In The Night

This was actually inspired by two of my firends, and ended up turning into this fic somehow... Hope you like! Bo and Jimmy aren't mine. Nor is Saw, or Dead Alive, which both get mentioned.

Jimmy wasn't really sure how they'd ended up like this. He'd gone over to Bo's house to spend the night watching horror movies in his basement, but he hadn't planned on becoming a pillow for the other boy in the process.

Bo was sound asleep against Jimmy's chest, had been for the last hour and a half, and it seemed as if even a lawnmower massacre on the television would not wake him. He shifted futilely trying to escape the hold long enough to go to the bathroom, because Bo's elbow pressing against his stomach wasn't the most comfortable thing ever, the left side of his boy was entirely numb and if he put his head back it ended up in an increasingly uncomfortable angle.

"Stop squirming." The sleep-laced voice complained, Bo's hold tightening as a result.

"Let me up for a minute. I'll come back." He promised, aware that if he did he would not be moving for quite some time. He was relieved to find that Bo actually did release him and quickly went about his business, even taking the time to change the movie to Saw and exchange his jeans and sweatshirt for a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt before flopping back down onto the pile of blankets and pillows on the floor.

Before he could even lay completely flat again, Bo had wound himself around Jimmy again.

"Man, you're like an octopus or something!" he laughed, resigning himself to being trapped like this for a while. When he was nearly asleep, having commandeered Bo's arm as a headrest, he felt a hand creep under his shirt.

That shouldn't feel so good, he told himself, but it did. Instead of pushing it away, he covered it with his own.

Bo smiled in his sleep.