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Episode 1 : Welcome to Konoha, New Friend!



Naruto sighed as he slouched down against a tree trunk, panting and trying to even out his breathing.

He'd woken up this morning to find a note by Kakashi saying he was taking Sasuke and Sakura on a separate mission and for him to relax a little and train with himself if he wanted, not wanting to strain himself after he'd just gone against Haku.

Naruto had been angry at first, thinking Sasuke had had just the same amount of stain (maybe even more) and yet he was able to go, and so had gone out and punched the crap out of a dozen or so trees, ran about fifteen miles, and then had decided to practice his weapon throwing so that when his 'team' did come back he could kill them from far off, before they knew what hit them. He was still chucking sharp objects at trees when he suddenly realized how exhausted he was, and so had gone to lean against a tree.

He got up with a groan and started walking back to town, hungry, but found after he walked only twenty feet or so, that he was just too tired and so slumped down again in the clear grass patch that he'd been practicing on, thinking that he'd start again after he'd had a few seconds to regroup. He flipped over onto his back with a grunt and looked up at the orange stained sunset sky, a few fluffy pink clouds floating past, the tall grass easily covering his body from view.

He jumped when he heard a rustling in the tall grass nearby. But he was quickly relieved when he saw a small black fox peep out of the tall grass at him. In relief at it not being an enemy, he fell bback again and continued watching the clouds before his brilliant blue eyes slowly shut.

He jumped again as he felt something wet on his cheek and snapped his eyes open to find the black fox peering at him from the side of his face, it's sparkling hazel brown eyes starring into his inquisitively.

He sighed and it caused the fox to perk its large ears up a little more.

Naruto smiled as he lifted his beaten up hand to pet the small fox, it's entire body about two-thirds the size of a regular cat, a fairly small size for a fox.

It leaned into his touch and started licking his hand and Naruto chuckled to himself, a small tingling sensation.

"I wonder where you came from…" Naruto wondered out loud lazily, his speech slightly slurred as a clear indication of his lack of energy.

The small fox seemed to smile before it gracefully bounded onto his open stomach and curled it's self in a tiny ball, it's face directed to Naruto as it blinked innocently, it huge eyes still locked with his own cerulean.

"Well, nice to know I at least have one friend," Naruto muttered as he stroked the animal again, marveling at its silky fur.

The last thing he remembered before drifting off into sleep again was the soft purring of the fox as he continued to pet it.


Naruto groaned as he felt the sunlight shot into his squinting eyes. He stretched his arms up high and realized that whatever he was lying on sure as hell wasn't as soft as his usual bed.

He opened his eyes all the way and looked up and saw the blue sky again, this time with no clouds. He turned his head and was met with countless grass blades that stretched into the sky.

He started to sit up, but with the movement, heard a slight yip and looked on his belly to find the fox was still there and had just rudely been woken up by his movement.

"Sorry," he laughed out, which made the fox perk up and turn its ears in his direction again, as if intrigued by anything he did. He gently picked it up and placed it on the ground, finding that it was very light.

He stood up and started stretching his soar joints from his long slumber. He finally looked up and found that the sun was at its zenith, meaning it was around twelve in the afternoon; so he'd slept through the middle of the next day. But he just brushed if off, knowing he really had nowhere he needed to be. The only real problem was how he felt like his stomach, lacking food, had started to eat itself.

He started walking away and stuck his hands in his pockets, thinking of the wonderous ramen that he could have and wondering if he had any coupons left or if he could just get Iruka to pay for him again. Yet those thoughts were put aside as he heard a small snap of a twig and turned around quickly, only to find the same small black fox who looked up at him. He could have sworn as he blinked that he could see a hint of remorse on it's furry face as it looked down at it's small paw and the twig it'd snapped.

"Shoo, go home!" Naruto exclaimed, a little irked at this fox for making him continuously paranoid.

But when he continued on, he looked back and found that it was still following him.

He sighed as he crouched down so it was closer to it level. It neatly trotted up to him and licked him lightly on the nose, making him smile lightly and scratch the animal behind its ear, making it lean into his touch and start that odd purring again.

"Don't you have a home?" Naruto asked it as he cut short of the scratching.

It just starred back at him with big eyes until it shook its head once.

"Can you understand me?" Naruto asked with wide eyes, which it replied to with one small nod.

