Author's Note: It's just a drabble in Axel's POV. About ice cream and Roxas.

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Ice cream. They say it's one of the best treats in the world.

Twlight Town is infamous for its delicious sea-salt ice cream. It's unquestionable blasphemy to visit and avoid trying it. You can't be a local without having an addiction to the flavor—sweet on the first bite and salty in the next. It's the perfect combination; it's like ying and yang.

Can't really have one without the other, yanno?

On every corner, there's a passerby with a blue ice cream in hand. All the best merchants are sure to have them in stock, or their business isn't really business at all. It's a sitting market.

There's not a place I can go without seeing sea-salt ice cream.

Some people think that if you constantly see something, eventually you're going to want it. I see sea-salt everywhere. Every day. So, that type of advertising doesn't exactly work on a nobody like me. It goes right over my head.

I had my last sea-salt ice cream on the Clock Tower with Roxas. It's not that I've grown tired of them, or that I've never liked them to begin with. It's nothing like that.

Sea-salt ice cream was his favorite; it just doesn't feel right eating one without him.