Epilogue- Placidity

Epilogue- Placidity

My heart began to rot, decomposing in its grave. It no longer turned to stone, froze, or tore itself into pieces. That would indicate that it was still alive. Constantine, my poor son, he understood that his father was in pain, yet he still wished for me to talk to him… to teach him a new word every day like I promised. But for the first week or so, I was despondent and unresponsive.

Every day, he would stroll into my room and pull up a chair, sitting next to my bed, my tomb. And every so often, I would hear him call for me quietly. He pressed me for an answer, and sometimes there was a sigh as a response. He simply sat there and sighed back, trying to make small talk with me. In one instance, he commented on the wild spring weather we were having, and I replied with a simple, "Yes. Strange indeed." His face lit up at my response. I was coming around.

Three months passed before I was back to my normal self again. At about the one month mark, I began speaking to him clearly, but I was detached, no feeling in my words. Sometimes, he would throw a tantrum, screaming that I hated him. Life from then until about two months was a bitter hell I would rather not revisit. Our astringent and biting tones led us to constant bickering.

By then, he had grown a bit older, losing his innocent and childish voice. The difficult words I had begun to teach him again he could say with almost no trouble. Remembering their meaning proved to be more of a challenge. And by this time, he was old enough to understand what had taken place when he was young.

I had apologized to him profusely at about the two month mark, and it would not have happened had it not been for the words we exchanged. It was another one of those harsh conflicts where words utterly destroyed me. He had said, "Get away from me, you… demon!" It was all too familiar to me. I had called my father that often, along with a few other choice words. It made me realize that I, who had sought to become nothing like my father, was starting to become just like him. Just like Edward too. Oh, the irony.

Three months had gone by. I had resumed more responsibility as a father, a real one. Now that we were on better terms, he would sit in the library at night with me, his own chair by the fire, reading classic literature I had acquired over the years. We laughed, joked, and even reminisced. I told him very few stories about his mother, but when I did, it was a treat.

I was very disappointed in my love. She had promised to visit us, but never did.

On one particular night, Constantine came to my room, Witchmon by his side. He had often thought of her as an older sister. It made sense: no one could take the place of his mother.

Witchmon caught my attention and spoke, "Sir, you have a letter." A letter? No one ever writes to me. But as I checked the penmanship, I knew my beloved was the author. Opening it carefully, I read it out loud for Constantine and I to hear:

Dear Myotismon,

I want to thank you for everything you've done for us. I never thought I could be so happy, but that's not to say I wasn't happy with you. It's just that you tried to fill this hole in my heart, but it never quite fit right. That doesn't change the fact that I still love you, and I owe you my life. And no, I'm not paying you back by becoming your slave again, though I feel you'd be a more benevolent master now.

If you're wondering how I am, I am doing quite well for myself. I must admit, when Kari, Wizardmon and I returned back to the others, they were honestly shocked, and they kept gawking over him and everything. It was rather humorous. Kari and T.K. (the small blonde haired boy) are very angry with you for what you've done to me, but I told them that they shouldn't be, seeing as how I'm not mad. I suppose I owed everyone an apology for my erratic behavior, and I remember the first to forgive me was Patamon, my angel of Hope, and close confidant. Go figure. I sincerely hope you don't have the Digidestineds knocking on your door one day ready to kill you…again.

Enclosed with the letter was a small picture. It featured my LadyDevimon as a BlackGatomon, Wizardmon standing by her side, and Kari and who was apparently T.K. side by side behind the two. In front of the two pairs of lovers, there were three small mini-clones of their parents. There were twin BlackGatomon featured; both dressed up in their father's outfits, one in blue, and the other in red. The blue one was scowling, while the red one smiled cheerily. There was another one, a small Wizardmon with black hair and the same blue eyes as his mother's, that was hugging the Wizardmon I remembered.

I'm sure you're also curious who the three little ones in the picture are. Well, Wizardmon and I are very happy with three beautiful children. The ones in the blue and red are Selene and Luna respectively, and the boy clinging to his daddy is Vivi. Once or twice, they'll ask about my past with you, and I'm more than happy to tell them, "It's in the past, and he's much nicer now." In fact, I was planning on bringing them with us so they can meet their "Uncle Myo." I thought it was cute.

Tell Constantine that his mommy loves him very much and she promises to visit next weekend. She swears on her life. At least when we come up, he can meet his new stepbrother and stepsisters. I'm sure he'd be excited to meet them, or at least I hope so. Myotismon, make sure you've been raising him well while I've been gone.

Wizardmon and I are so grateful for what you've done. I don't think I could've done that for someone I love. So, to repay you, we contacted Witchmon from your not-so-distant past while you were out and had her conjure up someone from yours.

From your eternal love, LadyDevimon

My past? But whom?

I shot Constantine and Witchmon a confused look, and the two gave each other sly glances. They knew who it was, and obviously, they wanted me to be surprised.

"I hate surprises. You know that, right Witchmon?"

She giggled a bit, assuring me, "Don't worry, you'll love this one. Guaranteed." I was led to the front door. The heavy wooden doors were keeping out a late summer wind, which would probably lead to a freak summer snowstorm or something. That was an oddity here on Server; File Island was more known for the rapidly fluctuating weather.

Constantine followed close beside me, holding onto my hand. In a nonchalant voice, he mentioned, "Don't fret, Dad. Even I'm not sure who is behind the door here." I still ruffled his hair like I had done to him when he was young. He shrugged and fixed his hair, making sure no loose strand stood straight up. Shaking his head, he added, "Go on. Let in our guest. I'm curious to know who lies beyond the door."

