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Don't Dream it, Be it

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Katie "Doec"

Months pass, and the day they knew was coming has finally arrived. Final boarding on the last ship bound for Transexual, Transylvania. Riff-Raff and Magenta receive the news with jubilation. "At long last, we can return home! Sweet Transexual, Land of Night!" Magenta croons as her brother twirls her across the living room floor.

"Our child shall be raised among his own kind, not those that would despise him as an alien being." Riff-Raff adds his voice of relief. Only Brad and Janet seem unsure how to take the news.

"They won't allow people of Earth on the ship. Not even my mother can return, she was given the same genetic alterations as I was, but her true DNA was never resurfaced," Janet laments with a meaningful look at her husband. "She says she doesn't wish to return. Too many sad memories. My real father, the war, it would be too hard to go back." Brad puts a hand around her shoulders and pulls her close.

"Next time they schedule an alien abduction…look me up," he says with half a smile, a crude attempt to inject humor into the situation. Instead, Janet pouts as tears threaten to give way, and she turns to face him, pressing herself into his arms.

"There's going to be a send-off, out by the castle. Sort of a bon voyage party with those that are staying behind. I have to go, it's now or never. If I ever want to know my true home, I have to go now," Janet moans into his chest. Brad strokes her hair, cursing whatever fates had led them to knowing Janet's true nature. If they had never found out, they wouldn't be in this mess. They might've have gone to see Riff-Raff and Magenta off, said their goodbyes and walked away from it. End of story. Now, everything was changed. Now he had to be the one seeing his wife and unborn daughter off onto the spaceship, off to some unknown galaxy, never to see them again. Dammit! Just when things seemed perfect, or as close to perfect as he could readily imagine, he was asked to stand aside and allow his family to be taken from him. He'd stay in touch with Mrs. Weiss; God knows they'd both need the support. If only there was another way.

The ship was scheduled to take off at midnight. Brad thought that seemed fitting: the first time he and Janet had laid eyes on Riff and Magenta the clock was striking midnight. What he wouldn't give to go through a real Time Warp and stop this from happening. Jump to the left, step to the right, and make everything the way it should be. But what if this was the way it should be? He slouches against the hallway wall with a hopeless sigh. The girls had already gone to the site; he'd gotten a glimpse of them on their way out, dressed in their Transylvanian best. As long as he lived Brad knew he'd never forget how Janet looked that night: a floating white barely-knee-length skirt over a jade-green half-slip and matching garter-belt, green platform heels, and black knee-high stockings, a form-fitting white halter, and her hair… her golden curls were sprinkled with pink and silver glitter and tied up in a beehive. Brad thought at that moment he'd never seen anything more beautiful in his life. She looked like an angel, a Transylvanian angel, he thought with a smile. Riff-Raff joins Brad in the hall just after the girls leave, and takes note of the other man's expression. Brad turns to him and says "I wish I was going with her. I'd…give anything to go, too."

"You humans really are stupid, aren't you?" Riff sneers. "Honestly, don't you remember anything important? There is a way, but there's no going back."

Brad starts, almost trips. "You mean…? With the…? I'd completely forgotten…of course! Does Janet…?"

Riff paces coolly, "I'm sure she's just as forgetful of the matter as you are. Doubtless, she would have otherwise suggested it, or at least brought it up. Are you certain you wish to go through with it?"

"I already said I'd do anything to stay with her. Hell, I'd follow her anywhere!" By now Brad is pacing too, but with great determination and energy. "I love her, and whatever it takes to stay with her I'm willing to do." He stops short. "Does it hurt?"

"It depends," Riff shrugs, "You remember that when Janet's DNA was returned to its original pattern, restoring who she really was, it was a difficult transition. There are too many variables to predict your reaction, though. You were born a human; you're also the male of the species. These factors alone make it difficult to judge. If you want to do it, now's the time."

"Fire away," Brad nods.

At the party, Janet and Magenta are mingling around, though Magenta can sense her sister's lack of enthusiasm. "You should be happy," she coaxes, "You'll soon forget all this, and Majors. It all served its purpose, but now ve must return home."

