Rocky Horror, my Continuation

By Katie "Doec"

Let me be the Narrator

Disclaimer: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is property of 20th Century Fox and Richard "God" O'Brien. This is just my two cent's worth.

Brad and Janet remain glued to the floor, frozen in shock from the multiple murders they'd just witnessed. Riff-Raff stands with his loyal sister and lover, his ray gun twitching nervously in his hand.

"Go…now!" He spits at them.

"Vait," Magenta speaks suddenly, a curious calculating expression crossing her face. "You, Majors, you requested to use our communic—telephone. It is in the hall, you may use it. Ve vill look after…" she smiles knowingly at Janet with a low chuckle. Riff-Raff looks at her questioningly; Magenta doesn't say a word more. She only flicks her eyes emphatically at Janet with an abbreviated Transylvanian salute close to the vest. He follows her lead.

"Yes, Brad, go and place your call. No harm shall come to your…companion," he assures with a sneer. Brad nods shakily, afraid to disobey the man with the gun, then totters shakily down the treacherous stairs in his stilettos. The moment he's out of sight and earshot Riff-Raff turns to Janet. "Is it really you? I thought I saw the birthmark…earlier," he refers lightly to her stripping before meeting Frank, "but Magenta seems…more than convinced," he continues cryptically. Janet stares at him, looking uncertain and confused. "You must admit, you adapted much more quickly and…" he looks her up and down significantly, "completely than your darling Brad. It is in your blood, only natural. If you still have doubts, look here." Both he and Magenta hike up their skirts of their uniforms. Just at their right hip is a light pink birthmark shot with a lightning bolt. "All Transexuals of the McKinley line bear it…as do you."

"Vhy do you think you kept fainting during the Time Warp? Unless it triggered a repressed memory?" Magenta adds, "My sister…vhat happened after ve vere separated? Ve tried for months, years, to find out vhat happened to you."

"And then…you found us. Led by fate, it would seem," Riff finishes

Janet places a hand over her own birthmark, all that she has left to identify herself as a true Transylvanian. She takes a few shaky steps closer toward them; her eyes go unfocussed as she goes into autopilot. "Our pod was ejected from the castle just before we were supposed to land. We were tracked by UFO hunters, they struck rich that day. All Dr Scott had to go on until then was a few fuzzy pictures and some static. Now he had an alien pod complete with live specimens. There was a white room…so bright. So much light, the first few days it blinded me completely. Mother tried to protect me, shield me from the light, we were so scared. No sweet refuge of the night. She kept calling…for you. Then Dr Scott…did something to us…changed us. He thought we were a threat, an invasion, and the only way to prevent us from taking over was to make us…human," she recalls with a distasteful expression. "After that, I got used to the light. They brainwashed us, gave us human names. By the time Mother and I saw each other again we barely knew who we were. It was cold…they watched us all the time," she reveals with a very lucid expression, discovery lighting her eyes. Janet stops short, realizing what she's been saying. She claps a hand to her mouth, suddenly frightened.

"Janus McKinley, home at last," Riff-Raff declares. "It's true, you're one of us."

She nods shakily, coming out of her quasi-hypnotic state. "We trusted him! He set us up, Brad and me. Is that part of his plan? Or was that just a coincidence? I don't know. Brad was my best friend since I was released. I couldn't imagine that he'd be in on it. In high school, I'd get flashbacks sometimes, I thought I was crazy but…I remember the music, the Time Warp."

Riff-Raff gives her a look that holds her attention; he holds his arms out, palms flat, Janet obediently mimics him, they press their fingers together and roll up to the elbows. He smirks at her, satisfied as she stares back in wonderment. "I can help you. There is a way to return what was taken from you. Be what you once were, what you were supposed to be."

Brad returns just in time to see Riff-Raff fire an energy bolt at Janet. Tripping in his heels, he runs up the stage, finally crawling up the stairs, his face a mask of grief and horror. Magenta guides Janet's body to the floor. "Calm yourself, Majors," she commands in clipped tones, "ve have not broken our vord. She is unharmed." She removes a strange piece of technology from a side holster of her uniform. Pausing over it for a few moments she reads the results. "It vas successful. Vhen she comes around, she should remember everything. Majors, you are free to go. The three of us are going home."

"No!" Brad cries out. He throws himself over Janet's body, shielding her from what he perceives as a threat. "I won't let you take her. What's she got to do with you? What do you mean, she'll remember everything?" This is the last straw, after all they'd been through tonight, all he wanted was to go home and forget it ever happened. Now these people from another planet are threatening to take his beloved away. He'd failed her, he couldn't protect her from Frank-N-Furter, but damned if he'd let anyone else touch her.

Scowling at him condescendingly, Magenta reveals her mark again, showing him Janet's as well. "She is our sister. Ve are taking her home. Now, go."

Brad stands firm, "Please, I love her. Sh-she'd want to stay with me. Why can't we wait until she wakes up? She should have a choice, shouldn't she?" He looks desperately between the pair of them; Riff and Magenta exchange looks.

"I will prepare the castle for lift-off. She should awaken soon enough," Riff-Raff says, and heads for the central control room.

Brad kneels down next to his fiancée, looking baffled and weary. He stares at her, taking in everything from her heavily painted face, all the way down her legs. His eyes fall on the mark that's branded her as one of 'them' with a pang of despair. He wipes a smear of blue from her cheek with a shaky hand.

"What did he do to her?"

Magenta squats next to him, "He restored her original DNA. She became a victim of genetic manipulations after ve landed. Your friend mutilated her at atomic levels, but my brother has healed her at last. She may be…different than you remember vhen she vakes up.