How Things Turn Out

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Videl stretched out on her bed looking at a picture of her mother Panna. The pain of losing the most important woman in her life was still going strong. It had only been a few weeks since the death of her mother, she still couldn't bear the fact her mother was never coming back, the pain, the loneliness, the despair. Not to mention she'd made a complete idiot of herself in front of Gohan. She'd actually thought he was cheating on her with Serena. Not only that, but she felt jealous. Jealous of what? Their one month relationship? She shouldn't be feeling this way, she was acting like some teenage school girl in love, and she most definitely wasn't in love yet.

Was she?

She brushed her hair out of her face and picked a hair clip up from her bedside table and clipped it back. She sighed softly to herself. She knew she felt something for Gohan, something more than originally thought. But as to what it exactly was she wasn't sure. All she knew was that when his lips were on hers, she wanted to melt. She felt like an ice cream cone in the heat of summer, it stood no chance of survival. She pulled herself off the bed and walked over to her window. She sat on the chair beside the window and looked over into the Son's backyard.

Gohan was running around the yard chasing after Goten. She smiled to herself. He was great with children, he really was. He was so sweet, gentle and caring. Suddenly Serena came running into the backyard with a feather in her hand and began to tickle Goten with it. They were a happy family, and looking at it she could definitely see the resemblance between Gohan and Serena.

Knock Knock.

Videl turned her attention to the door as it opened up. She smiled weakly as her father walked in and sat on the bed. She walked over and sat beside him giving him a quick hug.

"Why didn't you call I would've picked you up?" Videl questioned her father as he placed his walking stick on his lap. He smiled at her.

"I know things haven't been easy with me in hospital" Hercule answered, "I've also been told things between you and Gohan haven't been great either…" he trailed off as she stared at him. "I'm sorry if it's because of me"

"Daddy!" Videl said in shock, "this has nothing to do with you, it was just a stupid mistake on my behalf" she sighed to herself, "We've sorted it out, I'm just giving Gohan some space for a while so he can reconnect with his twin sister"

"That's good to hear" Hercule answered, "Thank you for arranging everything for your mother's funeral. I know it was a lot for you to do and I'm sorry I couldn't help"

"It's alright" Videl answered, "I couldn't forgive myself if I let you arrange it while you were in hospital. I had a lot of help organizing"

"Good" Hercule answered, "Now listen, what do you say after graduation we get away for a few weeks. Have a holiday, just the three of us"

"Three?" Videl asked curiously, her father smiled at her.

"Well I need to get to know my future son in law" Hercule said smiling. She gave him a hug. "You better go ask him when is good for him so I can book some places"

Videl nodded. "I will"

Tiffany sat in Satan City Forest with her guitar. Leaning against a tree. The soft bellowing of the wind flowing through her veins as she began to play a few strings. The butterflies flew around her, the birds made their way closer as if they were drawn in by the tune.

She began to singly softly.

So, here we are
That's pretty far
When you think of where we've been
No going back
I'm fading out
All that has faded me within
You're by my side
Now everything's fine
I can't believe

She paused for a moment and scribbled on a notepad she had on the ground beside her. The end of year performance was coming up soon and she was still preparing songs. She didn't like to give an average performance. It had to be a great performance. She began to sing again softly as she continued to play on the guitar.

And I was hiding
'Til you came along
And showed me where I belong
You found me
When no one else was lookin'
How did you know?
How did you know?

Pausing again she scribbled a few notes on her notepad again before beginning to play the guitar again.

"You found me" she sang to the tune she was playing, "When no one else was looking" she continued to sing but paused again. She just couldn't get the tune right in this part. It didn't feel right, it didn't suit the lyrics. She threw her notepad on the ground in frustration.

"Whoa, be careful remember a tree died for this paper" a friendly voice spoke as Tiffany looked up.

"Oh hi Leo" Tiffany pouted, "I'm sorry I'm just stressed with this graduation performance coming up. We've got about two songs prepared and I want something that everyone will remember, so when our ten year reunion comes up they'll go 'I remember you, you gave that amazing performance' "

"Don't stress over it, you write amazing music. You and your friends are amazing performers" Leo said sitting beside the girl and placing his arm around her and pulling her close. "Why don't you show me what you've got so far?"