"You may be right about some things, but I'll never forget Brad," Janet asserts, stroking her stomach, "And don't pretend that you don't care. You'll miss him, too. Part of him will be with me, anyway." She disengages herself from her companion and wanders up to the steps of the castle. That fateful night that changed everything. Brad proposing, their strange night at Frank's castle, and everything that happened after. She was amazed that their relationship had survived their moments of infidelity…with the same man, no less! She'd added insult to injury and turned to Frank's creation as a means of revenge, making it even more surprising that Brad could take her back so willingly. They loved each other, though. And when you love someone, you can forgive even the worst mistakes.

Somewhere, perhaps inside the castle, a clock started to chime eleven. People were starting to board the ship. Since there were close to a hundred people, they had to start early. Janet combed the crowd, searching for Brad. Riff-Raff she could see, he was with Magenta now, and Janet felt a twinge of jealousy. Maybe Brad wasn't coming after all, she'd leave him forever without getting to say goodbye.

She finds herself getting herded onto the ship. Two security guards scan her, verifying that she is one of them, and she is allowed on board. She finds a seat near the back, next to a window. Just in case Brad would arrive at the last minute, she would at least see him one last time. In her peripheral vision, Janet sees someone take the seat next to her, and she is instantly annoyed. She turns to face the intruder with an icy expression. He's sporting a black tuxedo, lavishly decorated with red sequins. His hair is slicked back with copious amounts of styling gel, and he's wearing sunglasses, but she can tell his hair and eyes have been treated with lashings of scarlet as well. He flashes her a grin and starts to speak.

"Excited?" he asks.

"Not really."

"Why not? You're going home."

"I suppose. I can tell you are, though." She adds coldly, hoping he'll get the hint and shut up.

"Honestly, I have never been happier in my life."

Janet quirks an eyebrow at the stranger, there's something familiar in his voice, but it's difficult to place. "Well, at least that makes one of us." Suddenly admitting it causes an unexpected overflowing of tears. "I h-happen to be l-leaving behind…s-s-someone who…Forget it, you couldn't understand, no one would."

"Tears? For a human? An Earthling?" The stranger asks, his questions seem to be mocking Janet's despair.

"Yes, tears, for an Earthling!" She snaps. "So what if he's a human? I love him. And he loved me, and what the hell am I doing on this ship??"

"If you missed this chance, you'd regret it forever," he reminds her. If only she could place his voice. It sounds so soothing now, safe and familiar.

"I know," she sniffs, "I just wish he…c-could have come, too." They're both silenced as the ship hums to life and begins taking off. Janet sobs as though her heart was being torn out; keenly aware of the growing distance between herself and the planet she'd called home for her entire adult life. The life she is leaving behind.

As the ship kicks into a steady cruise, the man moves to put an arm around Janet, who feels a soft purr rise in her chest, startling her. "It's all right. Everything is all right." He clumsily removes his sunglasses just as Janet looks back up at him. Her eyes go wide and she looks him up and down. "Brad…" she whispers, "It's really you! How…? They scanned me, they scanned everybody!"

"Me, too. I'm a…I'm…one of you now. Riff zapped me just before we came. I figured, if you couldn't stay, I'm coming with you. The four of us have to stick together, remember?"

"I didn't recognize you, why didn't you tell me?"

"I was hoping for a big reaction."

Neither can resist the curiosity anymore and they look out the window at the numerous stars and planets they're sailing by. "Are you sure about this, Brad?"

"Without you, Earth would have seemed completely lifeless. There's nothing for me there without you. I'm an orphan, remember? What am I leaving behind that's so binding? I'd follow you anywhere, you know that."

Janet looks him over again, now with a look of anticipation. "I wonder…what all has changed already."

"I was thinking the same thing," Brad leans in and murmurs tauntingly, "There might be a surprise or two in store," he laughs, Janet giggles with him at the thought. Every minute they grow closer to their new home, and their new lives together. Life promises to be anything but ordinary.