Chapter 32: Who Knows

Chapter 32: Quidditch Chats

Books Seven and Three Quarters

By PrettyFanGirl

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8/11/08: First day of school… \screams/

At that party, Ginny shared some very interesting information with them.

"Everybody listen up!" her family and friends suddenly shushed. "Thank you. As you all should know, there were a lot of Quidditch scouts at Hogwarts this year." She seemed to be bouncing with excitement. In fact, now Harry looked good, she really was bouncing up and down on the chair she was standing on.

"Well, one of those scouts happens to be Gwenog Jones." She paused dramatically, breaths were held. Then she said in one breath, "She-really-loves-the-way-I-play-not-to-mention-how-my-hair-looks-on-team-photos-so-you're-looking-at-the-newest-trainee-to-the-number-one-team-in-the-leagues—THE-HOLY-HEAD-HARPIES!!"

She took a breath as the crowd around her erupted.

Harry only had time to say, "That's brilliant Ginny!" Before the rest of the party members pulled her away to add their own congratulations.

Harry wondered briefly why she hadn't told him sooner, but pushed it far away.

He suddenly realized that he and Sam were alone. She smiled at him.

"Ginny is really great. I can see why you like her so much."

Harry smiled back. "Yeah, I really love her. She's amazing." Then a question he hadn't intended to ask then blurted out of his mouth. "Do you have a boyfriend?" The second he asked it, he wished he hadn't, and turned red.

Sam, however, laughed.

And Laughed.

And Laughed.

And Laughed.

Finally feeling a tad irritated, Harry poked her in the arm, and said, "I really don't see what's so funny!"

Sam finally calmed down enough to look at him with a twinkle in her eyes…then burst out laughing again. Harry made to get up and leave, but she pulled him down again, giggling.

"Sorry. It was the look on your face, and…memories. I've decided that I don't want to be in a relationship. If I meet someone, then, maybe, but I'm not going to go around, trying to impress shallow people with whatever they shouldn't be impressed with but are, killing myself looking for the perfect man. I'm completely happy with who I am, and I don't need a man to complete me."

Insert cheering like they do on TV. shows where someone just gave a motivating and amazing speech here.

Harry was rather awestruck and awkward at the same time, and didn't know what to say.

Sam decided to fill the silence with more laughter, before saying, "My best friend, Tonks—"

Harry chocked. Tonks?? Something-Dora Tonks?

"You and Tonks knew each other?"

Looking rather annoyed, Sam rolled her eyes and answered, "I just said she was my best friend, so yeah, I knew her!"

They sat in silence for a minute; Harry wished he hadn't brought the subject up. Sam looked a bit misty-eyed, and Harry was absolutely no good with crying women.

"I'm sorry—"

"It's okay."

Silence. Then Sam continued, "She and I were so close for so many years. Her… death was horrible, and I cried for weeks. What bothered me most is that," She chocked on a sob, Harry awkwardly patted her shoulder, "I never got to say goodbye." Sniffle. "She went into hiding, and I didn't see her until I was staring into her coffin." She wiped a tear away impatiently. Harry gave her a one armed comforting hug. After a few seconds, she seemed to be light with a fire in her eyes, and said passionately, "Then I realized that she would never want me to be like that. I know that if it were reversed rolls, I would hate it if she were like that." She looked down, and Harry gave her a full hug.

They stayed like that for a while. Then, Ginny came skipping over, oblivious to what had just gone on.

"Hey Ginny." Sam and Harry said together.

"Hi!" Ginny said breathlessly, who hopped down to sit next to Harry and put her head on his shoulder.

"Can you believe I'm a Chaser on Holyheads? That has been my dream since I was five!"

"I know." Harry whispered, kissing her cheek.

"It's a funny story too! You want to hear it?" Harry and Sam both nodded, so Ginny started with her story.

"Professor Slughorn was having a special party to honor the graduating slugs, and he made sure that 'The Chosen One's' girlfriend would be at the party. I tried to schedule a practice for everyday of the week, but my team wasn't having that" she whispered 'wimps' and continued, "so I just said what the heck and went. It was really boring. Slughorn told everyone there who my boyfriend is," she kissed him.

