remainder of your undead lives."

Risa could live with that. But then again, it was really unfair that they would never be brought to justice for their crimes. Krad seemed to know what Risa was thinking and continued, "Don't be so gloomy about it. You both are returning to your families, for goodness sakes. And Ruko said that if she's lucky, we will be caught on our own." he chuckled.

Daisuke and Risa simply didn't know how to reply.

One Year Later...

Daisuke was angry at the fact that he was a vampire now, so he could only go out at night. But he learned to live with it. Satoshi, Krad and Saehara, wherever they were, were cursed too. Risa learned to live with her dark gift as well, and in the past year Daisuke and her had become close. They were in the same exact predicament the other one was. As for Ruko, she eventually got a foster family and began to live life normally.

The summer nights are blazing hot in the streets of Santa Cruz, California. People in that city usually keep the doors and windows wide open, in the hopes that the cool air could invite itself for a brief visit. Fans turned on to high power, and rising sales in air conditioners are common in this city. No one is immune to the sweat, and immense heat that plagues every home. The little redhead was no exception. His was getting worn out by the constant flick of his wrists. A school folder fanned him some cool air, but not enough to stop him from perspiring. He found himself on the verge of tears. But then he remembered--the carnival got here just a day ago...

Daisuke and Risa walked to the carnival, vigilant of anyone they might recognize. Daisuke looked for hours, but to no avail. He couldn't find them anywhere. Hours passed, and the boardwalk was clearing. The night was soon cloaked in a blanket of white mist. Daisuke walked up to the cotton candy stand and, sighing in defeat, asked for the blue one. He sat down on a nearby chair and watched the crowd go by. He ripped a piece off of the blue fluff ball and frowned. He didn't get to see them...

Risa gasped and shook Daisuke's shoulders. She was pointing into the distance. Daisuke stood up and squinted his eyes, trying to focus on what Risa wanted him to see. Is that...a trench coat? And who is wearing it? Wait a minute, why does that silver-blue mane look so familiar? No, it couldn't be. From afar, the blunette gazed at him with his icy eyes. Other figures began to appear. The blond grinned seductively at him. A black-haired teen materialized next to them. He smiled and waved to them. Satoshi put his hands in his pockets and smirked. And as soon as they had come, they disappeared into the fog.

The End

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