"Sweet!" Naruto yelled. "How many fingers am I holding up?" he asked as he held up three fingers.

The small fox lightly yipped three times. Naruto was so stunned that he sat down and the fox, again, went up to him and nudged his hand.

"I can't believe it. Can you talk?" he asked with excitement. He had learned about ninja animals from Iruka, but he'd also said it was fairly rare to find one in the wild as they supposedly liked their seclusion.

It shook its head twice and Naruto saw that its eyes had became saddened.

"Well, you look really scrawny," Naruto said as he picked it up, and could easily feel its rips, which made it have an odd coughing sound that sounded like laughter. But he dismissed the crazy idea that a fox could laugh.

"Fine, come on," Naruto said with a smile as he continued walking, the fox now briskly following him.

Naruto jumped when he felt something dart up his left pant leg and climb up his leg and then over his stomach. He squirmed and laughed from the odd feeling before the fox popped its head out from under his collar and stared back at him with its tongue lolling out playfully.

"Ok, out of my clothes. You can sit on my shoulder," he said with a laugh and it exclaimed back with a small yip of happiness before clawing its way out. But instead of his shoulder, it continued up to his mob of yellow hair where it comfortably laid down.

"Or that," the blond said with a shrug as he continued on, the fox barely weighing anything so he didn't really feel it.

He continued walking on through the forest and then back into town, finally ending at his small apartment. He quickly got out his keys and no sooner had he opened the door did the fox shot back into his clothes then out his pant leg before darting into the room. Naruto blinked in surprise before shooting after it.

"Hey, yo! Fox! GET BACK HERE!" he bellowed as he tore after the small and furry animal that was having an extremely fun time running through his apartment, sniffing or jumping on things as it went.

It sprung onto his bed, where Naruto jumped right after and grabbed it in his hands. It didn't squirm and only looked back at him, it's head cocked to the side in curiosity.

"Urgh…maybe I should think twice about getting a pet…"

The black fox's eyes widened and it frantically shook its head, its too large ears flopping back and forth on its head.

"Fine…I mean, how many other animals can understand human talk?" he asked, which made the fox's ears perk up. It stretched its body to lightly lick Naruto on the tip of his nose again, making him smile back at the small creature.

"Why do you lick me so much?" he asked. It only replied by licking him again.

He sighed in exasperation before he placed the fuzz ball back down and walked in the kitchen to fix himself some ramen.

"But I need to call you something," he voiced as he put some water on the stove and took out the last instant ramen bowl around. The fox jumped onto the counter and smelled the ramen in interest.

"The only thing I can think of is fox…or Kitsune."

He looked up and found that the fox was nodding vigorously and its mouth was stretched out as if it was smiling, a few fangs poking out.

"You want simple Kitsune?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Alright then," he said with a shrug as he started to pour the water into the styrofoam bowl, but as clumsy as he sometimes was, he accidentally poured the water on one of a few of his fingers.

Kitsune yipped as he cursed, but then jumped over to him and started quickly licking his wet fingers, and Naruto watched in amazement as the flaming up burn quickly disappeared and his fingers were back to normal, maybe even better then before.

His eyes widened as he flexed his fingers and looked over to Kitsune who had started lapping at the ramen broth.

"How did you do that?"

The black fox only continued drinking the liquid, but looked over at him for a second with a mischievous gleam in its brown eyes.

"Fine, don't tell me," Naruto said with a roll of his eyes, forgetting for a second that Kitsune couldn't talk back.

"Now, let me check if you're a girl or boy..." he drifted off as he reached for the small animal.

But Kitsune jumped back in the last second with spiked hair, as if offended by his questioning.

"You must be a girl," Naruto laughed.


"And here is the grocery store," Naruto said to Kitsune as she sat on his head again, the fox giving a small high-pitched yip as confirmation.

"Naruto, Hey Naruto!"

Naruto turned around and smiled when he saw Sakura waving her hand to him with Sasuke and Kakashi in tow.

"And that, right there, is the most beautiful girl ever," Naruto drooled as Kitsune's eyes darkened.

"Where were you yesterday?" she asked in a bubbly voice as she and Naruto's other teammates came up to him, Sasuke looking bored and Kakashi reading his special orange book.

"I could ask you the same," Naruto growled as he shot a death glare to both Kakashi and Sasuke.

