Sweet Sacrifice

By: Luna Ace

Summary: Years after the infamous Dear John Letter Kimberly Ann Hart calls Thomas Oliver and asks him to met in Angel Grove's Park. Can a relationship ten years old be salvage?

Aisha, and Billy sat close to were the inscription was. They never took their eyes off Tommy. He was the one in need of medical attention. The one who should be in an infirmary. But, every time Aisha closed her eyes she saw something. She didn't know what it was...

The Red Ape stood their by the mountain cliff and turn towards the Yellow Bear. Behind her she could see the Blue Wolf, and Black Frog. The Black Frog stepped forward. He lifted his webbed-foot and pointed into the sky.

"See it's amazing. They've made it. I never thought hey would. Even after—"

Up above them where the Pink Crane and Falcon flying-- no soaring the skies together, like it was meant to be. Like it should have been.

"Your right Adam." The Blue Wolf said.

The other smiled and turned back walking away from the cliff. All, but the Yellow Bear. Instead, she look down and saw the forest in shambles.

"Aisha-- are you okay?" The Black Frog asked.

"Um, yea. It's nothing."

But, the Yellow Bear shivered and looked up into the sky--

"Aisha!" Billy called out to her as she fell over.

She blinked her eyes, and looked down to her hands. She felt like this battle isn't over. Not yet, not by a long shot. She looked over to Tommy, who she knew was fighting for his life, and then back to Billy . He was deeply concerned about her.

"Are you all right? Billy asked.

"I think so. I mean I'm still breathing, aren't I?" she joked, but frowned.

An eerie feeling came over her as she stood up. She tried to remember that dream-- or that premonition. But, she couldn't recall anything. She wondered if it was more trouble for them.

"You sure?" Billy asked.

"Positive Billy."

"Anyone there?" the boy asked taking a few steps onto the bare mountain range.

Katherine turned around, and gasped. She was confused on what was going on. Well, not exactly. She wanted to know what he was doing here and why hadn't the alarm system didn't warn them. The boy had black hair and was dressed in white attire. Or at least she thought.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"The Wind. It brought me here. Who are you?"

"I'm-- none of your business. Now leave." Katherine said , stepping forward before getting all defensive.

She's crazy, the boy thought as he back away.

But, then the doors to the command center opened-- revealing a sadden Hayley. She was still crying, as she looked up and noticed the boy. Then she looked at Katherine, and smiled sadly.

"Kat it's okay. I know him. He won't harm anyone."

Katherine turned around and nodded then went back to watching the stars. She felt lost. All she knew was her husband was out there. But, then she felt an eerie chill from behind her.

"Hayley?" she called out.

Hayley and the boy were gone. She stood alone onto of a cliff-- looking up above at the morning sun...

"Aisha-- are you okay?" The Black Frog asked.

"Um, yea. It's nothing."

But, the Yellow Bear shivered and looked up into the sky, and saw bullets flying. They hit the two birds. As they fell towards the ground, she recognized them-- the Pink Crane and the White Falcon. All the while, the animal spirits returned "home".

Katherine tried to call out to her friends. "Billy! Aisha! Adam! Rocky! Please... oh god..."

Kimberly opened her eyes, and she was scared. She had stop moving, and Adam noticed. He was standing a few feet in front of her. He didn't say a word. But when he looked into her brown eyes, he knew what she saw wasn't good.

"It's not over." she mumbled.

That confused him.

"What isn't over?" he asked.

"The battle, the fight. That's all I know. The Ranger woman just shared a premonition... I think. I mean, I know Katherine, Aisha and I did."

"What about Trini and Hayley?

Kimberly turned away. "I don't know. Trina never was a Ninjetti Ranger-- like you and me. And, Hayley-- she just became a Ranger."

They continued towards where they started from. They took it slow, provided that Kimberly took it slow. Well, at least Adam had asked her to. The Black Frog's mind filled with questions he wanted to ask her. But, he decided to wait until they got back to camp.

Only thing that Kimberly Ann Hart was sure of was The End Game stared now.

"Katherine!" Zack called shaking her a bit.

But, nothing happened. She didn't awake or anything. Trini and Hayley were fussing around her. They were trying to get her to breathe. Or awake. Or something.

But nothing happened.

"It's no use." Hayley said. "We can't wake her up."

"We can't lose her. Billy can't lose her!" Trini said crying.

But then Jason shot up and grabbed his wife as tears fell from her eyes.

"There's nothing we can do. We done the best we can. Tri she's in a coma. We only can talk to her. We have to be here for her. Be strong."

But, as Jason said that he looked to were Rocky's body was and it was gone...

"Katherine what are you doing here?" Rocky asked as he stood up from his chair in the Juice Bar.

They were seven-teen again. Teenagers. Katherine was wearing a pink summer dress, while he was wearing a blue shirt, and jeans. She walked over to him and embrace him.

"Where are we?" she asked.

"The Juice Bar. Um, Ernie's not in." he said nonchalantly.

She just smiled and shook her head. "Listen-- you need to go. The Pink Crane needs you. Now more then ever."

"Pink Crane?"

"Rocky don't do this. The Ninjetti Rangers need you. I can feel it, Kimberly is summoning you. You must go."

He laughed. "Yeah Right. I haven't talk to her since that stupid letter she sent."

Katherine gasped.

"Rocko, please. Tommy can loose his life. You could too. Your Yellow Bear needs you. She's not strong. They're all worried about you Rocky. Please." she begged.

As she begged, the backdrop faded, and they were grown up again. Rocky was sprawled on the floor as Katherine bent down to help him up.

"Rocky you all right?" she asked.

"Ah, I got this splitting headache. I think I saw something too. Kim needs me though."

And, in a flash he was gone, leaving Katherine to wander through space and time.

She look down to her right hand and murmured, "I'm the sacrifice."

A/N: Okay. This fix is done with it's *on hiatus* stats. Sorry that I had to do that. I felt as if I didn't have my creative juices flowing in me. Plus, I'm working on writing a children's book right now. But, like I said before I wanted to finish this. And, of course this story is going to go out with a bang.