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He could smell the arousal on her. Before he recognized the scent hidden underneath the intense desire, before he saw her. Before he realized the female he had been tracking for nearly an hour was human, he was drawn to her by a scent of desire unique to any other he had ever had the pleasure of seeking out. It was not overpowering and musky, like so many other human females put off when they desired to couple. That scent he'd been exposed to many a time in a dark night in a darker forest as he slipped quietly past humans coupling desperately, without grace or finesse. The scent disgusted him every time. And every time he had to hold back his primal side from tearing apart the humans who could disgust him so. Not that he minded killing humans, they were nothing to him. But why waste the time and ruin his clothes in the process? Nor was the scent powerfully sweet and seductive, a concoction meant to give males a heady, dizzy feeling and attract them to mate when the female wanted such attention. Such as a demon female put off when she was in heat or merely for play. Coupling was, after all, just as enjoyed by demons as it was by humans. He himself knew the mutual advantages when he coupled with a beautiful inu-yokai in need of release just as badly as himself.

No, this scent was distractingly different. A unique blend of lilies and a sharp spice he could not place. Underneath that was a scent the back of his mind recognized, but would not allow the front to process. The scent of arousal reached out gently, with no pretense, and caressed him like a female's soft hand. Leading him ever closer to the source of the desire. Now his own as well as the owner of the scent. He followed the scent willingly to where ever it might lead. His young ward was quite asleep and quite safe. His vassal watched over her well, despite his many grumblings and shortcomings on actual fields of battle. He knew, that if it came to it, his vassal would defend his small ward with his very life. This fact did nothing to move him. That was simply what was expected. Beside this, he could not remember the last time he had had a good tumble with an attractive female. And he was too proud and dignified to gain pleasure from the comfort of his own two hands. That would not do. So, why not have a tumble with this obviously aroused female who had to be inu-yokai as well? The female scent that had always attracted him the easiest was that of his own kind and this scent had captured him and worked it's way into his brain and loins so quickly that he was sure it had to be another inu-yokai.

He almost growled in frustration when he finally came upon the owner of the scent. How could he have been so blinded by his lust that he did not allow himself to recognize the scent underneath the arousal? How could this female be putting off such a delicious scent? Why had he followed so recklessly? Why, even now after he saw her and realized who, and what, she was, could he not control his desire for her? Why did she still arouse him and her scent haunt him? She was the very opposite of everything he had thought she would be. She was human. A most beautiful human, yes, but still a human! What was worse, she was his bastard hanyou brother's bitch.

He allowed himself a low growl from the back of his throat as he jumped silently from the tree in which he had rested momentarily. The sleeping female gave no indication that she had been disturbed by his landing and he moved closer, staring hard at her, trying to puzzle through many troubling questions. Why was this particular female out in the woods, populated by many demons, all alone. Inuyasha barely let his precious little miko out of his sight for five seconds, let alone leave her to her own devices in a wood with so many dangers to her fragile human life lurking about. Yes, where was his bastard little brother? More importantly at the moment, however, was how she could still be having this effect on him even after the realization of who she was, and who she belonged to. His desire was painful and straining as he crouched next to the sleeping miko and began to observe, rather than stare.

She was truly a wonder to behold. All beautiful planes and lush curves. Full, pouting lips, wondrous, stubborn little nose. He couldn't quite recall the color of her eyes, but he was sure they would be large and beautiful. More beautiful still, if they were glazed over with passion as she writhed and moaned beneath him as he strained and pumped above her. And right when they both reached the point of absolute pleasure he would break the tender skin in the joint between her neck and shoulder with his fangs and mark her as only his for all eternity. His growl of disgust at himself for even having such thoughts was loud as he bared his claws. To rid himself of the scent, and of his desire for her, he would just kill her. He'd almost done it on numerous occasions. Inuyasha had just been in the way. So why tonight, when she was alone and unprotected, did he hesitate?

Because you've always secretly desired your brother's woman, a voice whispered in his mind. Sesshomaru growled again, this time at the voice, telling him things he already knew and didn't want to hear.

"Oh, God," the woman whispered in her sleep. Sesshomaru's attention was drawn back to her as she turned to lay on her back, and began undulating her hips, her hands alternately gripping and relaxing on the fabric of her strange sleeping roll. She was still sleeping, he realized, and dreaming of coupling. That was the strong scent of desire. In her dream, she was coupling, and enjoying it immensely, it seemed. Her breathing was becoming ragged, accented every few seconds by a small moan or sigh. Her hips moved frantically, her face contorted in a look of concentration. Yes, she was enjoying what was happening, but it seemed climax evaded her. If she's fulfilled, the scent will go away, the voice in his head reasoned, You could force her to bring you pleasure as well, once you've given it to her. No one ever need know that you want her, not even your brother. They would probably see it as another reason to hate you, forcing yourself on her. No one has to realize but you and the woman the pleasure you gain from her hot mouth encircling you. Sucking . . . licking . . .