"What do you have there on your head Naruto?" Kakashi asked, not even looking up from his precious book.

"Oh! I want you guys to meet Kitsune!" Naruto said happily as he reached up and took Kitsune off the perch of his head and held it out for the other three people to see.

Kitsune starred blankly at the new people, but winced when she heard Sakura's high-pitched scream.

"Oh my GOD Naruto, it's so cute! Where did you find it?!" Sakura gushed as she grabbed Kitsune from Naruto's grasp, squeezing her a little tighter then Kitsune liked.

Finally having enough of her death grip and poking, Kitsune bit her and jumped out of her grasp, only to be caught by Sasuke by its fluffy tail, which made up for about half the body length.

He held it up to his face and examined it.

"Just as I thought. A girl fox, the only feminine attention Naruto would ever get."

Naruto was about to shoot back but Sasuke just flung Kitsune back into his arms.

"EEEE! It BIT me!" Sakura screamed as she inspected the small half moon on her hand that was barely bleeding "It probably has rabies too!"

"Sorry Sakura-chan! It won't happen again, right Kitsune?" Naruto asked in a commanding voice, but Kitsune only looked away with her head held up high.

"And anyway, she can heal it if she licks you! She did it to me!" Naruto tried to explain as he held Kitsune out to Sakura again, Kitsune trying to squirm away from the pink haired tween.

"Keep that disease infested animal away from me! And who would believe something crazy like that?!" Sakura squealed in a high tone, making Kitsune twitch again in aggravation at the high frequency.

"She can understand us too! She knows human talk!" Naruto continued to whine as he tried to push Kitsune back into Sakura's arms, which was making both the females increasingly aggravated.

"Hm…may I see that fox, or Kitsune as you say, Naruto?" Kakashi asked as he held out one of his large hands.

Naruto hesitated for a second before lightly transferring his precious bundle over to his sensei.

"Interesting…" Kakashi said as he lifted his forehead protector to reveal his swirling red eye and focused on the small animal that was currently cowering under his intensive gaze.

"One thing's for sure, this fox isn't exactly normal," the Copy-Nin simply stated as he handed the animal back to Naruto. Being relieved to be back with her master, she ducked into his collar and peeped her head out, Naruto not minding one bit.

"Here's something that will keep her, hopefully, under control and you'll be able to find her at all times. You can call her anywhere if you're the one that puts it on her," Kakashi said as he presented Naruto will a simple black leather collar that had one round buckle.

"It'll always stay on and will adjust to whatever size her neck is, because she looks young and will grow. It was for one of my dogs but I think you need it more," he continued to reveal as he handed the collar to Naruto.

"Thanks sensei!" Naruto exclaimed happily as he gratefully accepted the gift and stowed it in his pocket for further use, Kitsune watching the transfer carefully.

"Sorry kiddies, but that's all for today. See you tomorrow at the usual bridge," Kakashi said as he waved goodbye, his slick attitude not bothering Naruto one bit today because of the worthy gift.

Sasuke only 'hm'ed before he started walking off, Sakura following quickly after.

Naruto looked at his retreating teammates with a tinge of loneliness. But it was quickly displaced as he felt the soft fur from Kitsune rub against his neck and chin, the small animal still resting snuggly between his collar and neck.

"Come on, let's find something to eat," he said as he stretched his hands to lazily sit on his head and started walking, or more like strutting, in a direction neither Sasuke and Sakura nor Kakashi had taken, Kitsune neatly peeking out from his collar.


"Kitsune is NOTHING like that flee infested Akumaru!" Naruto yelled, loud enough for the entire town of Konoha to hear.

He had gone to the ramen shop, only to find a few of his old school mates there, including Kiba, Shino, Choji, and Shikamaru. They'd immediately noticed his new pet and Kiba had wrongly stated that he was starting to copy him.

Kitsune only continued to sit in his collar, lightly sleeping.

"She'd kick Akumaru's butt any day!" Naruto stated with a finger pointed at the small dog that sat on Kiba's head that growled back and attempted to bit off the blond's extended finger.

"This is such a drag, just make them fight. The winner's obviously the best," Shikamaru sighed as he rested his chin in the palm of his hand, patiently waiting for his ramen.

"You're on."

"Lets finish this," both the owners answered as they placed their pet down, Naruto shaking Kitsune awake.

