A/N: This is my very first TT story. It was written as a request over on my livejournal for kawaiiod.


It was very rare that Beast Boy ever came up with any idea which could be classified as good.

Mediocre? Perhaps.

Terrible? Often.

Never good.

Of course, a nice, friendly game of Dungeons and Dragons appeared to be a good idea.

Emphasis on the word 'appeared'...

Of course, Beast Boy had neglected to mention beforehand that he intended to be the Dungeon Master. That should have been clue number one that things were going to end badly--if not disastrously.

But, the tower was quiet, the city more so, Beast Boy had persisted, no one had resisted, and the other Titans finally blindly agreed to something they never, ever should have.

Starfire had made comparisons between the many sided dice and the appearance of a delicacy on Tamaran, which was followed by her popping said dice in her mouth and nearly choking to death on a d20.

It went rapidly downhill from there.

Robin and Cyborg, despite the fact they both learned and retained all the rules in a very short period of time, had nothing but bad luck on every roll of the dice. Added to Beast Boy's insufferably cheerful, yet sadistic nature as DM, they didn't last an hour.

They gave up and went to play with the Gamestation 2 that had arrived in the mail a few days earlier.

Starfire held out a little longer, but only just, despairing at all the complicated mathematical equations involved in keeping her character sheet straight.

Raven, however, took to the game like a duck to water--though she had been the most reluctant to join--and even though the others had abandoned the match, she refused to quit until the quest that had been set forth for her Cleric was completed.

Beast Boy, high on the thrill of having power over every part of the situation within the confines of the game, made it as difficult as possible for his teammate, delighting in the way the table would rattle when she got particularly annoyed at him.

It was a chess match without the rooks and knights; every time Raven thought she'd figured out an angle or move that would leave Beast Boy absolutely speechless and without any planned response, he did the impossible and thought on his feet--making the quest harder in the process.

It went on like that for several hours, until finally, Beast Boy had Raven's character backed into a corner with no escape; this was do or die--literally. Her next roll would determine either winning or losing. The only possible way to save herself from certain death and complete the quest was with an extremely lucky and unlikely roll of the dice…

With a steadying breath, she let the little chunk of plastic dance across the tabletop…

It didn't come up in her favor.

Beast Boy had the nerve to gloat as he informed her that the character she's just spent three hours developing was dead.

She glared at him and idly toyed with the d20...

Raven tested the weight of the die in her hand, tossing it up and down, up and down...

She glanced at her nemesis' forehead…

And then let fly.

He never even saw it coming...