"As am I, child… I mean, Con." Only recently was I starting to use his mother's recommended nickname. Strangely enough, he held the thought of me using it close. I did use it on occasion, and each time it was said, he beamed brighter than the sun. Following his directions, I gripped the doorknob, anxious to know who awaited me there.

It was a woman dressed all in white. She stood tall, and a small golden outline enveloped her. The flushed tone in her cheeks and the ruby red eyes were the only signs of color on her, besides the raven black hair. My body could hardly comprehend it, and my knees almost gave out from under me. She was an angel, but above all, she was my mother…Now, peering at her angel wings, it was too good to be true.


"Viktor…" Her voice soothed me. My heart, which I had thought decayed into nonexistence, suddenly was struck back to life. It was so bad that I felt the physical aspect of it.

I clutched my chest and murmured, "You made me feel alive again."

"Well, then it seems that I have done my job." She giggled softly afterwards. She knelt onto the floor beside Constantine and held out her hand. "My name is Ruby. I'm Viktor's mother, so I suppose that would make me your grandmother."

He nodded and took her hand, kissing it softly. "'Tis a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Constantine, but Daddy calls me Con at times. You can too."

"Con? Oh, that's an adorable nickname. You know, that name sounds familiar."

"Really? How?"

"Did I ever tell you the story about a little vampire boy named Constantine?" He chuckled softly to himself and shook his head no. "I didn't? Well, then I'll have to later."

The two walked down the hall where Con decided to show my mother his room. Her mention of the vampire boy stories named after him struck me with nostalgia. She had done that for me all those years ago. I gave a silent, gracious thanks to Witchmon.

Freezing this moment in my mind, I realized what a contrast it was from any other moment in my life. I had been harassed and burdened with pain and misery all my life, even the times when I thought I was numb to it all.

When I reflect upon it all, now was the time that I was truly overjoyed, and truly free myself. Free of my father and his oppressive reign, of Lilith and her deceitful half-truths, and free from the pain of losing my beloved ones. It was my turn to fly now.


"Uncle Myo!"

Immediately, I was rushed by two miniature BlackGatomons. They each ran to one of my legs, squeezing tightly in a loving embrace, or what was meant to be. Their claws began to dig, and I tried to pry them off.

"That's enough. Selene, Luna, off."

"It's not our fault that we love you so much!" Luna cried out. She was the happy-go-lucky one whose job was to keep everyone cheerful. She was very good at her job as a mediator, a skill she inherited from both parents, more from her father's side. An intelligent youth and avid reader, she took to Constantine right away, asking him if he had a copy of a certain old romance story.

"How can you love him so much? You hardly know him." Selene was more practical, but was full of attitude, her mother reincarnate. Her wit and brutal truths made Constantine and me instant targets. The first words out of her mouth to us were words of scrutiny, "So, are you two a bastard family or something?" Her mother's mouth, I swear.

Vivi came over to his sisters timidly and looked up at me, seemingly mesmerized by my height. He held out his hand, gripping mine tightly, shaking it and saying, "Nice to finally meet you, Uncle Myo. Mama says that you wanted to meet us for a while as well." Damn, the child had a strong grip. Vivi was a fairly intelligent boy, much like his father. He was shy about making friends, keeping to himself most of the time.

I had learned later that Luna's intelligence and Vivi's strength were the results of the vampire venom slowly fading from Gatomon's system. Selene, receiving the most out of the three, was subjected to something that would have made her my daughter completely: her excessive arrogance and pride.

The three then flocked to my mother, yelling "Grandma Ruby!" as they tackled her, Wizardmon running off after them to help keep them in line. I turned to Gatomon, who shook her head, laughing it off.

She glanced at me as I stood next to her. "Children never change, do they Myotismon?"

Observing Constantine joining the merry gang, I nodded. "I suppose not."

"So, how are my two boys doing?"

"Which two?" I murmured, realizing that she had two other boys of her own.

"Ha ha. Hilarious."

"I felt it was." I paused, deciding to give her the details of the situation. "Well, I must admit, Gatomon, it had been a rather long and hard three months. Constantine grew up quite a bit, as you've noticed. He's gotten much more enlightened since last time. There were times where we were at each other's throats, ready to kill, no pun intended."

"But, you're on better terms now?"

"We haven't fought once since he essentially called me out as my father."

She winced, for it was such a hard blow for her to imagine. "You? Never."

"And yet, he called me a demon… but enough of that. I have a question for you." She nodded, allowing me to go on. "Gatomon… why my mother? You could have brought Acacia as well."

"Yes, but… you loved your mother more. I just had a feeling that you were always thinking about her." She didn't know how right she was. "Plus, if I couldn't provide you with a little happiness, I knew that she would."

I kneeled down and hugged her tightly. "Thank you ever so much. You have no idea how much happier I feel. Before, I was inching my way out of this shell I had created for myself after you had gone. I had pulled out by the time she arrived, but she cracked the shell, breaking it into pieces. I never have to go back into it, thanks to you."

"You're welcome…" She kissed my cheek softly, "my love."

My hand brushed the cheek she had just pecked as I smirked. "Didn't anyone ever teach you not to kiss another man when you already have a good one?"

"I don't know. You taught me everything, remember?"

"That I did, Gatomon," We began to walk down the hall toward the children. "That I did."

I must admit, giving LadyDevimon up wasn't easy, but she was easier to let go because her happiness was all that mattered. And no matter how the future progressed, I knew that I should remain optimistic. I owe it to my mother, my new extended family, and myself after all.

I was alive again… and I wasn't about to die any time soon.