Akumaru started barking and ran at her, Kitsune obviously surprised as her massive tail poofed out and she ran for it, weaving in between the various stools as Akumaru continued to chase her.

"Kitsune!" Naruto yelled in worry, failing to notice before how Akumaru was bigger and obviously weighed twice as much as her. And for a fleeting second, he worried that she'd run away.

He waited in anticipation for a few seconds before he saw them run back their way, Kitsune still being tailed by Akumaru who was snapping at her long tail.

Naruto crouched down and held out his hands as an indication for her to jump up and she did with a great bound and he quickly stood up. All Akumaru could do now was yip up at Kitsune, being smart enough to not attack Naruto.

"Ha! I win!" Kiba exclaimed as Akumaru walked back to his master with his head and tail held high.

"Peh, Kitsune just didn't think that flea infested creature was worth her time," Naruto shot back as he soothed Kitsune who was curled around his neck and was slightly shivering.

"Doubt it. That thing's so scrawny it couldn't win against a mouse!" Kiba barked out in amusement as Akumaru yapped along.

Naruto snorted before he turned away and started to walk away from the ramen shop, suddenly losing his appetite, and leaving behind a gloating Kiba.

"I know you could've kicked that mutt's ass," Naruto said, but with slight disappointment obvious in his voice.

Kitsune looked up and could easily see his pride had just gone through a serious set back. She boldly unwound herself from his neck and jumped to the ground, shooting back towards the restaurant stand.

Naruto shot after, and got there just in time as he saw her growling and snarling at Akumaru who was barking back, looking as if they were conversing.

"Rematch already?" Kiba snorted, but cut short his bantering when he looked down at Kitsune. She now had sharp, long claws. The hair on her back started to turn a ghostly silver and was sticking up as she pulled back her lip to reveal a straight line of razor sharp fangs and teeth.

In a split second, she pounced on Akumaru who whined loudly as she started to chase him.

Naruto laughed as he saw Kiba's face obviously pale as he watched his beloved dog being chased around by something half its size and weight. Finally, Akumaru jumped up Kiba's leg with a few cuts on his face and body.

This time, it was Kitsune who proudly strutted back over to Naruto. He gently picked her up and watched with amazement as her claws retracted and her fangs went back to their regular small size, the small tuff or silver on her back turning back to black.

"Told ya so," Naruto shot to the three shocked boys before walking back out, his pride now better then ever.


"Ok, so I've decided that you're worthy of being the pet of the next Hokage!" Naruto said with a grin as he sat at his small table. After the fight, they'd gone to the grocery store and had gotten more ramen and milk.

Kitsune looked up at him with big eyes and what looked like a smile again. So without further ado, Naruto put down his chopsticks and took out the collar, intending to put it around her neck. Kitsune starred at it warily before she shot away, Naruto quickly following after.

"Come on, Kitsune! Come here!" he yelled as he slid into the kitchen and tried to grab the small animal as it ran across the counter, plates and dishes shattering.

"Got ya!" he said as he panted, the small animal now in his grasp after at least ten minutes of chasing her.

He held her securely as he put the collar on and fastened the circular buckle. It immediately fit to the size of her small neck and the buckle transformed into a simple silver ring with the leather connected at both sides. Naruto put her back down on the table with a smirk as he inspected his small companion.

Kitsune looked at it curiously for a second before looking up at him and did what seemed like a sigh, leaning over so she could lick him on the nose again.

"It's only so I can find and call you if you get lost or if I need help," he said with a smile as he grabbed the bowl of empty ramen and threw it into the trash.

"Well, time for bed!" he ordered as he looked at the clock and found that it was around nine thirty, and even though it wasn't really late, he was tired from his odd sleeping time from yesterday.

So he quickly undressed into a fresh pair of boxers, deciding to have a shower tomorrow, and jumped into bed, Kitsune following quickly after onto his stomach.

"Night," he murmured before his loud snores began and the duo drifted off into sleep.





Preview for:

Episode 2 : A New Face In An Unexpected Place

Naruto groaned as he heard a knocking on his apartment door, not wanting to greet the morning just yet.

He felt around for his blanket to throw over his body and block out the inferring sunlight and noise, but instead his fingers brushed against something that didn't feel anything at all like cotton; something smooth and warm...