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After a long, long shift where they didn't run into each other again, seeing as he was still getting his ass kicked by one very grumpy Dr Bailey – especially so as he turned up to tend to his patients an hour late – Alex was waiting in the hospital lobby for his wife to get off work.

But hell, the hot, hot sex had been worth it.

By now, even the staff that the nurses station gossip hadn't spread to had caught on to the fact that Dr Alex Karev was uncharacteristically cheerful. There was even a rumor he'd been heard whistling to himself while stitching up a whining patient. Alex himself would of course eliminate any remembrance of this ridiculousness right away if he wasn't so busy actually being happy.

Instead, there he was, in the hospital lobby waiting for his extremely gorgeous and equally happy wife.

It didn't take her long to find him.

"Hey.", she said, caught somewhere between the joy and the still not completely erased disbelief at their situation.

"Hey.", Alex greeted back, naturally casual.

There was a little pause before Addison finally asked:

"Where are you going?"


Her face fell a little.

"Oh. Well, yeah. Good night, then."

She turned around to walk away, but Alex – being in his weird optimistic mood - stopped her.

"You coming?"

Seemingly flustered, Addison revolved. There was a bit of uncertainty in her eyes.

"With you?"

Alex just shrugged.

"Where else?"

Once more, his wife appeared to be caught off guard. Finally, she deduced:

"Were you waiting for me?"

He was doing his best to not get peeved by her reluctance to believe he really was serious about this. It was the most obvious thing in the world, after all.


A little smile stole its way onto Addie's face as the tension moved out of her body.

"This will take some getting used to."

He just chuckled.

"Tell me about it. I've never done it before."

As they set out to leave the hospital, Addison asked:

"So, where do you live?"

"Oh, you know, just some place."

Addison had admit, she was a bit confused when Alex pulled in the driveway of an actual house. She kind of would have expected him to be living in some rather filthy apartment with ten other weird male interns and various students (possibly situated right next to a whorehouse, just to round up the cliché) not an actually decent place.

He opened the door, looking a bit nervous about bringing her here, but just as she was about to tease him about it, a voice she vaguely recognized came out of the house. It belonged to a very upset Izzie Stevens who proceeded to stop pacing around the spacious living room and to rush to Alex' side, grab him by his shoulders and shake him.

"Alex! Thank god you're home! Could you go upstairs and tell them to stop or at least go to the trailer the next time they have a fight? They always get so damn loud when they have make-up sex... Not that they're quieter when they have sex for no good reason, all night long. I'm on-call tomorrow; I'd appreciate a little sleep."

Then, turning around to yell to the upper floors (from which, indeed, strange and not entirely human sex noises were "drifting" to the room):

"Peace and quiet, you know!"

While Addison was trying to get over the initial shock regarding…– well, everything, including a rather nasty idea as to where exactly she had ended up – Alex seemed unfazed by it all. The only thing showing in his posture and voice was annoyance.

"You want me to go upstairs, walk into their room while they're going at it and tell them to stop?"

The exasperated blonde intern seemed genuinely desperate, not to mention completely crazy with that manic grin of hers.

"Damnit, Alex, you know they'll keep doing this all night, judging by the rate they're at it right now!"

Seeing as her suspicions were confirmed, Addison decided to mutter to herself:

"Okay, this is a truly disturbing situation. Not at all awkward."

Which was the moment in which Stevens noticed she was there. Smiling confusedly and with a hint of panic, the intern asked through gritted teeth:

"Uh, Alex? What is she doing here?"

"She lives here now.", Alex replied before turning around to the woman now dubbed 'she'.

"If you want to."

There was an apologetic smile on his face. Uh-huh?

"Live with my obviously sex-crazed ex-husband, his horny girlfriend and your ex-girlfriend, who hates me?"

Addison summed up, trying to keep the irony from invading her vocal cords.

"Yeah. And with me.", her husband said, which resulted in the usual strange wobbling of her knees and a surprisingly true:

"Can't wait."

"We'll get your stuff in the morning then."

His eyes were so warm again, she just wanted to melt and possibly be caught by his arms. Argh! When had she turned into such a horrible cliché? Then again, who cared.

"Okay, what am I missing here?", Izzie Stevens' voice interrupted their moment.

Addison broke out in a grin even she could not explain to herself. Possibly it was the humor of the situation that only now was kicking in full-blown.

"Oh, you haven't heard yet? Right, you weren't at the hospital today."

"We got married.", Alex added.

"And that amazing husband of mine yelled about it close to the nurses station. Gossip is brutal.", Addison finished the tale on a cheery note.

A moment of silence. Then:


At this precise moment one could hear an angry huff from above and Meredith Grey, clad only in bed-sheets, appeared on top of the stairs.

"Okay, guys! You're too loud. I can't focus!"

Which made Addie snort with laughter.

"You need to focus?"

And there it was, the completely freaked out expression she loved putting on her ex-husband's girlfriend's face. It was strangely satisfying.

"Uh...", said ex-husband's girlfriend stuttered.

"Dr Grey.", she greeted in her most intimidating fashion.

And then, her ex-husband showed up, looking for his afore mentioned girlfriend. At least he had the decency to be holding a pillow over his crotch.

