Loony for Moony

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James looked over to his best friend, raising a brow. The boy was lying face down on his bed, still in his Quidditch robes and muttering under his breath. He himself had had a shower and changed already, fully prepared for dinner, reading a magazine. Which was rather unusual, seeing as Sirius was the neat-freak.

"Sirius, please look at me and reassure to me that you are not, in fact, going mental."

The boy looked up. "I am not going mental."

And the dark head found the pillow once again.

Sighing, James walked over to the bed next to his, sitting on the edge. "I know you well enough to know when something's bugging you."

There was a muffle.

"I may be brilliant, but I can't decipher the language of 'muffled Padfoot'."

Sirius sat up and glared. "I said 'there's nothing bugging me, get lost'." He got a calculating look in return.

"Maybe I should go get Moony; he's good at this stuff."

Just as the bespectacled boy stood to retrieve said marauder, Sirius latched onto his school jumper.

"No! You can't! I'll die if Moony comes up when I'm like this! Die I tell you!"

Sitting back down, Potter raised an eyebrow. "I know you're a drama queen, but isn't that taking it a bit too far?"

Sirius glared. "Some Agony Aunt you are…"

"You're the one denying you have a problem. Besides, Moony can read you like a book, he'd have no problem in telling me what was wrong with you."

Just then, the door opened, object of the conversation walking into the room. From the small smirk on his face, James knew he'd been listening.

From the horrified look on his face, Sirius knew as well.

"That super-natural hearing ability you have is not good," the Black said. "We need it fixing. And fast."

Remus shrugged. "Now, who is it who needs reading? The common room was pretty boring."

James patted the bed they were on. "Oh, dear Remus, would you do the grace of analyzing my best friend?"

"I guess I can spare the time," the boy teased, treading over.

Sirius went back to his pillow. "Leave me alone!"

Remus and James exchanged looks. Remus then leant back on his arm and hummed.

"You know, I'm vaguely reminded of someone in this situation," the werewolf said.

James looked at him with interest. "Really, who?!"

A smirk. "You."

The two dark haired boys sat up straight.



Remus nodded the affirmative.

"How so?" Sirius asked.

"Just the fact that I remember the first time we found out James had a gigantic unrequited love for one Lily Evans."

James' brown eyes zoned in on his best friend, who flustered a bright pink. James mock-gasped. "Sirius has found someone who takes more than just his fancy?! It can't be true!"

Remus chuckled. "Are we going to know who it is?"

"I'd bloody well hope so! As your best friends and fellow marauders, we have a right!"

Sirius shook his head furiously.

James fumed, prodding the boy. "What do you mean, no?!"

Remus smirked, standing. "I'm not waiting around for something that's not going to come. I need to return a book to the library."

Sirius rolled over, smirking. "Get out new ones, you mean?"

Remus simply blushed and turned away.

"You're such a swat."

"At least I don't end up with a detention every other day."

The silver eyes glinted and a hand found his heart. "That hurts, right here."

Rolling his eyes, the sandy haired male left the room. "Good luck on probing, Prongs. Tell me if he leaks."

"You'll be first to know!" James called after him, before turning on Sirius. "Now, onto the probing."

Sirius glared, puffing out his chest. "I shall never tell! Especially if Moony will know!"

"What's so bad with Moony knowing?" the brunet asked, crossing his legs and making himself more comfortable, forcing Sirius to move over. "I mean, Moony's one of the most sensitive people I know."

"Moony is the most sensitive person we know," Sirius whined. "And caring, and he doesn't pity people, and he knows and understands me best- no offence. But he's just so much better at this stuff than anyone else. And he's really smart too…"

James frowned, taking in a deep breath and trying to think of a solution. "So…why don't you want him to help you?"

"Because its- I mean, he just can't Jamie!"

"You really aren't making any sense, and you almost told me. I'm not going to be mad," the boy covered his brow with one hand and let the other rest on his heart. "Unless it's my Lily-flower."

"It's not Lily."

"Then who?"

