Bloom laughed as she watched Sky and Riven race to finish their drinks, Riven slammed his glass down. Everyone cheered, Sky put his glass down only three seconds lafter. The winx club and their boyfriends were having a night out, they were at a small pub in magix.

"Best out of three?" Sky asked, Riven smiled another two rounds were ordered.

"Sky don't drink too much you gotta drive me back to Alfea" Bloom said sternly, then sauntered over to where the other girls were. Stella's one year old son Jaydon reached out to her as she got closer, she took him out of his mothers arms "hello honey" she cooed. He was an accident since his parents were only 18 when he was conceived. He had a tuft of brown hair and honey coloured eyes, he was so cute.

"You're gonna make a wonderful mum someday Bloom" Flora smiled, Techna nodded in agreement. Bloom just smiled still playing with Jaydon. A loud cheer came from where the boys were,

"I wonder who won that one?" Layla asked. Bloom shook her head, this was the most fun they had had in awhile. Baltor was a growing threat, he had taken over Tides and Linphea completely. So it was a blessing to see Layla and Flora smile nowadays, Bloom was worried about her final confrontation with the warlock. But she was more worried about what was growing inside her, she was waiting for the right moment to tell Sky she was pregnant of course she was only eighteen she didn't know what would happen.

"Bloom is something wrong?" Musa asked waving her hand in front of Bloom's face,

"huh" Bloom said waking from her thoughts.

"You don't look so good" Flora said looking concerned,

"I think I should get back to Alfea I'll meet you guys there" Bloom said grabbing her coat and bag, she hugged the girls goodbye then went over to the boys.

"Hey Sky can you drive me back to the dorm please" she said in his ear, he nodded

"I gotta go pay, I'll meet you out by the bike" he said standing up, she kissed his cheek and went outside. She pulled her coat closer around her, it was so cold, she hurried to the alley which had the bikes parked. She leaned against Sky's bike, just then a man appeared from the shadows. He was tall, his hair was short and a platinum blonde, while his eyes were a steely grey. He wore black shirt and pants and a black trench coat,

"who are you?" Bloom snarled taking a step away from the man. He laughed her eyes widened at the sight of his teeth they looked exactly like a oh shit not a vampire she took another step back he smiled

"you're worst nightmare" he cackled, he then disappeared with a puff of black smoke and reappeared behind her. He bit her neck, she screamed…

Sky watched Bloom leave and then went up to the counter and paid, he then walked over to the group and said goodbye. He picked Jaydon up, he and Bloom were his godparents. Sky hoped he and Bloom would have children in the near future after Baltor is destroyed, he smiled at the thought. Just then he heard a scream,

"that sounded like Bloom" Layla said. Sky gave Jaydon to Stella and sprinted out of the pub, the others followed except for Stella who stayed with Jaydon. They rounded the corner to the alley, it was a horrific scene. A man was standing over Bloom who was on the ground, she was bleeding heavily from two small holes in her neck. The man stood, he had Bloom's blood running down his chin and onto his shirt his pointed teeth gleaming red. Sky was disgusted, he threw his boomerang at the bloodsucker. The man dodged it with inhuman speed, he picked Bloom up. Sky ran towards them , he dived. The man and Bloom disappeared with a puff of black smoke. Sky landed on the ground hard,

"BLOOM!" he yelled tears spilling down his cheeks. Brandon put a hand on his shoulder,

"we have to go to Ms F she might be able to help find her". Sky merely nodded, he heard sobs behind him he knew it was the girls. The group jumped on the bikes, and headed back to Alfea (they picked up Stella and Jaydon) as fast as they could.

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