She sometimes thinks she's nothing. She has no family name. He lacks no title, and if he did there is no doubt he could create one.

All those close to her are dead or slowly dying on the inside. He appears to have yet to watch comrades drop around him. (But you can't always trust appearances).

She has the power to heal; erase ink with a rub of her finger. He has never had a need for healing; he is strong.

She is fast. He is faster.

Sometimes she looks twice as old as she really is and her hands shake and her fingers won't move anymore. He is full to bursting with youthful vigor and the lines on his face are the stains of smiles.

She belongs to no village; she has no sanctuary. He is the very essence of the place he calls home.

He bleeds for the leaves.

But he fought in the Great War and witnessed shinobi drop like flies (and she knows all about flies).

But if one of his students has but a scratch he needs all the healers in the world (and for only one she does her best).

But despite (or perhaps because of) his great speed he's always falling (and she has become very good at catching).

But if you look closely enough there also the lines of frowns and screams ironed into his skin (and she has always had an eye for detail).

And sometimes when she stands alone in a forest stricken by it's yearly seasonal disease and experiences a rain unique to Konoha, she knows where she really belongs (but it is merely coincidence that he sees this every year from the safety of some shedding branches).

Despite all this, Shizune sometimes thinks she's nothing.

And Maito Gai lacks nothing.

I just want to give some props to a fellow author on Incognito Temptation, who has a very unique style and very deep and emotion-evoking content because, without meaning to, I've taken a bit of her style in this piece. So thank you, Incognito! I think you'll know what's rubbed off on me if you read this! And for anyone else, if you want to read some truly beautiful and profound stories please check out her profile! She doesn't get enough readers and reviews in my opinion:) Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this! GAISHIZUNE RULES:D