Rescue the Future

Chapter 1: Three Conspirators

It was almost a year since the incident of the Boogie Monster being defeated by the Grim Reaper and the likes of the Creeper had taken over the command of the likes of Mandroid and Billybot who were preparing for their next scheme.

"Alright since you're here with us, what sort of trouble do you wish to cause?" asked Mandroid to the Creeper.

"Well, I have come up with a large scheme of my own that'll make you robots the dominate ones on this planet" replied Creeper as he drew up plans for new robots, "I have drawn up some of my latest inventions that'll help is aid in your quest since I live to serve the likes of you two."

"Who is this Ben 10?" asked the Billybot as he noticed a Ben Bot that looked just like its human counterpart.

"Ah yes, you heard of the Omnitrix haven't you?" asked Creeper, "I am prepared to make a whole line of super soldier robots for our conquest but I need the blueprints to complete them. The Ben Bot will be able to transform like a transformer would into any alien the original one can turn into."

"And this one?" asked Mandroid as it pointed to a robotizied version of Danielle Phantom.

"Oh that, that one isn't completed yet" replied Creeper, "if I could only come up with the blueprint of its original clone perhaps I could find a way to create it."

Then Creeper noticed a certain strange teddy bear that the likes of Billybot was playing with. The teddy bear was all beaten up, but really it wasn't no original stuffed bear.

"Billybot, where did you acquire this?" asked Creeper as he took the beaten up strange teddy bear away from Billybot.

"Hey, that is mine, what do I have to do to take it from you, make you assimilated?" asked Billybot.

"No look" replied Creeper as he found out that the strange teddy bear was a machine of itself all used out and beaten up, "hmm, someone by the likes of Finbarr Calamitous was the one who created this now destroyed teddy bear robot. If one of them was created there must be more."

"Uh, how about that abandon toy factory I came across?" replied Billybot.

"Show me where it is then" demanded Creeper.

As the likes of Mandroid and Billybot showed Creeper where the abandon toy factory was, Creeper was quite well amazed as the sort amount of the damaged toy bots were just lying all over the floor. It seemed as if an entire army of some sort came into the factory and just destroyed everything. Creeper was especially impressed with a certain toy bot that had a D-shaped symbol on it.

"Yes, this must be the original model I was looking for the whole time" laughed Creeper with joy, "you two have helped me found a treasure trove of discarded and destroyed robots. These toy bots must have been the elite core of the toy factory and I think with my brilliant mind I can recreate them all. But there's quite a catch."

"What's that?" asked Mandroid.

"You two have the ability to travel into the future and back to the past, right?" asked Creeper.

"Sure, why not" replied Billybot.

"I need you to go to the future and choose a stupid robot that'll be the so-called chosen one of all the robots so that he can lead this entire army of robots to victory in the least time period that our old foes would fail to look" said Creeper.

"And that would be?" asked Mandroid.

"The future, presumably the 31st century is my ticket" laughed Creeper.

"Why the 31st, why not the early 21st century when they are the weakest?" asked Mandroid.

"Mandroid, Mandroid, Mandroid you don't see how it works" replied Creeper, "you robots would be able to blend into the scenery with no one to suspect you plans. Now go, your orders are to choose a robot Chosen One and also then take him back to the early 21st century and grab the Grim Reaper's scythe so that not only you robots shall rule the future but the past as well."

"You have our word" said Mandroid as Mandroid and Billybot left the scene in quite a flash, the scene then fades with Creeper laughing it up.

Meanwhile back in a certain town known as Endsville, the likes of the Grim Reaper had it quite rough. He was doing more chores than usual and he couldn't stand it anymore.

"You two kids are driving me to the end!" cried Grim as he threw down the laundries of Billy and Mandy's clothes, "I can't take this anymore!"

"Yea, but you say that all the time" replied Billy.

"Well not anymore" said Grim as he took out his scythe, "this time it's final with you two."

"That's what you think bonehead" said Mandy as she took her cell phone and began to dial a number.

"Ha, you can't call the police to stop death" laughed Grim.

"No, I'm not calling the boys in blue" replied Mandy.

Suddenly a large trailer of some sort rammed right into the house where Grim was, flattening the poor Grim Reaper.

"You called kids?" asked Grandpa Max who emerged from the trailer.

"Grim, I think you know an organization known as the Plumbers" replied Mandy as she walked over to where Grim was flatten like a pancake.

"You mean you called them if I were going to rebel against you two?" asked Grim, "What else did those Plumbers bring along?"

"This!" replied Ben as he came out as Diamondhead and started to beat up the Grim Reaper like the same manner Hoss Delgado treated him, "Try to Reap some innocence are you?"

"Say, doesn't that diamond guy beat up Grim the same way Hoss did?" asked Billy, "Where is he anyway?"

"I heard he got lost in some sort of Ghost Zone" replied Mandy as poor Grim was being beaten quite a lot.

"Why me!" cried Grim as Ben while still as Diamondhead continued to pummel his face with his fist.

"I think that's enough" said Gwen as she got into the scene, "he's likely too weak to even grab his scythe and use it anymore."

"Oh thank you child" said Grim as Ben placed him down still quite dizzy from being run over and beaten up, "I'll remember you to extend your life-time on this planet."

"Come again soon" said Mandy as she handed Grandpa Max about fifty bucks to which he along with Ben and Gwen promptly left the scene in their trailer.

"What da heck was that all about?" asked Grim.

"Every time you overreact to us Grim, we call on some nameless hero to go and beat you up straight" replied Mandy.

"Oh great, now this is what I have to deal with?" complained Grim, "What the heck else could pop up?"

But poor Grim couldn't have spoken too soon, flash forward to the 31st century, the likes of Mandroid and Billybot had arrived at their destination.

"It seems that we have arrived at the right time period" said Mandroid.

"How can you tell?" asked Billybot as he was quite unaware as he would that it was the year 3007.

"Look at the date" replied Mandroid as she pointed at a television screen that was nearby.

"So where do we look for this Robot Chosen One?" asked Billybot.

"How about that Planet Express company?" replied Mandroid.

"Hee, hee, I hope they have soda" replied Billybot as the two robots began to head to Planet Express.