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"This is your third detention this week."

He said this evenly, each syllable short, deliberate.

"Yeah," the grinning youth replied in the sort of laid-back, effortless way so many boys try to emulate and fail, but Hidan achieved naturally. "I've done better, but who's counting?"

Kakuzu, for a moment, pretended that this wasn't a ritual, that he could go to sleep and wake up without the anticipation of seeing Hidan in the exact same room, at the exact same desk at exactly 3:05 the next day, that he didn't see Hidan more than some of his actual students, and that, most of all, hedefinitely did not look forward to detention duty.

Which was, without a doubt, complete bullshit, but who could blame him for trying?

"You can't possibly enjoy this," Kakuzu decided to try a more reasonable approach. He felt patient today.

Hidan raised his chin defiantly, meeting Kakuzu's eyes. "Nah, it's not so bad, actually."