Chapter One- Consequence

The night air felt cool on the back of my neck as I opened the window. It creaked loudly, and I made a mental note to get someone to fix it later. It was good to smell the pine trees in the forest once again, and to hear the different nocturnal creatures scamper around. After all, I had not heard such noises for nearly six years; this is the price I pay for being what they called "evil" and full of "corrupted data."

Scornfully, I laugh at them for saying such things. Who are they to judge what is good and what is evil? Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, as well as the morals of a digimon. I was pursuing my own destiny, to take over the world. This they say is wrong, for the world is no one's to control.

Regardless, I was to suffer and pay my dues, which I had begrudgingly done. After six years of what I referred to as "damnation," I was free to return to the Digital World once moreā€¦ for a price. If I were to return, I was to stay in my current form and never digivolve to either of my Mega forms again. That would mean that if I ever got out of line again, the Digidestineds would surely find out and defeat me once more because the power of eight is too much for me at an ultimate level. Despite the consequences, I think it was pretty obvious what I chose.

The reason I accepted such a deal was simple: I merely wanted to live again. I longed for the cool nights, the full moon gleaming down upon me. I yearned for the nights that I spent in my library, reading assorted books by the firelight. But most of all, I missed the girls. Not often, but when I could, I would go out and visit them, charming them with this unprecedented charisma that even I was amazed at.

The scent of fresh blood snapped me out of my reverie. It was close, somewhere between two and three miles away. And whoever it was had a distinct and familiar scent. If I could just get a hint, I would know in an instant.

I was greeted with a loud, but distant scream. Instantly, I knew who she was and stopped running. She, the distant memory of my past, the one who had first tormented me, was less than a mile from my current location. I studied the facts for a moment and concluded that whoever was hurting her was doing a fine job. I edged myself closer to her, hoping for a good fight. My wish was granted.

It seems that my little pet had caught herself in a fight against two other champions: a BlackGatomon and a Sorcerymon. It did strike me as ironic that she should come in contact with her counterparts. She seemed prepared for the cat mostly, but I kept my eye on Sorcerymon. Somehow, I felt he would do something sneaky.

Gatomon started off well, and at one point, was even going to win the battle. That was merely because the BlackGatomon had mentioned it to be a "cats only" fight. After the dark cat started losing, Sorcerymon stepped in to help out his friend. He cast an ice attack on Gatomon, and the shards pelted her long enough for her to fall. They proclaimed their victory and went back to the valley towns to celebrate.

The ice crystals cut her like daggers, and fresh blood poured from her wounds. The smell was enthralling, yet she was still conscious, so I didn't dare try to feed from her. Well, at least not until she was unconscious.

My heart, normally beating so slowly, began to race as I neared her body. The bloodlust was insatiable. Her eyes had closed, and she was about to de-digivolve into a Salamon once more. I kneeled beside her and stared over her, preparing myself to drink.

The strangest event occurred right before I drank: a persistent and nagging voice in the back of my head prevented me from doing so. This voice sounded like me as a child, which confused me greatly. It kept telling me that if I did do this, I would miss out on something better. Yes, it was odd that I had tricked myself into listening to myself, but that's beside the point. I did not drain her.

Ignoring my desires for sweet nourishment, I followed the voice's advice and took her back to my castle. I must admit, it was odd bringing her back. I set her down on the lid of my coffin, a temporary table, seeing as how my desk was cluttered with papers and maps (not to mention the stack of books I needed to return to the library downstairs).

Her eyes fluttered open, and I twitched. Panic raced through me, and I was unsure of what to do next. If I hid, she would explore my room, and undoubtedly recognize where she was. If I stayed, she would be terrified to find me alive and well. Neither option favored me, so I stood still and waited for her cringes.