Sesshomaru once again cut off his mind with a growl. On a split second decision, he had ripped the top of the bed roll away from the woman. The back of his mind registered the surprise that she didn't wake at his violence, but his frontal thoughts were only for her body. She wore the absurd excuse for clothing she always had, but the skirt was hiked up to her waist, and he could see her juices thoroughly wetting her undergarments. She gave a small moan as the cold air touched her body, but did not awaken. He wasted no time and gathered her body close to him in one motion, setting her in his lap and cradling her. With the hand that was not supporting her, he pressed two fingers to her desire through the flimsy fabric of her absurd undergarments. She gasped and arched against his hand prettily, never waking. It was no surprise to him that she cried out when he moved aside the cloth and pressed the same two fingers deep inside of her, careful, for reasons unknown even to him, that he did not damage her in any way with his claws. Her arms came up to grip his kimono and he smiled wickedly when she once again arched beneath him. He began thrusting his fingers in and out of her, slowly, watching her face go though various stages of concentration and an almost pleasure because he wasn't quite willing to give her what she wanted yet.

It was only when she was sheened with sweat that had nothing to do with the fire they were next to, writhing beneath his careful touch, and panting like an inu-yokai bitch in heat that he began to accelerate the rate of his thrusts into her. Her hips rose to meet him, her fingers gripped tightly, and her voice raised as she cried out again and again. He felt her movements become more desperate as she tensed, in anticipation of her close climax. At that moment, just when she was teetering on the edge, he leaned down, removed his fingers and nipped gently on the prominent bud of her desire. She screamed with her release, long and without words and he could smell her climax, a hundred times more powerful than her desire. It made his own arousal jump and he had to fight to keep himself under control. Not yet. It would be so much better when she brought him to it.

He felt the stiffening of her body as she began to come awake, realizing she was in someone's unfamiliar arms. She tilted her head up and looked at him, blinking to rid her mind of the last clouds that covered it.

"Sesshomaru?" She mouthed his name without sound and her eyes went wide with shock.

"Yes, beautiful little miko." The words were said sarcastically. The growl was not patient or gentle, nor was the way he nuzzled her cheek, hard enough to bruise, "I have brought you great pleasure this night. I think it is about time you returned the favor. Wouldn't you agree?"

Her look of horror only made him laugh. Then, something he didn't expect. The look of horror was replaced by one of obedience. She inclined her head toward him in consent and moved to get out of his arms. He was shocked enough into letting her go and could only stare as she knelt in front of him and studied how to open his clothing. He finally shot out an arm and wrapped his fingers around her neck menacingly when she reached out to begin removing his armor. A closer study of her waking body brought him new information and new questions. Her face, always beautiful, was drawn and tight with her consciousness, her eyes filled to the brim with tears that would not spill. She seemed thinner than normal, more worn. There was a depth of sorrow to the way she looked at him that he could not place and the fire that had burned deep in her heart and radiated from everything she did seemed to have gone out. She stared at him openly and frankly as his claws tightened, cutting off her air. He didn't even realize he had been squeezing until her hand dropped from his armor and her eyes began to roll back in her head. With a sneer, he threw her to the ground and watched dispassionately as she fought to regain her breath.

"Where is Inuyahsa, woman? Has he finally descended into Hell with his dead miko?" She was still fighting to breathe and could not answer. He did not know why, but her inability suddenly angered him. Before she could even attempt an answer, his booted foot had connected solidly with her ribs. He felt two or three of them crack and winced inwardly. He had wanted to scare the miko, not hurt her. He would gain no information if she was in too much pain to speak to him.

"Answer me, wench." His voice took on the ice cold edge that could make the most powerful of demons shudder. The woman crawled closer to him so that she was kneeling at his feet, her face practically in the dirt.

"I do not know, my lord." The voice he heard come from her was one he had not heard before. It was flat, void of the life and energy that had annoyed him so on their previous encounters and haunted his dreams in between them.

"You do not know or you will not tell me?"

"I do not know, my lord," she repeated, "Your half brother, along with my friends and my kit, disappeared nearly a month ago. I have been searching for them since. I awoke in the middle of the night and they were all gone. There was no trace that they had ever existed there at all. They simply vanished into the night with no trace."

"What night, miko?" Sesshomaru dropped to his knees, fisted a hand in her long black hair, and jerked her head upward so that he could look her in the eyes.

"The full moon, my lord," she answered.

"You would not lie to me, miko?" He punctuated the question by using his free hand and driving his claws into her shoulder. He reveled in her scream as it echoed and pushed until he could see the tips of his claws protruding from her back.

"No, my lord!" She cried, life entering her voice through the pain, "I would not lie to you!"

"You say you have been searching?"

"Yes, my lord!"

"And you have found no trace?"

"None, my lord!"

Sesshomaru retracted his claws from her body and felt her relax until he dragged one from it's position, down her chest, to her belly, effectively slicing open her shirt and her skin. The wound was deep and seeped blood into his clothing. He watched, fascinated, as the deep crimson that flowed from her body stained the white fabric. When he brought his eyes back to her level, he realized that hers had not moved and continued to stare.

"You will halt your search, wench. Now that Inuyasha is gone you belong to me. Do you understand? You are my slave. Say it." The order was cold, not angry, but it made her flinch. He expected her to fight. He expected that she would struggle and he would have a perfectly legitimate excuse for killing her.

He did not expect her to look into his eyes and whisper, "Yes, my lord. From this day forward I am your slave for you to do with that which you choose. Forgive me, my lord. I am going to faint." He was stunned into speechlessness as she did exactly as she had claimed and went limp.

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