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Bella POV!

"Come on Bella, get up!", Alice screamed as she ran and jumped on the bed. If she would not have slowed her vampire speed down, she woulda broke my(our) bed.

"Geez Alice, settle down!!!" I nearly screamed at her.

Just then my greek god, my savior, walked in.

"Oh my gosh! Edward... Tell Alice to leave me alone please love?" I asked sweetly!

"Alice you know how Bella feels about getting woke up to you yelling. Now Bella, get up and get ready. We are doing something fun today!" He said enthusiastically.

"ALICE!!! OMC!! GET YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE SO WE CAN PLAY!!" Emmett screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Emmett, just for your knowledge, which you seem to have none of, we can all hear you. Some of us can hear you easier than others!" Edward screamed back. (AN: I thought that was funny… more of an inside joke!)

I got dressed and went downstairs to see what we were all doing or better yet see what I had gotten myself sucked into!

"Good Morning Bella, honey," said Esme as she looked up from sitting on Carlisle's lap.

"Morning Esme, I'm gonna go get some breakfast and then kill your daughter!" I said in a sarcastic voice because we all know I can't kill her.

"Have fun with that... wait, which daughter?"

"Alice," I grumbled.

"Ok, I see your point. Come on Carli let's go leave Edward and Bella alone," Esme said sweetly.

"Please honey, don't call my Carli and ok bye Bella, Edward see you two later," Carlisle said as he was drug out of the living room.

"Wow, I don't even want to know what that was all about!" I said as I walked into the kitchen to get a pop tart.

"No, you don't! Unfortunately I had to hear it in Carlisle's mind and let's just say it wasn't umm teenager appropriate..." Edward trailed off.

"WOW!!! Ok then Edward lets get in the living room so I can get my torture over!!"

We walked into the living room and joined Jasper, Alice, who was sitting on his lap, and Emmett and Rosalie, who was sitting on Emmett's lap. We talked for a while then about an hour later here come a very tired looking Carlisle and a proud Esme. I decided I wouldn't even ask because to be truthful I already know what they were doing up there. It doesn't take a genius to know.

"Ok, now that you two are done... let's get going with the game! We are going to play Truth or Dare!" Alice said happily as she glared at Carlisle and Esme.

I sighed. This wasn't my idea of fun. It's more like an embarrass Bella game. Especially when you are playing with a bunch of vampires.

"Oh honey, its ok! They won't hurt you!" Edward whispered in my ear. That sent shivers down my back.

"Alright fine lets get this over with."

"Ok since I picked the game, I get to go first! Emmett, truth or dare?"

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