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Important story information:

This is playing in Fred and George's 7th year, and in Hermione, Ron and Harry's 5th.

Voldemort was killed by Harry, Hermion and Ron at the end of fourth year in the graveyard so that is no longer an issue.

Update 2014: So it has been 5-6 years since I last updated this story, I am really sorry for potentially the slowest update ever! Life kind of happened to me, I moved to a different country, got a masters degree and I'm now busy with my second masters. I've been told i'm a bit of a geek. The reason for restarting this is because I miss writing but I do not have the time or creativity to think of my own characters just yet so I'll continue to borrow from J.K Rowling till i'm back on form!

Thank you to the readers that have returned from before and hello there to the new ones! My plan for this story is to rewrite it from the beginning – spellcheck/grammar check – make the chapters longer – and some content changes as what I thought was awesome 5 years not so awesome now. HOWEVER, when I started writing this way back when I had a plan, had it all typed up nice and beautiful of what was going to happen in this story. I do not have that plan; that planned was binned along with the computer that it was saved on. I'm going to try and figure out whilst rewriting wth I had planned for this story and hope that I can deliver the ending you guys want :)

A.N: I'm still foreign, spelling and grammar mistakes will still be there so if there is a volunteer proof reader that would be awesome.

I also love writing to music, and reading to it as well. Conversation by Hot hot heat was the song I wrote it originally to so give it a listen!


"Harry, dodge!" Fred bellowed at the top of his lungs as a stray bludger hurtled towards Harry.

Harry turned around just in time to see the bludger speeding towards him. He twisted his broom down and soared for the ground, missing the initial attack. Unfortunately, the bludger decided to follow him.

"Blast" Fred muttered as he flew after Harry and tried to stop the bludger, raising his bat.

"Duck Harry, duck!" Angelina cried from the right as a second bludger came out of nowhere, flying straight to Harry head

Harry did duck just in time, the bludger soared over his head, and instead crashed into the goal post behind him.

"Oi, yeh ruddy things!" George shouted at one of them, nearing it on his broom and swinging his beaters bat at it threateningly. The bludger however, did not seem to care and continued chasing Harry.

"Don't think they will listen to your excellent social skills, George!" Fred called over to his brother, smiling broadly.

"No I don't think they will," George agreed. He turned to follow Harry and widened his eyes as he saw an additional 3 bludgers following Harry who was speeding in random directions across the pitch trying to shake his pursuers.

"Where did those bludgers come from?" Katie yelled aggressively as she turned her broom around and drew out her wand.

"Don't know, possibly all the bludgers in the world have decided to form a conspiracy against Harry all at once!" Fred called back.

"Look! There are more!" George added, swooshing past Alicia and ducking under Angelina.

The entire group was following Harry and his gang of ten bludgers but everytime they got close the hoard forced Harry across the pitch and away from them. Harry appeared to be doing air ballet, dodging the violent bludgers elegantly.

"Guys, I would really appreciate it if you would-" Harry started saying, but he got thrown of his broom by a particularly violent bludger.

Fred flew as fast as his 'FieryWind' could to catch Harry, and did so successfully.

"You alright mate?" he asked over his shoulder. "Noho!" Harry gasped, bending over in pain, "I'm never getting children anymore!" he wailed. "Ah, I see." Fred answered with a grin.

"Fred, look out! All the bludgers are following you now, because you got Harry!" George exclaimed from somewhere beneath them.

"Didn't think about that." Fred admitted loudly with a jubilant smile at Angelina. But that smile quickly vanished as he saw by an alarming amount of bludgers closing in on them. Harry groaned inwardly.

"Harry!" Fred whispered urgently over his back, "When they come at us, I want you to fall sideways of the broom, George will catch you!"

"How do you know that?" Harry whispered back.

"Just do it okay?" Fred replied sternly.

"What about you?" Harry asked, concerned.

"When you fall, they will change direction, but by the time they caught up with you, George will have you on the other side of the pitch….I hope I can stun a few before they get to you again." Fred explained, watching them closely.

Harry nodded and prepared for his fall and catch. If George missed, he won't die, but he will be in a certain amount of pain that's for sure. The thought, did not seem appealing. Fred spun the broom in spiral down to the ground before swooping up again, he locked eyes with George and nodded at him. Harry did as he was told. He slid sideways of the broom and fell.

And fell.

And fell.

"Gotcha Harry!" George cried happily, speeding away as Harry held on for dear life.

"How? Why?" Harry gasped.

"One of Wood's tactics." George explained while Harry looked back. But what he saw was not what he expected. Fred was flying in circles, a swarm bludgers following him.

"GET THEM AWAY!" Fred yelled frustrated, kicking wildly at one.

Harry also saw why they were prone to Fred now. On Fred's broom, hung Harry's quidditch vest.

"Fred! Get the vest of!" he yelled over to the panicky Fred.

