A/N: Written for the Festival of 53 over at LiveJournal Bad Friends community.

Warnings: Shounen-ai. Though I think I managed to keep it mild.

Disclaimer: I disclaim. Minekura Kazuya owns.


The slightest touch made his skin tingle, the lightest of kisses made him die a little inside, and the smallest breath escaping his lungs could have been the final one, but he was tied down to this world in the web of sweet torture his lover had created. Every last bit of the attention he was given made him lose his sanity. A curtain of red hair fell around Sanzo's face when Gojyo leaned down for another kiss, a tiny moan escaping his lips and getting swallowed by the redhead.

And world melted away and narrowed down only to each other and the identical gazes in each other's eyes – so searching, so wanting, pleading, desiring... World did not matter, tomorrow did not matter, the journey did not matter. They had found something they could share, something that was only their own in a very special way.

Another kiss, another touch, another light brush of red hair against lily white skin, and they could not stop, could not get enough, wanted more, needed more. Skin to skin, breath in breath, heartbeat against heartbeat. Two luscious bodies and one wish for completion and ultimate bliss. One wish that brought them together and tore them apart, made them long for more and made them return to one another time and time again. The need to be together, to be one being was too irresistible.

They were close, so close and yet it still seemed too far. Every smallest touch was too much and yet not nearly enough; they needed more, needed to be closer still. Every bit of attention – given and received – brought new sensations; so rich, so powerful, so lavishing, so heavenly, so divine, so... not enough... never enough...