The small village was lively with people walking around, carrying on their daily tasks. News of the government and rebels were things heard of, but uncared for. Nothing could touch the quiet fishing village.

"Sasuke, hurry up!" exclaimed a little blonde girl. She ran ahead of the boy.

"You're not the one carrying the fish, you little brat!" The boy was just as small as she was. "Ino, slow down!"

The girl continued to run, laughing. However, the sounds of a large vehicles and loud music could be heard and three military jeeps came into view with armed men, some even standing and leaning out of the jeep. Suddenly, everything stopped.

Screams could be heard as everyone made a mad dash and the shootings began. "Ino! Where are you?" yelled Sasuke. Packs of people running had separated them. "Ino!"

The jeeps were getting closer. He wouldn't have time to find her. People around him were dropping like flies. There was no longer japery in the village. Terror was put into every heart.

"Heh, ready for fun, mother fuckers?" laughed a blond man. In his arms laid a weapon that was capable of sending more bullets than he could count into a man in less than a second.

It was surreal, almost dreamlike. The village had heard about this, about how horrible the sounds of the jeeps were, the horror of the bullets and guns and the cold laughter of the men. But they had thought it would never happen that the apprehension would die out before it reached them. And yet, here they were, the monster that refugees passing through the village had described. It was a shock, almost like water dumped over fire.

The forest was the only safe haven. The trees would give the jeeps difficulty driving through. Running, Sasuke could feel his breath waning, his legs tiring. But it was so close. He couldn't die, not just yet. He was barely ten. The screams of a woman deafened him before he realized that she was just right next to him seconds before. Her baby was still alive, wailing as its mother hit the ground. The sounds of the bullets continued like a never ending symphony of death. The adrenaline streamed throughout his body and he ran as he never did before.

The sounds of the chaos became distant, but still Sasuke ran on into he was deep into the forest. Around him, he could see a few people, the survivors of the rebel attack. He collapsed on the ground, panting. This was just too unreal. His thoughts lead him to his parents and his brother…and Ino…where were they now?

"Ay, little boy," said a woman, looking down at him. She prodded him with her foot. "Better get up. They might come back." There were splotches of blood on her dress, but in her arms was a child. The fact that she was so calm confounded him. Maybe this was a dream. She kicked him a little harder and he winced. Definitely not a dream then.

"Ino…" he gasped, "…have you seen…her?"

Shaking her head, she followed the group of refugees that began to mournfully make their way to a camp.