But Fred did not hear him; instead Fred dove into a nearby open window.


Hermione was reading a scroll on the breeding habits of winter pixies when something came flying through her window, making the glass shatter dramatically.

That something turned out to be a someone she quickly realized. The person fell of his broom, while the broom continued to fly and consequently flew through the wall. Within 5 seconds, about 20 bludgers followed, leaving a destroyed wall and a red head on her bed.

Hermione jumped up from her desk and ran towards Fred who lay face down in the pillows. Fred looked up and noticed where he was, "sweet!" he croaked, before he got slapped in the face. "Fred Weasley! Tell me what is going on, THIS INSTANT!" Hermione screeched very Mrs. Weasley like.

Fred nodded dimly and rolled off the bed. He expected it to be a bit of thump but was surprised to find his landing soft, he pulled whatever was under him out and gave it a closer inspection. His eye opened in realization. "GET DOWN!" he managed to roar at Hermione just in time.

Before they knew it all the bludgers came soaring back into the room through the already existent hole in the wall. Hermione screamed and fell to the floor just in time. The bludgers were bouncing off the walls, crashing into the wooden posters of the bed and knocked over Hermione's desk with a loud crash.

Fred picked up the vest and quickly flung it out of the window. The bludgers responded immediately and joined the vest out of the window, leaving the room behind completely wrecked.

Hermione still lay on the floor, panting heavily. She sat herself up with a slight moan having been hit by a bludger atleast a couple of times. Fred, still in mild shock dusted himself off and strode towards Hermione to give her hand. Hermione took it gratefully and let him pull her up. "What was that about?" she repeated, looking around her ruined room with shocked eyes.

Fred shrugged, "Someone tried to kill Harry again. They were charmed to follow his quidditch vest." Hermione nodded to this, "Poor Harry, it won't be the last time either. That's the second time this month." She walked over to her desk and turned it over, the rest of the contents spilling to the floor. The scroll she had borrowed from the library was completely covered with ink, Madam Prince would not be happy.

With a big sigh she placed it on the rightened desk, "Well Fred if you don't mind, could you go? I'd like to tidy my room up...although I don't even know where to begin!"

"I can help you with that Miss Granger, no problem" he whisked out his wand dramatically and started waving it around.

All the shards of glass that lined the floor and littered Hermione's bed turned into thousands of butterflies. Hermione was amazed as she watched them flutter by her face, their wings as soft as flower petals. Fred grinned and with his wand, guided all the butterflies towards the shattered window frame. Once there the butterflies aligned themselves precisely, fitting together like puzzle pieces. Fred smirked at a stunned Hermione, and then nodded towards the frame. Hermione turned to look at it, and gasped as all the butterflies turned to glass, creating a new window.

Hermione walked over to her window, admiring the butterfly pattern. "Thought you might like it." Fred remarked offhandedly. Hermione smiled sheepishly at him. "It's beautiful. You must get top marks in charms and transfiguration."

Fred blushed, "Well, once George and me are out of school we'll open a joke shop. We want to make the products ourselves…and we kind of need to be talented at this type of stuff." Hermione, whacked him playfully over the head before turning seriously towards the hole in her wall which now gave her a grand view of the Gryffindor boy's bathroom. Fred shrugged, "You'll have to go to Dumbledore for that, the walls of Hogwarts are magical and can't be messed with, at least, not by students."

"Well you can't expect me to sleep in a room which is open for all the males of Gryffindor! Not to mention the smell!" Hermione said, agape.

Fred flicked his wand again, transfiguring a large butterfly-patterned curtain to drape itself over the hole. Beside the fact that it was a beautiful curtain; being different shades of beige, turquoise, indigo and burgundy and with large exotic butterflies all over it, Hermione was still not satisfied, "But my privacy! Guys can still barge in whenever they want to and that flimsy drape won't stop the smell!"

Fred raised an eyebrow at her, "Who would want to barge into your room, Hermione?" Hermione puffed and gave him a shove, "Just get out Fred Weasley." Fred didn't budge, enjoying the annoyance his was causing Hermione. Hermione saw the malevolent glint in his eyes and decided it was time to use that practical thing called a wand. She drew out her wand and shot him out of the room (through the door coincidentally).


Whilst rubbing his buttocks, Fred strolled down back to the quidditch pitch. Apparently, while he was in Hermione's room, McGonagall appeared and had managed to magic the bludgers away. She was currently shooing Harry off to Dumbledore's office, muttering about yet another attempt on his life.

George greeted him, "so, where did you fly off to?"

Fred grinned wickedly, "Oh just…..Ms. Granger bed chambers. I made a hole in it."

George laughed at him, "Rumour has it that Miss Granger's chambers are aside the grand bathroom?" Fred nodded, "Indeed they are." George rubbed his knuckles excitedly. "Oh, the fun we'll have this year."