Life is Wonderful


Kaito's bow was flawless, however lost on the eyes of the ones it would have mattered to most. Despite that, Kurama glowed with a bit of selfish pride, it had been a good idea to introduce him to Yomi. At the very least it would work towards improving Demon/Human relations now that the barrier was completely gone, and for two… well, he'd have to wait a bit to see if the subsidiary part of his plan worked or not.

For now, though, there was business to attend.


It wasn't even a week later that Kaito stalked up to him, slamming his fist onto a stack of paperwork. Kurama didn't look up.

"You are a horrible bastard," Kaito began, leaning forward and glaring through his glasses "I hope you know this."

Kurama capped his ink and set down his brush before answering.

"What on earth brought you to this particular deduction?" He asked, smiling pleasantly. Kaito scowled.

"You know exactly what I am referring to, you puerile mutt. You planned this from the beginning, and we are not pleased at being played like that."

"We?" Kurama said, letting out an overdramatic gasp "My, you to have gotten quite close, haven't you!" He smiled sweetly at Kaito, who for once was out of things to say. He shook his fist at him and stormed out of the office.

"He should be in the observatory!" Kurama called after him "If you're quick, you still have fifteen minutes until his next meeting!"

An incoherent, angry growl was his response.


They must have just missed each other, because three minutes later Yomi strode into the office and stood still in front of Kurama's desk.

"I suppose I don't necessarily have to mention that you're a horrible, conniving bastard, but it would make me feel better to do so." He said, hooking his arms behind his back.

"Are you displeased? I'm of the opinion that he's made you noticeably more… eloquent."

There was a long pause before Yomi answered.

"I hate you, Kurama. Especially when you're right." He turned and strode out of the room.

"Observatory!" Kurama called after him.

"I know." Was the reply.

Kurama smiled and shuffled his papers. Another job well done.


For Pioden.


Also, love for crack pairings.