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These are my dark stories, my gut wrenchers, the ones that rip your heart out. Some of them are just drabbles. Others are excerpts from various plotlines that I've come up with that I just don't think I'll ever get around to actually writing. Either way, they are dark, angsty, and sin runs rampant. Think of this as Cinnamon & Vanilla's evil twin.

And don't except a happy ending.


Dark Side of the Moon


The Forgotten One

I honestly can't remember the day Sora and I became friends. It was just too long ago. Even so, my earliest memory of him is when he and I were working out of one of our school books in his living room. I lived down the street, but my parents paid for me to be home schooled together with Sora by his mother, a former teacher.

After our studies for the day were done, we would play together. At his house, at mine, in the sandbox, in the mud, we would play. We even tried to build a tree house in my backyard once, but we never really got around to finishing it. All the way from preschool until sixth grade, he and I were each other's closest, and oftentimes only, companion. We were both only children and while I had cousins who were my age, they lived almost a thousand miles away and I almost never saw them. Yes, Sora was my best friend, my world, my universe. And I loved him dearly.

Then came seventh grade, and our parents decided it was time for us to join other kids our age in a proper middle school. It wasn't so bad, definitely not Sora's living room, but still interesting and different, if a little intimidating at first. Yes, I think it's fair to say I liked being in middle school.

Or rather, I would have, if for not one tiny little detail.

They separated me from Sora.

To help students make the transition from sixth grade to seventh, the students of the same grade were separated into groups called cores. While they may have had classes at different times, students of a core had the same teacher for all their mandatory classes; English, Math, Science, Reading, and Social Studies. Sora was placed in the Blue Jazz core. I went into the Red Nocturne core.

This actually wouldn't have been a problem. We had the same lunch and gym class, and we always walked home together, and we were still thick as thieves, so it was alright. I became friends with these three kids from my core, Hayner, Pence, and Olette, while Sora did the same with Kairi and Riku. And for a time, the seven of us were our own little gang, hanging out after school together. Kairi was nice and almost as sweet as Sora, but I had my doubts about Riku, not that there was any lost love between us. We would put up with each other for Sora's sake, but there was something about him I just didn't trust. Still, he'd passed Sora's inspection, so I let it slide. Sora, however, continued to be the center of my universe.

My uneasiness increased as time passed and Sora spent more and more time with Riku. Sora was fascinated by him, almost to the point of infatuation. I tried to be supportive. Sora was bubbly and contagious and spreading his infectious good spirits was absolutely vital nourishment for his soul, so I tried to hide my feelings about it and just watch out for Sora as best I could, as I had always done.

As Riku was a year older than us, in eighth grade he moved on to high school, and for a while, I had Sora almost to myself again. It was then that I realized I was in love with my best friend.

But my relief was short lived. We graduated from middle school and moved on to high school. With Riku back in the picture, I got put on the backburner of Sora's friendships. We weren't separated into cores anymore, but Sora and I still didn't have any classes together. As weeks and months passed, my once best friend and I talked less and less and less. Our relationship had become so superficial. We didn't share each other's deep secrets anymore, the kind that binds two people's souls together.

Then one day near the end of our freshman year, I spotted Sora and Riku walking together in the hallway, hand in hand. Sora passed less than three feet from me but didn't even bat an eyelash in my direction, so consumed was he in Riku.

It's now a few weeks before the beginning of junior year, and we haven't spoken since.

I was his best friend first! I loved him first!

So why was I the one who was tossed aside?

And the most painful thing of all is... Even though he has forgotten me, I still love him anyway.


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