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This war at home was becoming more serious and more dangerous everyday. Because of that Robin decided that increasing practice and beginning lessons would be a good idea. The others were all good fighters, but with the new threat of the black knights he realized that good was no longer enough. Each member had their specialties, their own fighting styles, but they needed to master every style. Robin decided that today was as good as any to start.

He made breakfast, something he never did, and woke everyone up. Much was happily finishing his meal, "Robin, thank you for fixing the morning meal. I really appreciate the help."

Robin smiled at them, "well actually I have been thinking."

Everyone groaned loudly, "this I do not like," John said gruffly, "every time you start thinking it always means something bad for us."

"Or dangerous," Djaq added.

"Or both," Will nodded.

"Hey, I am hurt," Robin put his hand over his heart, "truly I am. I do my best to be a good leader, keep you all fed, with a roof over your head."

"Actually, I think I am responsible for that one," Will said as he rose his hand.

"And this is the thanks I get," Robin continued as though he had never been interrupted. "In all seriousness though, dark days are coming to Nottingham. The Sheriff is becoming smarter. He has his Black Knights at his side, and they are trained fighters. I think we should begin training as well."

"Master, no," Much cried, "not like the Holy Lands again. I still have nightmares about those evil trainers. They were awful, they were."

"But they were good, and they taught us to be great. I will not force anyone to join me. I am going to begin training, if anyone wants to join me I'll be out there," Robin said as he walked outside.

Much looked frustrated and slammed his bowl down, "great, just great. Can't have a single days rest," he put on his boots and stumbled outside followed by Will, Djaq, and John.

Robin was stretching, "good, you all decided to come along. I suggest you stretch yourselves a bit, we are going on a bit of a run."

"Running," Will chuckled, "I think we have the running bit down."

"It is for stamina," Djaq added as she bent over and grabbed her ankles, "you train your lungs and heart to endure long battles."

Will's eyes travelled over her backside. Although she dressed like a man she was all soft curves. She reached both hands over to one side and placed them on her foot, and held that position for a while. He swallowed as he saw her breast gently brush against one knee. He shook his head violently to break the trance he had been in and began mimicking Robin.

After a few minutes Robin jumped up and brushed the dirt off of his hands, "alright, let's go," and he started a slow steady jog.

They ran all over the forest and finally returned to camp. Will, Much, and John collapsed onto the ground, "I do hope that is all for the day," John said a bit out of breath.

"You should all stretch again. It will prevent the cramps," Djaq said as she held one foot behind her back, and then the other.

My, God, she is flexible Will thought to himself. She looked amazing and fluid as she moved her body. He was sure that he, like John, looked clumsy. He glanced over and looked at Much and Robin. They did not look as amazing as Djaq, of course, but they definitely knew what they were doing.

Robin bounced up and grabbed his bow, "since I know that you are all very tired so we will work on archery next."

"What all do you have planned for the day?" Will asked.

Robin looked thoughtful, "a bit of target practice, some hand to hand, and then weaponry work. I think the sword for today, tomorrow staff, and so on until we are masters at every weapon including our own bodies."

Will and John looked at each other and then to Much. He only sighed and said, "just like the bloody Holy Lands. No offense Djaq."

Djaq smiled up at him, "none taken Much." She said as she stretched her legs so far apart that it made three of the men cringe and one blush slightly.

They completed the archery portion of Robin's training with minor problems. John always held the bow tonight, Will's hands that were always so steady with tools shook slightly when he held a bow, and Djaq always shot a little to the left of the target.

They took turns on the hand to hand portion. Everyone was silently grateful that they were an odd numbered group. It meant that they got to sit for at least a moment. They rotated so that everyone could spar with each other. Each person was careful not to hurt the other, but some were a bit to gentle. Djaq was grateful for the chance to practice with Robin. He was the only one who did not hold back on her because of her gender or her size.

When she and John fought underestimated her because of their height difference. "Watch out John, she is fast and limb-" Robin winced as John was knocked onto his back, "er. Okay, Will your next with Djaq."

Will looked over to Robin, "shouldn't she get a break first? I can have a go with Much."

Robin raised an eyebrow skeptically, "I think she'll do just fine, and you've already fought with Much. We have to learn to fight people of all shapes and skill levels. It will do you good to have a go at Djaq," Robin said the last bit with a knowing smile.

Djaq was quickly becoming irritated. How dare he pretend to be concerned that she was exhausted? She was still hurt at how he had pushed her away recently. She remembered how her heart leapt when she saw him. Robin had said he was the traitor and exiled him after beating him a bit. She nearly ran to him and placed a gentle hand on his cheek just to have him through her away. No, he had made his feelings for her clear. No matter how much she loved him she could not change that.

They were circling one another. Robin looked at the two, "well you can begin at any time."

Will was purposely moving slowly. Djaq easily ducked under his punch and softly elbowed him in the back. Will turned around to face her as she dropped to the forest floor, swept her leg smoothly around, and tripped Will. She was on him before he had a chance to hold his breath. He rolled her over. He was beginning to get a bit excited. He smiled triumphantly at himself for pinning her.

She smiled up at him, the fool thinks that he has me, she thought to herself as she quickly moved a leg out to one side, and then just as quickly brought it back to Will's body hard enough to throw him off her.

"That's enough," Robin shouted. He watched as Will panted and held his side. "I think next time you won't take it so easy on her."

John looked at Djaq with amazement, "how do you get out from under a man twice your size?"

Djaq stood up brushing the dirt and leaves from her body, "women have more worries than men. My father thought it was important for me to learn how to throw a man off my body. He had me instructed to fight in ways that used my size to my advantage."

Robin was impressed, "we might have you show us a few of those moves," he heard everyone moan, "tomorrow. For now we can be done for the day."

Will sulked off into the forest. Robin couldn't help but feel for the man. Women were complicated, and no matter what your intentions were they could still find a way to be offended. He followed Will to the side of a stream, "how bad did she get you?"

Will looked down at his feet, "my ribs, or my pride?"

Robin patted him on the back and laughed softly, "I'm pretty sure she bruised all of us today. You did do better at the archery bit than her."

He lifted his shirt and heard Robin whistle at the bruise already forming, "this training thing seems more painful than actual battles."

"I am sorry for that," Robin looked at the younger man, "Djaq was pretty hard on you. Did you do something to upset her recently?"

Will shook his head, "no nothing. We've barely even spoken."

"That might be part of your problem."

"Robin, that does not even make sense. How could I upset her if I haven't said anything," Will asked.

Robin threw up his arms, "how is it that Marian can be mad at me when I'm not even around, or when I just have her safety in mind. Women are a challenge. That is why we always return for more. At least you learned one thing today. Djaq is fonder of you then she is the rest of us."

"That does not even make sense," Will rolled his eyes.

Robin laughed at him, "of course it does not make sense. She is a woman. But think about it Will. You are the only one she bruised. Marian hits me all the time."

Will watched Robin walk off, and thought about his words. What if Djaq really did care about him? What could she be mad at him about? He hadn't done anything. He thought about how angry Marian always got with Robin. Maybe it was a woman thing.