Poor Riku.

I mean seriously; who deserves his fate less than Riku? Not only was he an orphan, oh no; first, he loses his adoptive father; then they end up chasing Saya across the globe. Then he meets Mui, only to have her get all messed up by D-67, not to mention the whole thing where Diva drained him of nearly all his blood.

And right when you think things are looking up, Episode 32 happens. I MEAN WTF?!

So I'm writing this from Riku's perspective; it's a big turning point in the series, and anyone who writes fanfics on it focuses on Kai or Saya. What about poor little Riku?

Summary: I'm...I'm sorry Saya. I'm not strong enough. I'm scared. I couldn't help you. All I could do was hold you back.


He turns to look, but it's too late. He knows who it is; sees the blue eyes that shine with something...not quite right. She looked like that before, back at the Zoo. He can't even think anymore, he's so scared. He watches the woman who looks so much like his sister, so much like Saya, throw Kai across the room.

This woman says something like, she missed him. She's smiling. Like she expects something. He can only gape, mumble something; he doesn't know. Or, perhaps...perhaps he's calling out. Calling for Saya, or Kai, he doesn't know which.

And then he notices the woman, the...Diva...he watches her fingers, notices that she's untying something. He doesn't even notice, at first, that she's disrobing.

But when he does, he is frozen in shock. She draws closer. Diva draws closer. And...

He can't move. He can't breathe. He feels things happening, but he doesn't. She..this woman, Diva, is kissing him; she's so cold; touching him. His body...he can't control his reaction. She's rough, violent; he distantly feels her digging into his sides; he's shaking. He would think it was shock.

If chevalier even went into shock.

And then, sudden, it's over. It's quiet. He's panting, shaking, unable to do anything. It's cold.

Her hands are cold, too; this woman. Everything is cold. She's taking something, slicing her hand open. Riku wants to move. He can't. He struggles, screams.


He doesn't know why; he distantly knows that Saya's blood is in him. He isn't aware, like Kai, that Diva's blood contradicts Saya's, and if he takes it, he'll die.

No. He just can finally move, finally speak. He wants out. These primal instincts, they control him, and he screams. Savagely. Almost...

Almost like a monster.

The woman only smiles, and suddenly slams him to the ground. She drinks deeply of her own blood, then, in some sick, twisted act, transfers it to him.

For a moment, nothing happens. Then he feels it; the sudden stop. He's in pain; the blood is stopping in his veins, crystalizing. It gets dark, quickly, but he still feels it. And he struggles to speak.


And then he cannot.

I'm so sorry...Saya. All I could do was hold you back. I'm sorry.

He doesn't know what lives in Diva now...doesn't know that it'll make his sister stronger. He can only writhe in pain until he's frozen. Distantly, he wonders if Haji will react. The other chevalier was always distant, but to Riku, he could have been another, quiet, older brother.

He hears Kai weeping, but the words are indistinct.

And then it all stops.