By: Kiavie Willowroot

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I didn't hear you leave,
I wonder how I am still here.
And I don't want to move a thing
It might change my memory.

Oh I am what I am,
I'll do what I want,
But I can't hide...

And I wont go...
I wont sleep...
I can't breath...
Until you're resting here with me.

And I won't leave...
And I can't hide...
I cannot be...
Until you're resting here with me...

I don't wanna call my friends,
They might wake me from this dream.
And I can't leave this bed,
Risk forgetting all that's been.

Oh I am what I am,
I'll do what I want,
But I can't hide...

And I won't go...
I won't sleep...
I can't breath...
Until you're resting here with me.

And I won't leave...
And I can't hide...
I cannot be...
Until you're resting here with me.

"Here With Me" by Dido

Balance; is it truly necessary? The order of things, as it seems, are determined by utter chaos, yet there is balance within this blur, something that keeps the fabric of being from ripping asunder and turning it into the very chaos that rules it.

Huh, how bloody fascinating.

Misconceptions seem to thrive in chaos, yet have nothing to do with order. So many things throughout time have been twisted by the thoughts of angry people, altered by the gossiping tongue, misinterpreted by the young mind. All of this feeding chaos, and as these misconception breed, it feed the chaos that creates the order of life, even though misconceptions are a total disruption of order…

How bloody ironic.

Anyways, back to misconceiving an idea, when someone has been perceived by so many people as something different from what they are, they have a tendency to become what is perceived by others. Even if they want to be different, they simply can't because what is expected.

Like a bunch if kids ruled by peer pressure. How bloody idiotic.

Hmmm, but, what if a second chance is given? Without the expectations? You are the same person under different circumstances with the freedom to be as you are...

"Is it done?"

"Almost mistress. Only a few minor complications exist. Very minor, mistress."

"Good. How many orbs can you develop?"

"Four, plenty for our purpose. They link, so when placed at a certain parameter, the area inside…well…you know mistress."

"Good, good. And our accomplices?"

Laughter. "Don't worry mistress, they are more than happy to agree with our plans."

"Have you created the wielders?"

"Indeed, mistress."

"Also good. And with the prophisized one gone, nothing stand in our way..."

"Exactly, mistress."

More laughter...

Darkness…what is this? Filia looked about frantically, taking in the nothingness that was her surroundings.

She closed her eyes to calm herself as she felt the panic within her rise, and breathed a few times. I'm not falling, I'm suspended in the air. What is this? She thought for a very long time on what she was entrapped in, until her mind came across a thought.

"A dream...this must be a dream."

Sort of, child. Not a dream, but not reality. A place in-between, if you will.

Filia jumped at the voice, startled to hear someone in her mind. She forced her nerves down again. "Why am I here?" The dragon maiden asked in a cool voice.

A future, a past, a question, an answer. Many things are the reasons of why you are here, child.

"That doesn't answer my question, and who are you anyways?" Filia felt her frustration rise as she stared off into the blackness that greeted her, still not seeing the owner of the mysterious voice. It was neither masculine or feminine, a whisper, more or less, in her mind.

A light chuckle entered her mind. My my, you certainly are impatient at times. Here, maybe I should show you. The place I take you will not look familiar, but someone is waiting for you there.

"Who? Who's waiting for me?" Filia was about to spout out more inquiries when suddenly the blackness became a swirl of nauseating color, spinning about until it finally settled on a bland landscape with nothing on the horizon. The ground was dried, cracked earth, and the sky was gray, unblemished, save the burning orb of the sun.

"Where..." The dragon maiden looked around, slightly irritated because her stomach was twirling about in such an uncomfortable manner.

Suddenly, instead of all around her like last time, a focused area around her became a swirl of color, undistinguished until is suddenly settled into a humanoid form. A humanoid form with purple hair...

"Namagomi!" Filia whipped out her mace and held it high in a defensive position as the mazoku gathered his bearings. His eyes were open for the moment, and were gazing at the blonde dragon.

"Oh, hello Filia! How are you?" The trickster's eyes closed and his trademark grin slid across his face.