She smiled weakly at him and picked up her notebook again and began to play. At least he'd give her an honest opinion; lord knows that's what she needed most right now.

Jo glared at Marker as she watched Marker and Sharpner play a round of poker. They had been at this for two hours and both had refused to give up. Give up what I hear you ask? Well Sharpner told Marker that he was the greatest poker player in Satan City. Marker disagreed and thought he was. Both were great poker players, which was surprising for Sharpner considering he spends most of his time flexing his muscles. The problem was that there was a $500 bet riding on this and neither was prepared to give up. Another problem was the fact they both had great poker faces and no matter what happened they just kept drawing.

Eraser planted herself beside Jo and frowned. "How much longer will this go for?" she asked yawning.

"I'm not sure but this is boring me to tears" Jo answered, "Have Tiffany spoken to you about the performance yet?"

"Not yet, but she did tell me she's working on some new pieces" Eraser answered giggling. "Those two are going to be there until they die"

Jo sighed. "You're right, let's go around and see Videl?"

Eraser's eye opened up. "Yes lets"

Gohan and Videl were sitting on the front veranda of the Son household. Serena and Goten were in the backyard continuing to play the way they had intended. They weren't sitting close together. Mainly due to Videl's guilt she felt guilty any time he touched her. Especially after the way she'd treated him. Gohan smiled at her.

"Is everything alright Shorty?" he asked looking into her bright blue eyes. He loved the way she looked; he knew she was feeling a tad guilty he wasn't a complete and utter idiot. "Videl?"

"Daddy came home today" Videl whispered looking at her feet.

"Oh" Gohan said "How is he?"

"He's alright, he's got a walking stick to help him walk properly" Videl whispered back, "His attitude and personality have changed though"

"I expect they would after your mother" He slowly pulled her closer.

"Daddy wants to take a few weeks off away after graduation"

Gohan's smile faded as he realized she would be away for a while. Serena was going back with Mirai after graduation and Gohan was looking forward and spending more time with Videl. Videl looked up at him.

"Daddy wants you to come with us" she breathed deeply. Gohan's frown turned back into a smile.

"Does this mean I'll have to put up with his heroes speeches?" Gohan asked teasingly, Videl glared at him throwing a gentle punch to him. "Are you alright Shorty?"

"Yeah, just..." Videl sighed


Videl looked up and found Eraser and Jo waving from the front of the house. Videl stood up; Gohan reached for her hand and pulled her down gently. He gave her a tight hug, and ran his hands over her back.

"Before you go" he whispered, pulling her closer. Videl's body temperature began to rise. She was close to him. Her body was screaming for him. Screaming but at the same time she wanted to push him away afraid of hurting him again. Gohan pressed his lips to hers. She felt such passion in this kiss. It'd been a while since she'd kissed him and in honesty she'd missed it.

"Don't stay away too long" Gohan begged quietly "I love you so much Videl,"

Videl smiled at him. He always knew how to make her feel better. She stood up and held out her hand to him. "Come with me, I'm sure they'd want to see you too they are your friends too"

Jo smirked as the duo walked up to them holding hands. Eraser flapping her arms wildly. Videl sighed at the girl.

"You think that's weird, you haven't seen nothing until you see Sharpner and Marker playing poker to find out who is the greatest poker player in Satan City" Jo laughed, "Whatever happened to a good ol' cock fight"

Eraser stared at Jo. "Jo" she said in shock. "That's disgusting!"

The three teenagers started at Eraser dumbfound. "Cock as in chicken Eraser" Gohan answered smirking.

"Yeah, jeez get your head out of the gutter girl" Jo answered smiling, "Glad to see you guys worked things out, where's Serena?"

"Right Here" a voice said from the Son household's veranda "Mom said to stop standing out here like hooligans and to come in and have some tea"

"Hey your mother makes the best cookies I'm in" Jo answered

Gohan laughed nervously, a lunch time with all the girls. This couldn't get any worse. He'd give anything to be playing poker with Sharpner and Marker. He couldn't play poker but it had to be more fun than what the was getting into.