Sirius considered something for a moment, stormy eyes narrowed and lips pressed together. He flicked his long black hair out his face, cursing a little. "I'll give you hints."

"Hints…I can do that."

"But you're not aloud to tell Moony-" he held up a pale hand just as James was about to speak. "You'll know why when and if you find out whom it is, okay?"

"Okay," James agreed, waiting eagerly for the first hint.

Sirius cringed. "Actually, no, because if you find out you might hate me."

James sighed, flopping back onto the bed. "Sirius!" he whined. "You got me all worked up for that?! I won't hate you, you're like the brother I never had! And you just told me it wasn't Lily-flower!"

"Even if it was a boy?"

The Potter sat bolt upright again, a twinkle in his eye. "It's a boy?"

Sirius bit his lip.

"Of course I don't hate you. As long as it's not me- in fact, it could be me, but I'm not gay. And you're smarter than that."

"I am."

"So, hint number two."

Sirius grinned. "I'll give you hint number two another time," he yawned playfully. "Gawsh am I tired!"

James glared. "I don't think Moony would hate you if it was a boy. I don't get why you don't want him…to…know…"

A look of fear past across the handsome face of one Sirius Black, but he kept up a strong appearance.

A look of dawning broke into James' eye. "Unless it's that really 'hot' Ravenclaw that Moony's been eyeing up! Then you mightn't want him to know!"

Sirius fumed. "No, after going out with Lucy, I doubt I'll ever like another Ravenclaw- wait, what Ravenclaw Moony's been eyeing up?!"

"Didn't you notice?" James asked. "There's this Ravenclaw called Michael or something, and the girls have been fawning over him. Moony gets this dazed-out look every time he passes. He totally swoons."

The black haired boy sat up, furious. "I never noticed that! Do they talk?! Where does he hang out?! Is he gay?!"

"Michael or Moony?"


James grinned. "Which means you like Moony, right?"

Sirius blinked a few moments before huffing and burying himself under the covers. "Leave me alone."

"In answer to Mr. Padfoot's earlier question, they don't talk, he hangs out in the Ravenclaw common room, and he has a girlfriend."

A muffled 'good' came out from the covers.

The door opened again, and Peter entered the room with another one of the sixth year Gryffindors, laughing together about something. They looked over to James sympathetically.

"Wormtail, come help me will you? Padfoot's being lame."

"Piss off Potter."

Peter said goodbye to the other boy and walked over, finding a space on the bed. "What's up?"

"Padfoot's in love."

Peter chuckled. "I know."

That caused Sirius to sit up and James almost fall off the bed. "You know?!" the chorused.

"Yeah, with Moony, right?" the sandy haired boy asked, fringe getting too long and falling into his blue eyes.

Sirius groaned and fell back onto the bed, covering himself with the quilt again. "I'm hopeless! I bet Moony already knows and thinks I'm a freak!"

"I don't think so," Peter comforted. "I only know because I seem to be the only one who catches those looks you shoot him."

James grinned. "Wormtail doesn't hate you, see? Why would Moony?"

"Because it's Moony I like?"

Peter shifted a little. "Maybe you should do what you did with all those girls and wire him to you."

Sirius scoffed, however James' whole aura lit up. "That's a great idea, Wormy!" he exclaimed, clapping his hands together. "It's time to start operation 'Padfoot in Love'."

"Do we have to?" came the whine from under the covers. "Besides, that name is unoriginal. Moony already came up with plan 'Prongs in love'."

"Well, do you have a better name?"

"Yeah, it's called 'let's not make one'."

Peter grinned. "What about 'Loony for Moony?'"

James patted him on the back with a bark of laughter. "That, my dear friend, is the best idea ever."

Sirius groaned. This was going to be a long, long, long year.


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Preview –

"Why hello there, Moony!"

"Did you find out who Padfoot liked?"

"Oh no…he would only tell us it's a boy."

"A boy, huh?"

"Yeah, feel sorry for all those girls. Want to help us make the boy fall for him?"

"I guess I could help…"