Title: The Truth About Our First Kiss

Author: Allison(Never Again Will I Let You In)

Rating: K

Pairing: ChristopherXLorelai

Summary:You know how in the episode "Wedding Bell Blues" Chris tells Rory about his and Lorelai's first kiss? Well, this how I think Christopher and Lorelai's first kiss really should have gone.

Note: Italic text is flashbacks.

Rory sat down next to me on the couch. It was Richard's and Emily's vow renewal. And Lorelai was there with Luke. Oh, joy.

"Hey Rory, did your mom ever tell you about our first kiss?"


That day I had told Rory that Lorelai had just walked up and kissed me. But that wasn't the truth. What really happened was after when I told Rory it had happened. It really happened at Lorelai's fifteenth birthday party.

It was the year Lorelai and I had turned fifteen. It was Lorelai's birthday and her parents were throwing her a party. Naturally, me and my parents had come. We walked over to her. I smiled at her.

"Hey Lore. Happy birthday."

"Thanks, Chris."

"Come along, Strobe, Francine, I have something to show you." Emily, said as she rushed Richard and my parents away from us.

"So, Lore, what's it feel like to finally be fifteen?"

"It feels the same for me as it felt for you, Chris." She said as she smiled at me.

I smiled at her. "Yeah, I guess it does. But you're a girl."

"But I'm a girl? What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that you're turning fifteen with cooties."

"I do not have cooties, Christopher!"

I smiled. "Yeah. I guess you don't have cooties."

"Well, Chris, if I don't have cooties, then why haven't you kissed me yet?"

I looked her in the eyes and could tell that she wasn't kidding. I looked down momentarily. Then I kissed her. She rested her hand on my neck. I pulled her closer to me by the waist. We broke the kiss.

Looking back, I can't believe that that simple action had started a relationship as passionate, hating, loving, and long as Lorelai and I have had.