3: Fragments

"...Be everything that you need.."

Nanoha groaned.

No, she corrected herself, Fate wasn't just busy.

The blonde was buried under piles of work.

Sighing, she collected the papers on her desk, and stacked them up.

"I'm done.."

Fate smiled from across the desk, eyes glancing from her own set of papers to her. "Thanks for the help, Nanoha."


Now, a question may come to mind.

Why were the pile of papers (or the Papers of Doom, as she was tempted to call it) on her table?


Because Nanoha was doing the work for Fate.

So how did she get pulled into this?

There was no one to blame but herself, of course.

This was what occured three weeks ago:

Fate stared.


The brunette laughed nervously.

"I'm sorry," she said lamely, "I couldn't help it."

Fate arched a delicate eyebrow.

"You couldn't help doing work for me?"

"Yes. No! I mean..."

This time burgundy eyes flickered with amusement, lips pressed together as if to suppress a chuckle.

Despite herself, she reddened, even when she tried to suppress it.

Nanoha slumped on her desk.

"You are mean."

The blonde did let out a little chortle then. "I am not. You were the one saying both yes and no."

Nanoha just glared.

Fate smirked, and waved the stack of papers in her hand.

"So. Not that I'm not thankful, Nanoha, but...why?"

And for some reason, she felt herself flushing.

" left the papers on your table when you rushed off for your student council meeting, and I...picked it up?"

A pause.

"And you decided to do it for me?"

Nanoha glanced at the paper, eyeing it's title that read: Festival Planning Committee.


"But why?"

Nanoha glanced up to see dark red eyes filled with curiosity.

"You...looked so busy," Nanoha said reluctantly. "I thought I'd help a little."

Confusion flickered in that gaze.


"Ah," She begin hurriedly, "I'm sorry if I overstepped my bounds. You could check it over and see if it's okay, and if it's not, I could stay back and help and - "



The blonde smiled. It was soft, it was gentle, and it was sincere.

"Thank you."

Nanoha felt her heart skipping a beat.

And after that, she somehow ended up helping Fate with various tasks after school hours.

Nanoha twitched.

"Just how many committes are you in?"

Student council, Sports Festival Committee, Cultural Festival Committee, Travelling Committee...she was also in intensive training for Kendo.

Oh, yes. Fate was busy.

What didn't help was that their school were big on letting students handle the bulk of the responsbilities (with teachers merely acting as advisors), and Fate wasn't just a member in these committees.

The blonde could only smile.

"I guess I attract too much attention?"

"But this..!" Nanoha waved at the stack of papers. "...It's a wonder you are not dead yet."

Fate glanced up from the papers she was staring at, leaned her chin on her hand - a pen was dangling from between her fingers - and gave the brunette a rueful grin.

"I guess I can't help it?"

Nanoha just stared.

"...You look dumbfounded."

"I am dumbfounded."

"You're the only child?" Nanoha blinked. "I thought.."


" was a couple of weeks ago when I heard you calling Harlaown-sempai onii-chan."

Chrono Harlaown. Currently the president of the student council.

Fate looked up from her papers, and raised both eyebrows.

"Chrono and I have different last names, Nanoha."

That relevation made her pause.


...And damn it all, Fate's eyes were laughing at her again. She had to fight from letting a pout form, and she was failing.

The blonde tossed her an amused look, but chose to explain instead of teasing further (thankfully). "Chrono's family are distant relatives of mine. I've been staying with them since I was young."

That explained things a fair bit.

But wait. What about Fate's family?

Before she could ask, however, the blonde posed her own question.

"How about you?"

"One older brother and one older sister..." she perked up suddenly. "I think you might be interested to meet them."

Fate raised an eyebrow. "And why is that?"

Nanoha grinned. "My family is comprised of martial artists. Of kendo, more specifically."

"Oh?" A glint of interest.

"Mmhm. I'll introduce you guys next time."

"I'll be looking forward to it, "a pause, and Fate gave her a curious look. "How about you, Nanoha?"

The brunette blinked.


"No, the ghost behind you."

Nanoha glanced behind her out of reflex.



Fate burst into a fit of laughter.

Nanoha's head whipped around to glare at her murderously.

"Mou, Fate-chan!"

Unfortunately for Nanoha, the blonde's teasing did not end there.

"So, how about you, Nanoha?"

"What about me?" the disgruntled girl muttered.

"Kendo." The pen twirled around Fate's fingers. "Are you into it?"

"Well...not really.."

"Not really?"

"It's more like at sports."

The blonde blinked.


Well, it was true. And it wasn't as if Fate did not notice her failures in gym...

Then the glint of amusement entered burgundy eyes.

"Don't you dare laugh."

"I didn't."

And true enough, she wasn't.

Too bad her eyes seemed to be dancing with laughter.


Nanoha found out that Fate had a bit of a sadistic streak in her.

And why was it that she would always manage to embarrass herself in front of Fate Testarossa in one way or another?

She felt an itch on her nose.


Was someone poking her nose?

Poke, poke.

Her eyebrows furrowed.

"Time to wake up, princess."

It was a soft, gentle voice that Nanoha was slowly growing familiar with.


The brunette jerked awake.

She blinked at the blurry figure across the table.

It was dark outside, a tiny part of her mind told her.

How long had she been napping?

The window creaked, sliding open gently, and the cold breeze made her shiver.

Her vision cleared. The blonde was sitting in front of her, an elbow resting on her desk as her palm pressed against her cheek; the other hand on the window's lever, and eyes stared out at the sky.

Moonlight shone on Fate's face, and burgundy eyes glinted silver in the darkness.

And they turned from the sky to gaze at her.

"You shouldn't fall asleep here, Nanoha." She smiled, seemingly amused. "You might get a cold."

The soft light outlined the shape of her face, from the slender neck to slim face, nose...

"I'm done with my duties for the day," the blonde said, softly, but her voice seemed loud enough to float through the silent room. "Though I got held back a little...sorry about that."

Long bangs of golden hair ruffled with the wind.

And suddenly..

She realized that Fate Testarossa was like a piece of an artwork.

An incredibly beautiful piece of artwork.


A/N: ...The first two chapters of this fic makes me cringe. I made some edits, some rephrasing, etc, but it generally still portrays the same idea as before it was edited, with some changes. I'm not satisfied with them yet, though. Mostly because I think they are too cliche. And trying to change those are going to take so much work. But then, I guess high school fics tend to be cliche...and considering that this is one of the more light-hearted variety of the writings I do, well..oh, well. Cliche it's going to be.

Also...this chapter had been collecting dust in my laptop for...two years. I wonder why I never posted it...but oh well. I'll attempt to work on this fic somewhat. Updates on this are likely to be random, though, and short, and sparse.

Recently rewatched MGLN. And watched MGLN the movie 1st. There's some interesting differences between the two...which contains both positives and negatives. The movie was..a lot more decent and fluid than I thought it would be, which was a really pleasant thing to see too. The subtle re-characterizations of Precia and Fate, though, would probably either like or hate it for various reasons. Fate lost some things that only the series described, and it's vice versa with the movie. Precia'

I'm somewhat conflicted. Leaning towards series characterization 75%, movie 25%. I've yet to determine if this will affect my way of characterizing Nanoha and Fate in any way, so I guess we will see what happens. Although, I do like what new information I have on Nanoha now; I find that it adds more depth to her, and why she behaved a certain way is a lot clearer to me now. So...haha.

tl;dr version: What I'm saying is; where characterizations are concerned for whatever stuff I may post in the future, you might see some slight (possibly really subtle) differences here and there - in particular for Nanoha.