Lime sat in the music room at Orange Star High. She pressed record on the computer then pressed play on the cd player. She was practising for the big showcase. She wasn't sure what songs they were doing but Tiffany told her to practice them all and they would pick closer to the date.

She tapped her knee as she concentratd on the beat.

I don't care
Just drop it off
I won't be home!
Cause without me you know you're lost
Minus you I'm better off
Soon you will know!

You're not living
'Til you're living, living with me
You're not winning
'Til you're winning, winning me
You're not getting
'Til you're getting, getting to me
You're not living
'Til you're living, living for me

As she finished singing she pressed the stop button and turned the music off. She breathed in deeply. Truth be told she hated listening to herself sing. But Tiffany said It would help her. She pressed the play button and listened back to what she had sung.

She found herself singing along and if she had to say so herself it sounded pretty decent.

Ring Ring

She picked up her mobile phone. "Hello" she answered politely, "What really?"

She listened eagerly into the phone. "I'll be right there" and with that she put down her phone and reached for her jacket and made her way outside of the music room and to Videl's place.

Arriving at Videl's she found everyone sitting in the living room of the Satan household. Tiffany was trying so hard to maintain her smile, but she looked ready to leap out of her seat.

"Okay Tiffany" Jo answered, "Can you just tell us why we're all here?"

"I've found it!" Tiffany exclaimed

"found what? Your toothpaste?" Eraser answered, "Because even i know where that is"

Everyone turned to the blonde and sighed. She wasn't the smartest tool in the shed.

"No, the perfect song for us to perform at graduation!" Tiffany responded.

As the days turned into night, soon the weeks began to fly by. Summer was nearing as were the closure of University and College applications. Seniors were getting ready for the annual party week as well as events such as formal and graduation. Life ahead of those doors you'd been walking through for the past twelve years was beginning to become a reality for some.

Our favourite couple were sitting near the sport field of Orange Star High watching the juniors prepare for the sport carnival.

"It's almost over" Videl whispered

"Almost" Gohan whispered back, "Mom has this whole plan of me going to some a ivy league university. Becoming a scholar and such"

Videl giggled. "Wait til she hears you want to be a rock star"

"I'd much rather be a family man working a regular job but able to spend time with the ones I love" Gohan answered, "As much as mother would disapprove, I don't like studying all the time, where are you going to university Shorty?"

Videl moved closer to Gohan. "I'm not sure" she said to him, "I haven't decided there are plenty of programs I am interested in doing, but I'm not sure that at the moment it is exactly what I want to do, I mean how can they expect us to know everything we want be and do in our life by the end of high school it just doesn't seem logical"

"We'll look at it this way" Gohan smiled, "After graduation you will be able to take things how you please. Fast or slow, it's all up to you"

"I guess" Videl whispered looking at the ground. "I guess it's safe to say, a change is coming?"

"Change is good, sometimes its just what the doctor ordered" Gohan responded as he traced his hand along her shoulders and to her lips. "Change can bring on many wonderful things"

"It can also bring on bad things"

"But without the bad, we wouldn't appreciate the wonderful now would we?"

She nodded. He was right. "Here's the graduation tomorrow and peaceful future" She raised her bottle of juice. Gohan raised his and they toasted.

Serena was watching the couple from afar. Her head in her lap. Oh how she wished Mirai was here. She missed him, it had been so long since she had seen him and she missed him. He'd gone back to the future shortly after the performance Serena did but promised to return. That was a while ago now and she was beginning to lose hope.

She was happy for her brother though. She was glad he'd found someone to make him feel special, he deserved that little bit of happiness. After all she had left him alone in his time of need.

The auditorium of Orange Star High was covered in Orange streamers and balloons. Marquee's were spread across the walls of the auditorium. Rows of seats were set up for the guests with an isle down the middle for people to walk through.

Up the front, there was two sides of seats in front of the stage on an angle. This is where the graduates would sit throughout the speeches, awards, performances for the day. As the morning progressed more and more students began to show up. Alot of them still suffering the repercussions of the previous nights partying.