"What's taking you so long?", he whined. And then he spotted…



"What are you doing here?"

With a slight grin Alex took Addie's hand and showed them both their rings.

"Oh. How did that happen?", Derek laughed.

"I don't really remember. I think he was being too perfect again.", Addison joined in.

"Oh my god... You... and you...? Uh-... together? Huh? She's your-... Wow. Is it just me or is this truly unexpected? As in really, seriously unexpected? Am I rambling?"

She looked so deeply embarrassed, not to mention totally overwhelmed by all this information that it made Addison want to smirk. Oh, to hell with it, why should she keep it in? After all, Grey did have Derek to come to her rescue.

"Yes. And it's not just you. I believe congratulations are in order."

"Indeed they are. But I'd appreciate it, if you threw some clothes on first."


He looked so sheepish, it could only mean one thing.

"Oh, you're not done."

"Yeah, well. Meredith, you coming?"

"I am not having sex with you when you're wife-... ex-wife's standing in my kitchen.", Meredith Grey exclaimed, sounding indignant.

"I'm his wife now, you know.", Addison pointed out, making a gesture in Alex' direction, who had to chuckle.

"Damn, you're right. This will need some getting used to.", he stated.

Apparently McCouple had chosen this opportunity to retreat to their room, since Steven suddenly yelled after them.

"Hey! Try to keep it down a little! I'm on-call tomorrow and I really like my sleep! That's the other thing you can do in bed, you know!"

"I don't think they've heard you. Or they don't care.", Alex pointed out, before Addison took him aside for a second.

"This will get a little awkward from time to time, you get that, right? And not good for my ego. Why do you want me to move in again?"

"Because. You're my wife now. My house is your house and all that crap, remember?"

"Trying to. Besides, it's Meredith's house."

"Yeah, but I live here, too."

"So I'm giving up the luxury of the Archfield for a room in Meredith Grey's house?", she asked, quirking her brow.


"Life is truly weird.", she mused whimsically.

At that notion, Izzie Stevens had apparently woken out of her stupor and launched herself at my husband.

"Argh... What the fuck-... You're squeezing me to death, Iz!"

"Awww... Don't be such a baby... I'm just sooo happy for you...", Stevens squealed.

"Well, that's nice, but you're strangling me!"

"I like you and all, but if you kill my husband, I'll torture you until you're begging for death. ", Addison quickly interfered.

"I'll give the Nazi a run for her money. Counting to three now. One-... he's already turning blue... two-..."

"Trust me, she will torture you.", Alex managed to choke out. Izzie let him go immediately and backed up a little.

"Oh, yeah, right. Sorry.", then, turning to Addie:

"I'd hug you, too, but you're my boss and living with you will be weird enough, don't you think?"

Addison was simply regarding her with a thoughtful expression.

"You're not going to start bullying me until I'm so scared of you I'll avoid being around you at all cost, are you?"

"Hahaha-... No."


"Oh, you know, I'll just hug you anyway!"

And without saying any more, Addison suddenly had Izzie Stevens around her neck, giving her a light squeeze, then half-yelling into her ear:


Actually it was more like squealing. But as suddenly as it had happened, it ended. And Addison was still alive and – as far as she could tell – still fully functional and unharmed.

"Uh-... Thank you."

"See, I didn't hurt her.", Izzie pointed out, giving Alex a glare that said 'For god's sake, just trust me! Is that too much I'm asking for?'.

"I'm proud of you.", Alex grinned. Then, suddenly, he shot a whole different kind of grin at Addison. Damn if that wasn't an I-want-sex grin! Addie couldn't even believe how charged the air suddenly was. His words confirmed his already obvious purpose.

"Come on, wife, let me show you our room."

"Can't wait. Good night, Stevens."

"Izzie! Call me Izzie!"

"Good night, Izzie."

"Yeah, well, whatever.", her drop-dead hot husband muttered, while leading his wife up to his room without taking his eyes off her.

"And don't be too loud!", Izzie yelled after them, but wasn't sure whether they'd heard her, because soon afterwards there was more noise. At least that shut Meredith and Derek up. Not that it made a difference whether there was one couple or two going at it. Noise was noise.

Thus, Izzie decided to bake muffins to process the information and to get over this thing with George (because it was – looking back at it – kind of stupid). And in the morning, there were so many muffins, the whole house could have eaten, if it hadn't been for the fact that no one had gotten any sleep at all last night. Every time Alex and Addison had finally stopped, Meredith and Derek had started. And the other way round. There was no way in hell anyone could have slept. And now they were all late for work, so Izzie decided to simply take all the muffins to the hospital.

At SGH the muffins were gone almost immediately after they'd been put down on the counter of the nurses' station, because every person, who passed it, took a muffin or two. Izzie had barely managed to survive the hundreds of question that were being shot in her direction, concerning her being Alex' room mate and the fact that everyone'd heard about the scandalous 'Addex wedding', as they called it, which Iz found stupid. These people needed to get a life or something. Come on! 'Addex'? Hello? Seriously!

The happy couple was indeed happy. And they intended to stay that way. Well, nothing wrong with that.