A/N: Sorry guys … not yet a new chapter. It's just kind of a rant. Please read this, anyway because I have to get this out of my system.

I've been flamed for this, 2nd time actually (funny, I never thought the story was this bad). I mean, I don't really care about the flamer's opinion. If they wrote a story this long, I would be surprised, if they wrote a good story this long, I might be impressed, and if they wrote a story this long in German, I might impressed enough to care for their opinion (unless they're German, of course, then it's easy). But usually they don't post any stories of their own at all … some people are just good at offending others. Anyway, I am a bit annoyed that now a flame will be the first thing people see, if they check my reviews. It might put them off reading.

So, what am I going to do? Write a new chapter to get new reviews would sound like a good idea. I actually have written a couple of unfinished chaps already. But I am not sure whether I will keep the story the way it is. I have always thought about reposting it all in the right order instead of going back and forth in time, which can be quite confusing for readers …

I do care for your opinion as long as you have something more helpful to say than: 'You're a bad writer.' Review this chapter or send me a PM if you like. And thanks so much for reading this :D