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Ch 1.

I put the bookmark back, closed the book and let it fall to the floor. It was useless. I had read the same page five times and still couldn't recall a word of it. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock on the wall. Only 10:30pm. Was it possible that time had stopped? It seemed so much later. He wouldn't be back for at least an hour. Oh, well, I thought. Might as well make the best of it.

I took the new pajama set out of my top drawer and laid it out across my bed to examine it again.
The pale pink satin two-piece with it's delicate swirl pattern had called to me the moment I had first laid eyes on it at the mall. It was one of the few shopping experiences with Alice that I hadn't ended up dreading. Alice had even let me pay for it with my own money! I ran my hand over the cool, shiny material one last time before heading off to take my shower.
Twenty five minutes later, I emerged, feeling refreshed and thankful for the extra ten minutes of time I had allowed myself. The lingering warmth of the steam had tempted me to stay in longer, but the temptation of being ready for Edward was stronger.

After a moment of squeezing the excess water out of my hair and patting it with the towel, I decided to just let it air dry.
It had been unusually warm this past fall and winter season. The saying Indian Summer came to mind, but I quickly switched gears before I would delve any further into that phrase.

I hastily threw my pajama top over my head and climbed into the pants. The material felt so nice and flowing. It was almost like not wearing anything at all. I loved the effect I saw when I stepped back to look in the mirror. I actually had curves! I smiled as I anticipated Edward's response.11:00pm! Now, what to do for the next half hour?
I looked at the book still lying on the floor. The Pearl by John Steinbeck. It was our current reading project for Literature.
Well, that's definitely out, I thought and gave the book a little kick as I walked to my window.
From my window I could see... nothing! I frowned. It was pitch black! I don't even think there was a breeze.
Bored, I decided to call Alice. After all, it wasn't like she would be sleeping.
Alice answered on the first ring. "Hello, Bella" There was that sing-song voice I had come to be so fond of. Except this time, there was supressed laughter behind it, also.

Curious, I asked, "What's so funny? I love a good joke. As long as I'm not the subject"
"Hmm? Oh,..uh...nothing. It was just...STOP IT JASPER!!" More giggling.
Realization dawned on me. My face turned pink.
"Ooops. Sorry! I didn't mean to interrupt your 'stop it Jasper' moment. I will talk to you tomorrow at school"
"Ok, thanks, Bella! Oh! Jasper says thanks, too"
"For what?" I asked.
"The inspiration." Now my face was a deep shade of red.
"By the way, Edward should be there in eight minutes." The phone went dead and I sat listening to the dial tone for a minute before I realized she had hung up.

From down the hall, I could hear Charlie snoring exceptionally loudly. I was glad he was in a deep sleep. I had to admit that, as impressed as I was with Edward's stealth abilities, I was always afraid that one of these times, Charlie was going to walk in on us. How on earth would I explain that? Honestly, dad, nothing like that has ever happened. It can't happen because Edward's a vampire and if we get too close, he might be more tempted to kill me and drink my blood, instead. But he is a complete gentleman and I am perfectly safe otherwise. Oh, and did I mention that pretty soon, at my request, Edward will turn me into a vampire too and I will be leaving you so that I 'm not tempted to kill you and everyone else around?
Yeah, that would go over really well.

Somewhere in the midst of the monologue in my head, I noticed a strange tingling sensation start at the back of my neck. I had goosebumps, and that could only mean one thing.

I think it is pretty obvious what that means...

Any idea who enters the story now?