Cera Esper

Age: 25

Occupation: Club Owner

Racing Team: Vega Vixens

Racing Alias: Silkut

Ava Giovanni

Age: 19

Occupation: Waitress

Racing Team: Vega Vixens

Racing Alias: Dusk

Vigor Desoto

Age: 33

Occupation: Mechanic

Racing Team: Suiciders

Racing Alias: Thorn

Xia Covault

Age: 16

Occupation: Racer

Racing Team: Suiciders

Racing Alias: Evalon

Zinon Tera

Age: 27

Occupation: DJ/Actress

Racing Team: Vega Vixens

Racing Alias: Argos

Razzo Cosair

Age: 45

Occupation: Kinetic Suit Modifier

Racing Team: Suiciders

Racing Alias: Steyer

Siba Gastron

Age: 17

Occupation: Researcher

Racing Team: Emerald Eve Racers

Racing Alias: Cyan

Greck Auger

Age: 28

Occupation: Bodyguard

Racing Team: Emerald Eve Racers

Racing Alias: Maddox


Age: N/A

Occupation: Dictator of Emerald Eve

Racing Team: Emerald Eve Racers

Racing Alias: Gore

This story follows three teams of three racers that are linked together in some way. The Vega Vixen's story takes place in the bustling city of New Vega. The Suiciders' story takes place in the industrial city of Metroscape. The Emerald Eve Racers' story takes place in the dictated city of Emerald Eve. The time set is some thousands of years into the future. These characters are finally brought together when a Kinetica tournament is held in Emerald Eve to find the best racer there is.

All racers report to their stations, the race is about to begin.

"Ok Xia you're ready to go." Vigor said. "Go kick some ass."

"You know I will." Xia said as she stepped onto the white light that transported her on the track. The crowd was going wild as Xia got into her position. They were chanting her racing name Evalon. She could hear her titanium suite hit the ground as she got into her racing position and activated her wheels. She then turned on her helmet which when activated covered her whole face and in that helmet a screen came up that showed the track and a map of her suite, just in case something went wrong. She could hear Vigor talking to her in her earpiece.

Her kinetic suite, like many others, was specially made for her body and racing type. Each person had a different racing type: power, speed, and technique. Xia's racing type was technique because she performed a lot of tricks on the racetrack often to get her boost up. Her kinetic suite was made out of titanium by Razzo, he modifies suites for a living and he makes them for her team. Razzo also races, but he hasn't in a while. He's been busy with something.

Xia looked around at her opponents, they weren't anything she couldn't handle. Soon the light turned green and she was off. She did a few tricks that got the crowd chanting her name even louder and she zoomed past the other racers. "This is going to be easy." Vigor said into the mic to Xia as she finished her first lap. "I bet Razzo wishes he could be here to see this."

Xia was soon enough halfway through the last lap and came up to the racer in first place. Her racing suite was unusual. It was like hers, but it had a wheel that came from the middle of her back to the front of the suite. Xia wondered how she even could go that fast with all that weight. She came up beside her and look over. The woman's skin looked pale, like she was some kind of alien. Xia looked back to the front of her and saw that they were almost finished with the race. She looked to the upper corner of her screen and saw that she had a attack left. A kinetic attack is when the attackers suite releases electric currents that goes to the surrounding racers' suites and stops them for a couple of seconds, just long enough for Xia to win. She executed her attack and the woman stopped as planned. A few minutes later Xia found herself in the winner's circle once again.