Hiya guys! … Nope … not dead yet... but I bet some of you are ready to shoot me! (Grins) I am still working on this … believe it or not …I've had a little bit of down time recently and have been trying to work on chapters for all of my writing at the same time… All 3… everything needs a good long update … this story has been put on the backburner a bit too long…. I hope to fix that.

I apologize that it's taking me so long… if you guys have lost interest; I understand completely… it's happened… There's one author I'd like to chain to her desk. (twitch) That woman literally hasn't updated in years. …

BUT! To those of you who are sticking with me.. I have a bit of an "I'm sorry… please don't kill me.. I heart you gift"

Sides: (grins) Even though some of them have probably already seen it …

Mini: Hey!.. I'm trying to cover my ass here shut up!

Sides: (beams) I know!

Sunny: (smirks) …watching you squirm is entertaining..

Mini: (glares) Kiss . My. Ass.

Sunny: (snorts) I wouldn't give you the privilege..

Mini: (Hisses) How much of that pretty paint job do you wanta keep…

Ratchet: Mini… you do realize they're only enjoying this… (Glares at the mechs) She's still in no condition for this…

Sides: (pouts) Aww ruin all our fun… it's been a while sense she got riled up… (grins) Besides it's always fun to hear her chew you out

Ratchet: -_- I'm sure….and for good fragg'n reason!

(Sighs) ANYWAY! … For those of you that HAVEN'T seen it... (Shoots Sides a glare) and if the link still works... There is a link to the Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen Trailer on my DeviantArt Journal… as well as a link to the screen caps. (grins)

(Puppy eyes) Forgive me?

Sunny: (scoffs) Primus…That was pathetic..

Mini: (growls picking up a sanding block to launch at him) Alright that's it!

Ratchet: (picking me up lightly) I agree…(glares at the Twins) You two OUT..

Sides: (whines) But. Ratchet… We just..

Ratchet: (glares) NOW …(watches the two sulk out of the room) .. Now… you need to calm down. (Plops me lightly back I my chair)

Mini: (Blinks)… wait.. you're not going to make me go to bed or… anything..

Ratchet: So long as you keep your system's cool no..

Mini: o.O

Ratchet: (walking back in his office… mumbles) You know...I've missed working with you too..

Mini. O_O What the Hell?! .. ok.. There HAS to be some Decepticon conspiracy going on..

Red Alert: (standing in the door way) Reporting as scheduled…WHAT?! What Conspiracy!?

Mini: (face palms) Oh shit..

Red Alert: I knew you were working for them! Security breach!

Mini: Red.. Will you relax!… I'm not..

Red Alert: Don't you try to deny it! (Alarms start to go off)

Ratchet: What the FRAG?! .. (Glances from Red to me) WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Mini: NOTHING! … I gotta deal with this.. I hope you guys have fun with the trailer … Fragg'n Hell .. Ratchet's gona kill me..