"So everyone was crowding around me, begging me to hear a story of you, what you were like, blah blah blah." She kissed a very angry Harry again, to calm him down. "I went to go sit down away from everyone, and this lady came over. At first I thought she just wanted to talk about you. Then she said 'aren't you Ginny Weasley? I'd recognize that hair anywhere.' I look up, and it's Gwenog Jones!

"She complimented me on my hair, then we talked about Quidditch for a while, then she asked if I would ever consider playing against her. I swear, it took me five minutes to answer because I was so shocked. She just smiled and told me to meet her down at the Quidditch pitch in one hour to play. So, I tracked down the team, and we played."

They got a blow-by-blow account of what had happened. Harry could tell that she was very excited, and didn't mean to make it sound so long, but it still got a tad bit annoying after the time went another hour. So, he just sat looking at her.

Two hours after the story started, and they got to the end of the game.

"…Are all smiling. Then they say that we should do it again some time. Gwenog wanted a group huddle, so the stand around for a minute, talking, so we do a group huddle too, just to look professional. Then she comes over again, and asks me and a chaser on her team, Beth, to come over to the sidelines, away from everyone else.

"The teams are smiling and talking amongst themselves, but I could tell that they were all watching. So, Gwenog sits me down, and asked Beth to explain. She smiled and said, 'Ginny, you are an amazing chaser, and you have a very unique style of doing things. You have made an amazing team, and it shows how hard working, dedicated, and amazing your personality is.' She glanced a Gwenog, who nodded, the she went on, 'I will be retiring after this next season…" Ginny paused dramatically, "I want you to replace me as Chaser on the Holyhead Harpies!'"

Sam cheered, but Harry's lips were too busy to cheer.

"What happened next?" Sam asked when they were done.

Ginny gave a very tiny blush, then said, "I fainted." All three of them burst out laughing.

A/N: Before I get a review asking if Sam and Harry are going to start going out, NO they aren't. That's why I put that speech in there that she doesn't need a guy to complete her. She doesn't need one and doesn't want one, and she isn't gay either, she's just happy and content with who she is.

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Joke: This one my friend Truth Be Told 13 gave me. It's copy/pasted, so it's from her pov.

So George and Suzy went to bingo one night at their local church, but got
kicked out when George got angry that his numbers weren't being called and
vehemently cussed out the bingo caller, Sister Catherine.

Now, George is a strange man. He can't grow hair anywhere on his body due to
severe posttraumatic stress disorder from the days when he was a bus driver.
First let me tell you he's very racist. Second let me tell you that he was
once robbed by three African American men who, after robbing the bus and him,
forced him to the ground and peed on him. After that, he lost all his hair and
cannot grow it back. He doesn't have eyebrows. He doesn't have eyelashes. It's
scary. He kind of went off the deep end after that. He retired and lives off
of social security and now welfare.

But back to cussing out Sister Catherine. They got thrown out of the bingo
hall, and as they drove away, George suddenly swerved onto the wrong side of
the road and sped up to over one hundred miles per hour. Suzy tried to stop
him, but he kept going.

"What are you doing?" she asked him.

In response, he sped up as far as the speedometer would let him and proceeded
to scream at the very top of his lungs, "WE'RE GOING TO ANOTHER WORLD!" And
crashed into a lamppost.

They didn't get hurt besides Suzy breaking her wrist. The best part? Even
after hearing that George had screamed, 'WE'RE GOING TO ANOTHER WORLD!' and
then careened into a streetlight, the doctors DID NOT PUT HIM IN THE PSYCH

So the next week, they go to bingo again. Before they even walk in, they get
kicked out. This time, Suzy demands to drive. Understandable. But then, during
this ride, George leaned over, lovingly stroked Suzy's cheek, and then reached
for the steering wheel, declaring loudly, "THEY'RE WAITING FOR US!"

He jumped onto Suzy's lap and pressed on the gas pedal. Suzy tried to push
him off, all the way asking what he was doing.


After crashing into the exact same lamppost at one hundred and fifty miles
per hour, they are back in the hospital, this time George with a concussion
and Suzy trying to find the money to pay for the rental car they totaled.

My grandmother fails to see how George could need any psychological help.

One and a half pages of a/n from that joke, but it's funny! Thanks Truth! Need more jokes though, anyone have any??


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