"YOU! You are the one who put me here, aren't you? What are you planning? Why did you take me here you FREAK!" Filia was in total panic mode as she looked upon the purple-haired trickster priest standing before her.

A little cross mark developed on Xelloss' temple as the accusations flew at him from the dragon maiden, and his free hand clenched. "I did not bring you here, I was wondering why I was here myself. Don't be a fool."


Xelloss was on the verge of letting out a full on verbal assault when a voice cracked in their minds.

Filia, he did not bring you here. I brought you both here to see something. WATCH!" The harsh command slammed into their minds and made both listeners flinch. Once again, as before with Xelloss, a specific area began to reform itself into a scene of sorts, the multitude of color swirling about them.

First there was a woman, with her back turned to them. She radiated an aura of aweing power, power that make Xelloss open his eyes and Filia gasp in surprise, and ask she stood with her back turned, she waved her hand, and there was a light...

The light was blinding, impairing the vision of both observers. As their vision cleared, another figure stood before them. It was Valgarv, and he was very serene looking. He held a book before him, with his eyes closed. There was a faded image behind him of some very wise appearing people, all chanting and seemingly oblivious. The light flashed and feathers began to fall where Valgarv stood, and the wise men ceased their chanting.

"What the hell is going on…?" Xelloss looked totally off guard, not exactly knowing what to think of what was going on around him. Filia was just as lost, and was, for once, ready to agree with Xelloss' question.

The feathers burst into light, blinding them once more. Once their visions cleared again, a figure, glowing but undefined stood before them. It was impossible to figure out who the person was. The blond woman appeared beside the figure, and waved her hand again, and in the figures hand appeared the same book as before. The wise men began to chant again, and the figure began to glow even more brightly.

"Are you understanding any of this?" Xelloss whispered to the dragon maiden, totally lost on the meaning of everything that was happening. All she could do was shake her head in response, her eyes wide and confused.

Suddenly, the figure darkened, and four orbs began to surround the undefined person. The orbs were black and gold, both color swirling in a hazy mass. In the distance, inhuman screams and roars rang throughout the air, and the orbs grew brighter. A faded image of demons and dragons falling, crying out in pain as they collapsed shone on the horizon. Filia gasped in horror, and Xelloss stared forward calmly, wondering what this all meant.

The glowing figure began to change form, becoming two people, one slightly taller than the other. The glowing dimmed, and what it showed made both of their jaws drop.

There they were, back to back, heads down, eyes closed, and totally naked. Filia stared for a few moments before she came to her dragon senses.

"Don't you dare look, NAMAGOMI!" She slammed her fist into his head for good measure, just before the voice cracked into her head again.


Filia, though reluctantly, complied. So there they stood. The orbs began to glow again, and both of their images cried out in pain and collapsed onto the ground. Their bodies began to glow again, and once again it became one glowing person.

A faded image once again appeared in the background, this one of Lina, Gourry, Amelia and Zelgadis. All four of them were acting as if they were looking for someone. They were shouting, but their words were silent to their ears.

The orbs disappeared, and a bright light flashed, once again. Once again their eye sight adjusted and suddenly they were again, but this time they were…different. Neither Filia nor Xelloss could quite put their finger on it. Suddenly Xelloss's image opened his eyes looking around in confusion. Filia's copy did the same after a few moments, looking about their surroundings.

This is your future, children. Everything is foreordained. "What is all this? I don't understand!" Filia cried. Suddenly the blackness that came before fell once again, but this time Xelloss was suspended next to her.

"I tire of this." Xelloss muttered, looking around with his eyes closed.

Children. Born of light and dark, please, understand that your destiny requires different roles than the ones you play. Leave these roles, and become children of chaos. That is your destiny. The prophesy has been altered, those who brought about the end of the prophesized one tried to end the prophesy. Bare in mind children, that prophesies cannot be destroyed, they can only be slightly altered.

"What?" Both cried out in confusion, but before they could get any kind of answer, the blackness faded into reality, bringing them back to the waking world and away from the whispers.