Sharpner was sitting at the back of the auditorium with a pair of sunglasses on and a bottle of water in his hands. Marker was spread out over three chairs with a hat covering his face. After the formal last night the class of 2007 made their way to the after party. Which involved alot, and I mean alot of alcohol dear reader.

It wasn't long before the girls and Gohan were stumbling into the auditorium themselves. Well stumbling was a bit of an understatement. Videl and Serena were helping Gohan into the auditorium, it turns out someone laced the saiyans lemonade with Vodka. Regardless to say alcohol doesn't necessarily mix well with a saiyan.

"Whoa, you look wasted man" Sharpner laughed from his spot. Serena and Videl glared at him.

"Well if some bastard hadn't have slipped him Vodka" Jo glared with her hands on her hips.

"Hey, its not my fault he couldn't tell the difference" Sharpner argued in his defence. "Besides, it was Marker who gave it to him"

Jo turned her attention to Marker who was still passed out on the chairs. She brushed her fringe out of her eyes. The girls were still looking glamorous after the previous nights events. Many still maintained the $200 hair styles they'd gotten.

"Hey guys" Lime shouted as she and Tiffany made their way to the group. Tiffany was dressed in a pair of black denim jeans with a white t-shirt. Her long hair was curled slightly as it trailed down her back. Her sunglasses shielding her eyes from the lights above her. She looked like a movie star.

"Are we ready for today?" Tiffany asked groaning slightly.

"Some of us are" Serena answered then pointed to Gohan. "But he might be a different story"

Tiffany laughed, she'd seen everything last night and it was quite funny to say the least. Before long the auditorium began to fill up and the ceremony had begun.

There were speeches about the history of the graduating seniors, the growth of the school, the future of the students, teachers and community. Followed by the achievements of some of the more 'advanced' students which was then followed by films featuring embarrassing student moments.

One of the funniest was the one where Sharpner played Juliet in the Junior's production of Romeo and Juliet Modernized. In this version Juliet was . . . well let's just say we got to see a very feminine side of Sharpner.

It wasn't long before Videl was up on the stage making her own speech. As she made her speech her friends were backstage getting ready. Tiffany was shouting commands at her friends who had very obviously been drinking too much the night before.

"Time passes, bad things happen but without the bad we wouldn't appreciate the good. I've certainly got alot of good memories from this school and I won't ever forget them or the people I've met here. Best of luck to you all. "Videl finished her speech and walked off the stage to the sound of cheering.

The principal walked on the stage and signalled for the clapping to stop. "Now i would like to welcome a few students from the graduating class of 2007 with a special performance. Please welcome Tiffany Cula, Jo Maecy, Sharpner Pencil, Marker Pen, Eraser Rubber, Lime Punch, Gohan and Serena Son and Videl Satan"

The crowd went up in a roar of applaud as the group made their way onto the stage. Sharpner brought the microphone to his mouth.

"Don't mind us!" he shouted "Still partying"

The crowd laughed. Tiffany glared as she began to play the beginning notes to the song on her guitar. Serena then followed shortly after on the piano. Not long after Marker followed on the drums and everyone else began to bring themselves into the song slowly. Tiffany moved closer to her microphone.

I am tired of tears and lies and I think it's time to let go
Of the past I am scared a little but that's ok
I can smile, now I can laugh
For with every touch of your gentle hands
I forget all the pain best I can

Videl and Lime began to sing backing vocals as the group sang together.

A change is coming, I feel so free at last tonight
I start to see a future bright
I dare to dream, I catch my breath
Pretty boy I'm ready for what's next
And if they ask me why it's so
To every single question the answer is you

Videl stepped forward smiling at the audience.

I'm inspired by your ideas and it's strange
It empowers me more than no I was lost
But somehow you found me out
I'm alive, I'm ready to go
And with every kiss I lose track of time
Guess I'm leaving my old life behind

The group sang together again.

