A/N: I've been in a writing drought of sorts, so I bought a book of inspiration ("The Pocket Muse") and have been trying to use it to help encourage my muses out of hiding. Seems to be working somewhat. This is just a lil ficlet inspired by the word "Lie."

Sometimes Martin was less than honest with Danny. For so long he'd been on his own – alone – that when he found himself in a relationship, it was hard to overcome the long held habit of keeping things to himself.

He didn't really like coffee all that much, yet he drank at least two cups a day.

Museums bored him to tears.

Despite his impressive collection of classical literature, he much preferred the stack of less-than-stellar science-fiction novels he kept in cardboard boxes.

But Danny never seemed offended or upset when he found out the truth. He would simply smile and shake his head, eyes softening with an emotion Martin found himself hard pressed to understand completely. He claimed that every secret was just another aspect of Martin's personality for him to unwrap and learn. Although, he had seemed a little bit disconcerted by the coffee-confession, raising an eyebrow in disbelief as he took a long sip of his own freshly brewed breakfast blend.

And while each secret was like a fiercely guarded possession in Martin's mind, he found himself confessing each one easily enough. Sometimes late at night when neither of them could sleep and they lay side by side in bed, facing each other, talking about everything and nothing for hours. The fire escape outside Martin's bedroom had just enough room for both of them to sit side by side and watch the bustling street below, the sounds and smells of New York a comfort of sorts after a long day. An odd, but strangely easy place for Martin to talk. Danny would entwine his fingers with Martin's own as they sat at his kitchen table, eating takeout and Martin would find it so simple, so surprisingly uncomplicated to tell Danny something small, yet incredibly important in his mind.

Each revelation was freeing in a way. It made him feel lighter, made him remember that he didn't have to rely solely on himself anymore…that Danny was there. And replies came easily to Danny, that soft, genuine smile lighting up his eyes as he received each of Martin's words as if they were a gift.

Each secret was a weight off his chest, a burden lessened, a truth professed before he let it turn into a lie. Sometimes he would catch himself, almost lying, hiding – the instinct to do so nearly choking him at times – before he remembered he didn't have to. That no matter what it was…it was easier when he shared it with Danny.