To be a Princess: Prologue - The Bet is On

To be a Princess: Prologue - The Bet is On

Saturdays were pretty relaxing for most of the world and for most anyone, provided that your name was not Tenchi Masaki. For his Saturdays consisted of much more trouble. This Saturday started out much the same as all others. Tenchi lay in his bed asleep and dreaming of many things, mainly what to do with the six alien females living in his home. When he finally did open his eyes to the morning the first thing he saw was a pair of golden eyes before him. Although his first reaction was to yell, it hardly seamed worth it, as she had been doing this for quite some time.

"Ryoko, why don't you ever sleep in your own bed?"

"Why Tenchi I didn't think you cared!" She grabbed him in a tight hug before she left the room. She never wanted to leave him, but he had talked to her a few weeks ago about staying in his room. He made it clear that he wanted some privacy in the mornings, but after all that they had gone through he knew that she worried about him. So he got her to agree to a deal, as long as she only watched him and did not try anything then she could. But once he woke up then she had to leave. For her it was the most wonderful thing to be there, but for him he was not sure.

After he had dressed for the day he headed downstairs for breakfast which was the usual. Everyone sitting down to eat, Sasami bringing in the food, Ryoko grabbing some first followed by the others and almost always there was at least one if not two fights between Ryoko and Ayeka. After breakfast he would go to the field then train with his grandfather. Mihoshi would try to help Sasami, but was eventually pushed towards the TV. Ayeka did a few light chores as she was a princess and princesses do not do hard labor. Ryoko on the other hand would usually float off to the roof to think or go watch Tenchi work.

About two hours before lunch she went to the Onsen to soak a little while waiting for Tenchi, but her thoughts and relaxing were cut short as Ayeka walked in too. "Come on in princess, have a drink with me."

"It is too early in the day for a drink, thank you." Ayeka could not believe her luck, just when she thought she would have a few moments peace this demon was in here, and drinking too!

Shrugging her shoulders she just told the princess, "your loss." Ryoko then got her mischievous grin and added, "I was hoping that someone would join me in toasting to Tenchi's love."

"HAH!" The princess retorted loudly, "Like you ever had a chance with him!"

"What are you talking about? "Ryoko was upset and had to talk through gritted teeth to keep from killing her right there.

"Lord Tenchi is a Prince and deserves a princess, not some demon or pirate. He deserves more." Ryoko was on the verge of tears, as she knew that he deserved more but she still loved him. "You don't even think that he will someday be Emperor of Jurai and he will need a queen, one who can act respectfully and properly. I really doubt that he would want to be seen around a pirate. It's just not becoming of him." Ayeka giggled happily, as she knew that struck a nerve deep within Ryoko. Smiling she continued on her rant, "I really don't think you could even act proper for a day."

Ryoko who had been near tears wanted to go away and cry but that last sentence made her stop and think. "Ha! Who would want to be a princess, Always acting so stiff and proper." She kicked herself inwardly, as if to say to her self, "what kind of a comeback was that?"

However it did seam to agitate Ayeka, "well I don't think that you could even act nice for one day!"

"Too easy!" Ryoko was starting to grin as she seamed to have gained the upper hand again.

"Ha! It is not too easy, and you know it. Face it you can't be good for even one day..." Ayeka was going to continue but Ryoko cut her off.

"Oh and what am I supposed to act like a stuck up princess?"

Ayeka started to laugh, "Oh my, Ryoko a princess. That is funny."

"I bet I can act just like a princess!" Anger started to rise in her voice, which was a direct opposite to what she was betting, which Ayeka noticed too. Ayeka thought of what to say but Ryoko egged her on, "What's the matter princess think I'll be better than you?"

Fury overtook the Crown Princess' face, "you may be able to act like one but you will never be a princess! And furthermore even Mihoshi can be good for one day, I'd like to see you be good for a week!"

Ryoko thought about it, "so are you betting that I cannot act like a princess for a week then?" She was bating her hook hoping that this little Miss Priss would bite, and she did not have to wait long.

"You had better believe it, I bet you can't go for a week acting like a princess. That means no cursing, no crude behavior, no going around necked and most importantly no seductions!"

She pondered on it for a bit, and although she would miss that it would only be for a week, and it would be so much fun to make her eat those words. "I accept." When she said that Ayeka's face fell as if in confusion. "I accept the bet, for one week I will not curse, go around nude try to seduce Tenchi as you so elegantly put it and act like a proper princess. But, you cannot tell anyone about the bet otherwise you forfeit."

Ryoko was smiling broadly showing off her fangs while holding out a hand. Ayeka thought about it and thought that this would be one funny week. "I agree but you must not tell anyone about it either otherwise you loose." When both of them agreed on it they shook hands sealing the bet.

"Starting midnight tonight I am a princess too." Ryoko smiled broadly rubbing her hands together, and to her self she said, "this is going to be fun." Ayeka for her part thought it would be fun too watching this uncouth demon act like nobility. It was almost too much.

After the bet was made Ryoko teleported to the living room and back into one of her dresses. She looked around for a bit trying to find a place to learn how to properly act, cause if she was going to be a princess she was going to go all out. But nothing seamed to help then she thought of Washu. Appearing in front of the door Ryoko knocked and Washu let her in.

"Why little Ryoko, I didn't expect to see you in here again." Ryoko looked in the direction of the voice and she saw the little scientist sitting at her computer typing away.

"Um, Little Washu... I need some book and information, on, um..." Ryoko was not sure how to phrase it so she would not tell her mom about the bet and yet still get some help.

"If you are looking for my information on being a proper princess for your bet then they are in that Library over there." As she pointed an archway opened up revealing many shelves of books and a few data terminals.

"How did you know..." Ryoko paused and thought about it, "of coarse the mind link."

"Correct, so you have not told me anything, but I knew from the start what was going on. Now you had better get started." Ryoko silently thanked her for the help and she floated over to the books and she began to read. She read numerous fantasy stories of princesses and castles, and then she plunged herself into the history of the princesses of the known universe. She studied many things and was so caught up in everything she missed lunch and dinner that night. Ayeka told them that she had seen Ryoko in the Onsen drinking earlier so they assumed her to be in there still or somewhere in the house passed out. Little did they know that Ryoko was about to make a dramatic change.