A change is coming, I feel so free at last tonight
I start to see a future bright
I dare to dream, I catch my breath
Pretty boy I'm ready for what's next
And if they ask me why it's so
To every single question the answer is you

Lime took over for Serena on the piano and Serena stepped up to where Videl and Tiffany were standing and began to sing as the two girls provided backing vocals.

And I'm elated by this world of possibilities I see
You make me want to be the best that I could ever hope to be
Ever hope to be
I feel it coming
I can feel it

The audience had proceeded to jump out of their seats and dance to the music that was playing. ChiChi and Bulma were off in a corner crying over how much the eldest song of Goku had grown up.

I feel so free at last tonight
I start to see a future bright
I dare to dream I catch my breath
Pretty boy I'm ready for what's next
And if they ask me why it's so
To every single question
The answer is you
The answer is you
The answer is you
A journey is coming
I feel so free at last tonight
I start to see a
A change is coming
A change is coming
I feel so free
Yeah yeah

A change is coming

As the group finished singing and playing their instruments the crowd went into a huge uproar of applause. It wasn't often you got this many talented performers performing together. They were going to be missed by Orange Star High.

"Thank you guys" the principal answered as he came on the stage. The group walked off the stage jumping for joy. Tiffany was beaming. She'd written that song and she was amazed at the response it had gotten.

After the ceremony all the graduates were invited to a lunch with their fellow graduates, friends and family. Serena stood with Gohan and Goten. Bulma was taking literally hundreds of photos. The Son's were like her own family. She smiled lovingly.

"Chi, get in the picture" Bulma demanded as she watched the woman stand between her son and daughter and picked up her youngest child. She smiled as Bulma took the picture.

"I'm so proud of you too" Bulma answered. "I have a surprise for each of you"

"Bulma you didn't have to" Gohan answered as he watched Bulma take out two sets of keys. She gave one to each of them. "What's this?"

"Let's just say there is something specially designed or you outside" Bulma smiled broadly at the teenagers as they hugged her. "Let's go have a look shall we?"

"I'll follow in a minute" Gohan answered looking at his mother, "You go, I'll catch up" ChiChi nodded and he walked over to where Videl was sitting with Tiffany. He helped her to her feet and gave her a big hug.

"Was beginning to think you'd forgotten about me" Videl answered as he kissed her quickly.

"Never!" he answered "Come with me for a minute?"

She looked at him weirdly but agreed. Videl gave Tiffany a hug and then followed her boyfriend out to where his family was. There were two identical jets sitting on the ground one was black the other was white. Serena walked up to the white one and put her keys in the door to open it up. She unlocked it and climbed in excitedly. As soon as she climbed in she screamed causing Gohan to look around it concerned.

He relaxed however when Serena exited with Mirai following and a huge smile plastered across her face. She loved Mirai with all her heart.

ChiChi smiled at the couples. Her eyes lit up, not only with joy about them being happy but more so with the thought of grand children. She turned to Serena.

"When are you going to give me grand children?" ChiChi asked causing the group to laugh.

"Excuse me?" Serena asked putting her hand up. "Why not ask him?"

"I have but he won't budge so I'm asking you"

Bulma laughed excessively at that comment.

ChiChi straightened herself up and smiled at Mirai. "Anyways, how are you Mirai sweetie?"

Videl cuddled closer to Gohan as Mirai laughed nervously.

"Well, I've actually come to ask if Serena wants to come to the future for a little while" Mirai answered brushing his hair out of his face. Serena's eyes lit up, while Gohan's faded a little and small frown appeared on his face.

He'd only just recently gotten his sister back and now she was going to be leaving again. He sighed, he knew she wanted too. He also knew she would always return. He smiled.

Serena smiled at Mirai before turning to Gohan. "Would you be okay with me going?" she asked him.

"Well no" Gohan answered, "But i guess i could manage without you picking on me" he teased. She threw a gentle punch his way. "You will be missed"

"Yeah" Videl answered, "I know we've not seen eye to eye but i will miss you"

Serena smiled. "I guess you were right Videl"

"About what?"

"A change is coming" Serena smiled at the girl.

If only at that point of time they were aware of exactly what time would hold for them. What futures they would each have, how things would turn out.

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